Salon booking system


Salon Booking System is a complete and easy to manage appointments scheduling system to help your business getting more reservations on your website and saving a lot of time with your agenda management tasks.

Salon Booking System is the best solution for:

  • SPAS

It’s the perfect solution to all that kind of business where single person reservation within the same day is crucial.

Salon Booking System is provided with an intuitive back-end bookings calendar where administrator have a quick overview of all the upcoming reservations.

Take a look at this video:


  • New integration available even for the free edition



Back-end calendar

  • Monthly view
  • Weekly view
  • Daily view
  • Bookings export
  • Adding reservation from daily view
  • Block out time slots from daily view

Salon general settings

  • Email notifications on new reservation
  • Email notification to selected assistant
  • Email reminder for the customers
  • Email followup
  • Email review notification
  • Email notification custom logo
  • Custom email message to the customers
  • Email message to invite users to leave a review on website or on a custom platform ( Google My Business, Facebook, other.. )
  • Customizable SMS notification on new reservation
  • SMS notification to selected assistant
  • SMS reminder for the customers
  • SMS followup
  • SMS verification code against spam
  • SMS Alphanumeric ID supported

  • Twilio, Plivo and 1p1sms providers supported

  • Whatsapp notifications supported

  • set you favourite date and time format

  • set when your week starts
  • WordPress Editors as Salon Administrator

Salon booking rules

  • Three bookings methods BASIC / ADVANCED / HIGH END
  • Booking time range ( from a minimum of .. to a maximum of in advance )
  • Multiple weekly timetable rules
  • Time range validity option for the weekly booking rules
  • Multiple holidays rules
  • Offset between reservations
  • Change booking form steps order ( Date&time – Services – Assistants – Checkout – Payment or reverse )
  • Manual booking confirmation
  • Users booking cancellation
  • Pause online booking form

Salon payments options

  • Enable online payments ( PREMIUM VERSION )
  • Pay later option ( PREMIUM VERSION )
  • Percentage or fixed amount deposit ( PREMIUM VERSION )
  • Automatic cancellation option for unpaid reservations ( PREMIUM VERSION )
  • Leave a Tip ( PREMIUM VERSION )
  • Hide prices
  • Decimals and thousand separators option
  • Stripe ( PREMIUM VERSION )
  • Custom payment methods supported
  • Official add-on for “Mollie”, “Square”, “Worldpay”, “Paystack”, “RedSys” and “Paytrail”

Salon checkout options

  • Enable guest checkout
  • Force guest checkout
  • Limit the number of services bookable at the same time
  • Control form fields
  • Log-in with Facebook account
  • Enable Advanced Discount System
  • Adding custom fields

Two ways Google Calendar synchronisation

  • Synchronies reservations on salon administrator’s Google Calendar account
  • Salon admin can add and cancel reservations from his Google Calendar account

Front-end booking form styling

  • Choose among three different booking form sizes according to your page layout
  • Custom colors palette generator

Assistants settings

  • Multiple weekly timetable rules
  • Multiple holidays rules
  • Limit reservations to specific services
  • Multiple reservations for the same slot for classrooms booking
  • Google Calendar synchronization
  • SMS notification when he’s booked
  • Email notification when he’s booked

Services settings

  • Price
  • Duration
  • Unit per session
  • Category grouping
  • Multiple weekly timetable rules
  • No assistant required option
  • Service break ( now you can select up to 3 hours divided in multiples of your average session duration )
  • Conditional “Secondary services”
  • Direct booking link
  • Exclusive service
  • Hide service on front-end

Advanced Discount System

  • Create unlimited coupon codes
  • Create unlimited discounts based on multiple criteria

for more details on this section visit:

Customers archive

  • List of customers
  • Details page of each customer with a list of his reservations and feedbacks
  • Customer’s bookings statistics


  • Stats on reservations and revenues
  • Stats on reservations and revenues by services
  • Stats on reservations and revenues by assistant
  • Stats on reservations and revenues by customers
  • Email weekly report


  • Easy import Users, Services and Assistants from a CSV file

Frontend pages

  • Booking form page [salon/]
  • Private customers reservations management page [salon_booking_my_account]
  • Assistants bookings calendar [salon_booking_calendar]
  • Assistants list [salon_booking_assistant]
  • Services list [salon_booking_services]

Restful API

  • A complete set of API to use Salon Booking System inside your third party applications


Themes & Plugin compatibility issues

  • Disable Bootstrap Javascript
  • Disable Bootstrap CSS

More information at Salon Booking System.


