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Make your site ‘ACCESSIBLE NOW’ with a text to speech plugin! Install this plugin and meet WCAG requirements in a few clicks! A MUST for every accessible site!
It will add accessibility features to your website such as a text to speech engine to be compliant with WCAG specifications. Accessibility is mostly important for every modern website.
Get it now for WordPress and Joomla at
The free version is limited to read only 100 characters and has only few features. The full version includes up to 3 high contrast rendering, the Dyslexic Font transformation and accessibility improvements such as focused elements outline, links target fix and more.
It can be a precious tool even to be used as a reader for your page text working as a text to speech. The audio reader is able to read text in a lot of languages, up to 51 languages!
You can take your eyes off and listen to the text thanks to this reader.
Visit our website at to get the full and unlimited version of the plugin including the High Contrast feature.

Test it live on the demo site at


Upload the ScreenReader plugin to your blog, Activate it, and you’ll see a bottom fixed bar on the frontend site
You can configure details settings for your plugin in admin area, see manual for more informations.
NOTICE: if you are upgrading from the free version to the full paid version ensure to uninstall completely the free plugin before installing the paid one.

The full paid version of the plugin must be installed using: ‘Plugins’->’Add New’->’Upload plugin’->Choose file and click ‘Install now’


نومبر 12, 2021
Website for no profit public school, discovered this plugin to add accessibility. Thank you guys, simply great!
اکتوبر 5, 2021
Recommended to have the website compatible with WCAG requirements.
اکتوبر 4, 2021
Started with the free version, worked out of the box. It has been worthy to upgrade to the full version. The support team was very helpful to fine tune all settings for reading the desired part of the text and increase the font size.
ستمبر 30, 2021
Doesn't work on my site. No text enlargement, no detectable audio, though it does display an audio wave window. Uninstalling.
اکتوبر 21, 2020
This is my first time of writing a review for a plugin. This plugin is very good and also John was able to help me do some little things I couldn't do when moving the plugin screenshot icon around and he was very responsive. I recommend anyone to use this plugin and you won't regret using it. Thank you,
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Contributors & Developers

“Screen Reader WCAG Accessibility Tools” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



3.30 Full version

Update for compatibility with PHP 8.1

3.29 Full version

  • New feature to read elements by mouse over
  • New feature to use a custom icon for the toolbar

3.28 Full version

  • New parameters to limit the min and max font spacing
  • New parameter to use the minimized toolbar only on mobile devices
  • Added WAI ARIA attributes
  • Improved font spacing feature, now increasing also the line height

3.27 Full version

  • New feature to enable font sizing only after that the minimized toolbar is opened
  • New feature to store screen reader preferences in the session or permanent storage of the browser
  • Update to TTS engine
  • Bugs fix

3.26 Full version

  • New layout for vertical sidebar rendering
  • New feature for text spacing
  • New feature for gray hues
  • New feature for enlarged cursor
  • New option for the initial open/close status
  • Updated system for the font sizing

3.25 Full version

Update to the Responsive Voice API with ApiKey and compatibility

3.24 Full version

Update to the Responsive Voice API with improved performance, reading and compatibility

3.23 Full version

Improvements for reading of images text and hover mode

3.22 Full version

New Inforobo audio engine, new parameter for audio reading speed and improvements

3.21 Full version

Update to audio engines, new options, new parameters, new template, new audio engines

3.20 Full version

Update to the API for Natural Readers audio engine

3.19 Full version

Update for WCAG Wave tool validation

3.18 Full version

Integration update with the free and pro virtual speaker audio engine

3.17 Full version

Update to the API for virtual speaker audio engine

3.14 Full version

Change responsive voice endpoint

3.12 Full version

Play embed button into contents

3.11 Full version

Update VS API

3.10 Full version

Update Google Translate API

3.9 Full version

  • Added the independent mobile audio engine option
  • Added the accessibility improvements feature

3.8 Full version

  • Added the Dyslexic font transform button
  • Added the slide expand/collapse for the toolbar
  • Fixed issue with Virtual Speaker audio engine to support PHP fopen disabled


  • Free stable release for WordPress