Vextras for WooCommerce


Integrations and messaging designed for online retailers

Vextras allows WooCommerce retailers to send targeted e-mails based on customer behavior like abandoned carts, customer reviews, rewards and more. In addition, shop owners can sync their e-commerce store with software they depend on to run their businesses.


Targeted e-mail messaging that will create sales & save time

Trigger abandoned cart emails, first-time buyer rewards, customer reminders, order status updates and more from our pre-built workflows. Target your customers when it matters the most in one simple, easy-to-use rule builder.

  • Inject live data from your store to create relevant, personalized emails.
  • Send abandoned cart reminders, invoices and much more.
  • Choose a workflow, set criteria and start sending messages to your customers in minutes.


Sync your e-commerce store with software you already use

Every app integration we’ve built goes far beyond a typical plugin. From the start we’ve created powerful, automated connections with the online retailer in mind. Now, you can connect with great cloud software like MailChimp, Xero, and Zapier in just a few clicks.

  • Real-time data feeds.
  • Integrate your online store with hundreds of apps.
  • No complicated set-ups or recipes to configure, everything just works.

More Features

  • Intuitive dashboard – Track key metrics of your store’s performance at various time intervals.
  • App metrics – See key stats for each app integration. Information is compiled in real-time.
  • Valuable customer insights – See historical sales stats, what products are purchased, and even how often customers buy from your store.
  • Rich customer profiles – Profile details are automatically created from order information with links to useful data about your customers.
  • Customer workflow stats – Gain unique perspective about your customers behavior and see which e-mails convert the best.
  • Send direct messages – Easily reach out to your customers inside any customer profile.
  • Order details – See information about products ordered and easily access product pages in one-click.
  • Advanced workflow rule logic – Target your customers with precision. Dial in filters for products ordered, by opt-in preference and much more, depending on the workflow activated.
  • White label e-mail sending – Make delivery of any workflows message appear like it’s coming from your store’s domain.
  • Dynamic workflow data – Personalize any e-mail workflow with hundreds of content variables that are available from your store’s API.
  • Starter e-mail templates – Design your own HTML templates or use our starter templates to get going in no time.
  • Google UTM tracking – We automatically apply Google Analytics UTM tracking parameters to your workflow messages, so you can keep all of your site’s reporting in sync.
  • Free training – If you need help we’re happy to schedule a call anytime. We also have an extensive docs area that’s available 24/7.
  • No commitment – There are no long-term contracts when you use Vextras. Pay as long as you feel our product provides value in building your online business.



Getting going with the Vextras plugin is very easy. Follow these steps to connect your store with Vextras in just a few minutes.

Step 1

Enable the WooCommerce API

If it’s not already been activated, enable the WooCommerce API. This will allow us to transfer order/product/customer data from your store and send it to any app or initiate a Vextras workflow.

  1. Login to your WooCommerce powered store
  2. Enable the REST API by following these instructions

Step 2

Add your WooCommerce store to Vextras

Once the API is enabled, you will be able to connect your WooCommerce store with Vextras.

  1. Login to your Vextras account
  2. Click ‘+ Add New’ on the bottom left
  3. Add a new store, choose WooCommerce
  4. Install the Vextras plugin
  5. Activate the plugin

Plugin notes

  • Your website must have SSL enabled. If you don’t have a SSL for your store, please contact your hosting provider for options.
  • If you already have an account with Vextras, login with your existing e-mail address and password.
  • If you don’t have an existing Vextras account, we will create a new account for you on the fly inside of WordPress.
  • We provide a free trial of our service for 30 days. During this time you will have access to our Professional plan and all of its features. After this trial period is over, a paid subscription is required to use any of our tools.
  • After activation, apply plugin updates as you would normally with any other plugin.
  • All configuration of apps and workflows will occur in your Vextras dashboard.


How does the free trial work?

For 30 days, you will have access to our Professional plan and all of its features. You may put a credit card on file and choose a plan that fits your needs at anytime. If you don’t provide payment information by the end of the trial, all services will be paused.

Is there a long-term contract?

No, there are no long-term contracts or commitments on your part. We pride ourselves on making Vextras a pay as you go service that you will want to use and value.

What subscription plan should I choose?

Pick a subscription plan that fits your average monthly order volume. Don’t worry, you may adjust this anytime as your business needs change or simply enable auto-scale pricing.

What happens if I reach my order limit?

If you reach your order limit before a billing cycle completes, your account will be paused unless you have auto-scale pricing enabled. You may upgrade your account to a plan that fits your needs at anytime. We will synchronize the data from the time it was paused to the current date on plan renewal.

Is my data secure?

We implement state-of-the-art security measures to maintain the safety of your store information. We use SSL technology that is encrypted to the 3rd parties that our services use. Sensitive information like credit cards, social security numbers, financials are not stored on our servers.

Do canceled orders count towards my totals?

No. If you have canceled orders in your store before they are successfully processed, they will not count against your monthly allotment on any subscription plan.

Can I change plans?

Yes. You can change plans anytime in your account ‘Plans’ area. Billing for upgrades will prorate based on your current billing cycle. Unfortunately, we do not offer partial credit for account downgrades or cancellations.

Can I buy only one app or workflow?

No. Whether you use tool or all of them, you’ll pay the same. So make the most of it!

Do you have discounts for nonprofits?

Yes. We can extend a 20% discount to any nonprofit organization. Please contact us after setting up your account. Proof of your tax exempt status e.g. 501c3 docs is required.

Contributors & Developers

“Vextras for WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




This upgrade is now required to be compatible with the Vextras 7.0 release.

  • Overhauled the WooCommerce plugin to make installation much simpler from version 1.0. We did away with all the key copying which was a little confusing.
  • Added ability to control the opt-in box location at checkout.
  • Added capability to click back to a cart on any device i.e. mobile, tablet or desktop, not just the original source of where an abandoned cart originated.
  • Enabled toggle to turn off all WooCommerce notifications if you’d prefer to use our workflows for notifications instead.