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This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload salon-free folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Salon > Settings to complete your salon settings


What kind of business this plugins best fits?

This plugin has been developed thinking about the specific needs of Barber Shop, Hairdressing salon, Beauty Centres and Spas.

Which version of WordPress this plugin requires?

The plugin has been tested on WordPress 4.0

Which version of php is supported?

The plugin supports php 7.4 and above version.

Is it possible to accept online payments?

Online payments are available only with the PREMIUM VERSION of Salon Booking
that can be purchased here:

Is it multi language ready?

YES, Salon Booking comes equipped with a lot of languages translation.
Just set your favourite WordPress language and Salon Booking will use that language.
You can easily manage the translation using a plugin like LocoTranslate.

Languages available:

If you want to contribuite to plugin translation please visit:

Are there any conflicts with other plugins?

Some caching plugins could generate conflicts with our plugin.

Is it possible to customise the look and feel of the plugin front-end?

Yes, go to “Settings > Style > Color combination” option

Is It possible to manage multiple locations?

Yes with a dedicated add-on that you can find here:

Where I can buy the PREMIUM VERSION?


What is the difference with FREE version?

FREE version doesn’t have the online payments options.

I’m using Divi theme and the categories accordion doesn’t work

Look at this guide:


نومبر 20, 2021
There are way more better booking apps than this one! I had purchased BUSINESS PLAN and at first, it was working ok. We had several bugs during the first year of using it, the schedule was unavailable even if the assistant had no bookings in those days/hours. It was not such a big deal because we were losing only 1-3 clients/month. Support service is average, they didn't understand well the problems when they e-mailed them and in most of the cases, problems were solved partially. After updating to version 7, we had noticed that a full month was unavailable for booking. After 2 days of trying to explain the situation to the support service (while we were also losing clients) and after another 2 days of trying to convince them with proof from our customers that the schedule is unavailable for them even if there is no booking for a whole month, their answer was that the services are not well made. The same services worked perfectly for 1 year and now after their upgrade suddenly are not ok anymore. Also, we asked for a refund because we paid for 1 more year on 5th October 2021 and because we asked for a refund after 35 days, not 30 days they refused to say that it was my fault because the schedule is unavailable. (after their stupid upgrade) Also, they didn't want to send me a plug-in to downgrade. In the first 12 months of using this app, I assume we lost like 30 clients, and after updating to version 7 we lost more than 90 bookings. Do your own math if it worth it!
نومبر 5, 2021
never activate auto-update for this plugin! with every update something new will break it looks good and has potential, but it's buggy! support does not exist pick another plugin instead
جُلائی 13, 2021
We have a lot adapted to Salon Booking and made an excellent Covid Click & Meet system, it works magnificently and gets better with every update!
مئی 25, 2021
all my clients emails got leaked because of this plugin, it happedned after 6 monthes exactly, I had no other plugins that handeled users data.
اپریل 11, 2021
I like it very much. Thank you.
مارچ 11, 2021
Muy facil de usar. Este plugin tiene todo lo necesario para ponewr en marcha el sistema de reservas online desde la versión gratuita
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Contributors & Developers

“Salon booking system” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


“Salon booking system” has been translated into 3 locales. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

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  • Fixed various issues


  • Fixed issue with “Re-schedule” feature
  • Implemented new feature: block time slot for specific assistant on back-end calendar daily view
  • Implemented new option UI: customer’s telephone country code select menu
  • Implemented new option: display assistant telephone number inside email notification
  • Implemented new back-end calendar improvement: daily view first column fixed on scroll


  • Added improvements to time picker on front-end
  • Fixed issue related with new service break UI
  • Added new “HTML” custom fields type
  • Fixed issue with time picker: first available slot


  • Fixed issue with bookings with break inside the back-end calendar
  • Fixed issue with Polish language on date/time picker
  • Fixed issue with New York Time-zone
  • Added a “Forgot password?” link on Booking My Account log-in form


  • Fixed issue with bookings with break inside the back-end calendar


  • Fixed various issues


  • New Date/Time picker UI
  • New Bookings reviews short-code
  • Improved service break feature
  • Email notification templating implemented


  • Automatically deactivate Free version when PRO is installed
  • New line support for custom message on new booking email notification
  • Fixed issue on back-end calendar, assistant view, unavailable assistant row


  • Added new currencies
  • Improved UI for adding reservations from back-end
  • Fixed issues on mobile API requests
  • Added new option to edit the last step of booking process notes
  • Updated Stripe library
  • Update obsolete code


