Vite Rewards for Vitepos and Woocommerce


ViteRewards is a powerful and flexible loyalty points plugin designed specifically for WooCommerce.

ViteRewards – Loyalty Points Plugin for WooCommerce

ViteRewards is a comprehensive loyalty points plugin designed to incentivize customer engagement and boost sales on your WooCommerce store. With a wide range of features, ViteRewards allows you to reward customers for various actions and interactions, creating a more engaging shopping experience.

Key Features:

  1. User Signup Points: Reward new users with points upon registration, encouraging them to join your store.

  2. Daily Login Points: Incentivize regular visits by rewarding users with points for logging in daily.

  3. Referral Points: Encourage customers to refer friends by offering points for successful referrals.

  4. Per Order Points: Award points based on the number of orders placed by customers.

  5. Per Order Amount Based Points: Reward points based on the total amount spent in each order.

  6. Order Amount Ranged Points: Define point rewards based on specific order amount ranges to encourage larger purchases.

  7. Order Refund Point Back: Automatically deduct points if an order is refunded, ensuring fair point management.

  8. Global Assigned Product Points: It will add points for every product in an order, For example, if there is 3 product then it will add 3 multiply with defined points.

  9. Badges Points: Award badges to customers based on their points accumulation, adding gamification elements to your loyalty program.

  10. Client Point Portal: Provide customers with a dedicated portal to view their points balance, transaction history, and available rewards.

  11. Email Templates: Customize email notifications to inform customers about points earned, redeemed, or other relevant actions.

Reward your customers and drive repeat business with ViteRewards – the ultimate loyalty points plugin for WooCommerce!



  1. Install that plugin into your WordPress application

  2. Then active the plugin

  3. You will get a menu of VitPos


How hard its installation and configuration?

Very easy steps, just install the plugin, then add outlet and counter and use pos. The admin settings page is so user friendly.

Can I get order details with full information in WooCommerce?


Will there be any performance issues for WordPress?

Not at all!


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