  • Fixed Google Calendar synch events label color
  • Fixed API call for the mobile app
  • Improved settings UI
  • Fixed issue with back-end calendar daily view / assistant view issue
  • Fixed issue on Booking My Account page


  • Added keyboard arrows support to scroll the back-end calendar daily view
  • New currencies added
  • Fixed caching issue
  • added new API calls
  • Added “Stripe / Bankcontact” support
  • Fixed issues with Google Calendar events label colors
  • Fixed issue on booking cache update


  • Fixed issues on the slots calculation
  • Added Assistant unavailable slots representation on back-end calendar


  • Fixed issues on new booking modal window on mobile
  • Fixed deposit issue
  • Fixed Assistant email issue
  • Added a “one minute video tutorial” on first install


  • Database auto clean-up of outdated rules
  • Display discount amount inside email notification
  • Display customer message and administration notes on booking tooltip
  • Hide “Tools” section to “Assistant”
  • Fixed booking rules slider isse on mobile device
  • Improved “select” custom field
  • Fixed issue on back-end calendar daily view / assistant view
  • Fixed issue on booking details preview box


*Skip services selection step if only one service exist


*Restored “new customer” checkbox


*Improved UI of back-end calendar daily view
*Restored optional email address field on back-end


*Fixed issue with Discount


  • Improved back-end calendar UI
  • Improved Booking Editing modal window


  • Back-end calendar UI changes and improvements
  • WPML compatibility fixes
  • Email address field is now optional from back-end booking
  • Assistant on long holidays check added
  • Booking process speed optimization
  • Fixed CSS issue on “Booking My Account” section
  • Fixed CSS issue on last step of booking process


  • Fixed issue with Stripe payments
  • Updated Welcome page
  • Fixed issue with customer name mismatch on email notification
  • Code improvement


  • Added new feature to connect Assistants to “Salon Staff” role users
  • Added feature to limit Assistants view to belonging bookings only


  • Added “Last modified” info on booking details modal window
  • Added booking total amount into back-end calendar booking preview


  • Fixed issue with html tags inside custom field label field


  • Added “Export custom fields into booking CSV file”
  • Added new API calls


  • Added new metabox to customise the email notification message sent to the customer after booking confirmation
  • Search customers by telephone number
  • Fixed minor bugs


  • Fixed issue “Your site could not complete a loopback request”
  • Fixed compatibility issue with Stripe library
  • Fixed issue with Polylang


  • Fixed bug with email notification to customer


  • Added a new feature “Do not notify customer”


  • Updated text strings
  • Fixed issue with Reports graphs
  • Fixed issue with WPML
  • Improved Booking cancellation email notification
  • Improved booking process performance


  • Improved booking cancellation email notification
  • Improved mobile app API for date/time format
  • Fixed issue with “service direct link” when WMPL is enabled
  • Fixed CSS issue on service selection check-box
  • Fixed issue on booking creation from back-end when email address added isn’t valid


  • Fixed issue of the double email notifications when adding from back-end
  • Fixed issue on mobile app “Pending” reservation list
  • Added a booking ID inside the Stripe payment transaction description


  • Fixed issue on “Custom fields” interface
  • Added option to manage the “Booking editing” notification message


  • Real-time discount application on booking editing from back-end


  • Fixed issue with custom fields interface


  • New integration support


  • Improved custom fields interface


  • Fixed minimum shift interval
  • Second shift retro-compatibility issue


Fixed issue with checkbox custom fields


Fixed issues with customers fields


  • Fixed issue with customer email field


  • Fixed issue with customer email field


  • Fixed issue with “Delete”, “Save” buttons on back-end calendar


  • Bug fix


  • Fixed issue with “check-out as a guest”


  • Fixed issue on customers details fields


  • New settings design
  • New Custom fields management system


  • Fixed issue on customer details fields


  • Fixed issue on reservations without assistants
  • Added Address field autocomplete option
  • Fixed issue on Follow-up email


  • Added “Minimum order amount” option – ( PRO VERSION )


  • Make improvements to prevent uncomplete reservations
  • Fixed issue on booking search for Shop Managers
  • Fixed issue on back-end calendar ( not displayed reservations )
  • Added new “Transaction fee” option ( PRO VERSION )


  • Fixed issue with Services categories translation with Poylang
  • Fixed issue with required custom fields on back-end


  • Fixed issue on WordPress Network – no clients displayed
  • Fixed issue with Updraft Plus


  • Fixed issue with bookings without customer details
  • Fixed issue with booking reminder message shortcodes
  • Fixed issue with “You have already paid for this reservation” message
  • Fixed issue with “Duplicate” link for Services and Assistant
  • Fixed issue with secondary service conditional display
  • Improved Feedback submission feature
  • Added new option for “Automatic cancellation of unpaid reservations”
  • API improvements for the mobile app


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Restyling of assistans calendar shortcode


  • Added check to prevent double payments


  • Fixed CSS issues – booking calendar shortcode
  • Added a new “Leave a Tip” feature ( PREMIUM )
  • Fixed php error bug
  • Added a new API call for log-in


  • Fixed CSS issues – booking calendar shortcode


  • Fixed bug with slot blocking feature


  • Improved the “Feedback submission request” options


  • Fixed bug on Danish language
  • Fixed bug on “Empty bin” on Bookings section
  • Added a new “Service” filter on Bookings section
  • Booking calendar short-code restyling
  • Added a new option to allow Assistants to export reservations to CSV file


  • Fixed issue with Multi-Shops shortcode


  • Increased text lenght for Follow-up messages
  • Added space between price amount and currency symbol
  • Increased “Unit per session” options, up to 100
  • Changed html tag of booking form titles from H1 to H2
  • Fixed issue with Google Calendar account connection


  • Fixed wrong availabilities displayed to logged-in users


  • Fixed php error
  • Improved form validation for required checkbox


  • Improved log-in form on “Booking my account page”
  • Added new API to check plugin edition
  • Added new API to check is “Assistant selection” option is enabled
  • Added “Service direct link” for each single shop – on Multi-Shops add-on


  • Fixed issue with time-picker on re-schedule feature
  • Fixed issue with Facebook log-in from Booking My Account page
  • Fixed issue with Force Quest Check-out on Multi-Shops
  • Increased “Customers per session” options from “20” to “100”. Note: the higher .. the slower..


  • Added a new option “Services selection limit > only on primary services”
  • Fixed date-picker Danish months names
  • Services and Assistants order inside their shortcode follows the back-end order
  • minor bugs fix


  • Fixed issue with DIVI theme on booking form accordions
  • Fixed php issue with weekly report
  • Fixed php issue with Google Calendar synch


  • Fixed php error on WeeklyReport.php:219
  • Fixed problem on booking form front-end time-picker
  • Fixed issue with priviledges of Editor role when “Editor like Administrator” option is enabled
  • Service category name displayed inside the email notifications


  • Fixed security breach
  • Fixed “dummy content generated on every plugin update”
  • Google Calendar synched events updated when customers “re-schedule” an appointment
  • Customer First Name and Last name displayed on back-end calendar daily view
  • Fixed Facebook Log-in link on Booking My Account page even when the feature is disabled
  • Multi-Shop add-on: added a shop_ID parameter for the [salon/] booking form short-code
  • Multi-Shop add-on: added a shop_ID parameter for the [salon_booking_calendar] short-code


  • Fixed Timezone issue
  • Fixed Facebook log-in icon issue
  • Fixed check-out form validation issue
  • changed time-picker selection steps – one click hour selection


*Fixed issue with export bookings into a CSV file


  • Fixed issue with Google Calendar synch
  • Fixed issue with customers mobile number when log-in with Facebook
  • fixed issue with date/time picker icons


  • Fixed issue with “Cancel booking” button inside email notification when Multi-Shop is enabled


  • Improved “Booking My Account” page UI
  • Fixed issue with “Services short-code” with Shop-ID parameter
  • Fixed bug on Bookings export into CSV


  • Fixed typo that generates a php error
  • Fixed issues on API
  • Fixed issue on Romanian language


  • Fixed back-end calendar slowness issue
  • Fixed date/time related issues
  • Fixed Google Calendar synch issues
  • Fixed Service Categories strange behaviour
  • Prevent bookings from unkown users


  • Fixed security issue reported by


  • Fixed required custom fields issue on back-end
  • Fixed CSS issue on front-end booking form services check-box


  • Front-end booking form restyling
  • Added a link the user profile page inside back-end bookings list page
  • Added a new “Administration note” field inside the customer profile page


  • Fixed compatibility with wp5.3 wp_date III
  • Fixed bug with “Missing mobile number”
  • Added possibility to request online payments when “Manual booking confirmation” option is enabled
  • Added new option to disable “RESCHEDULE” feature
  • Added new option to disable “RESCHEDULE” X days before the reservation
  • Added “Booking amount” and “Discount amount” inside the event on Google calendar


  • Prevent Salon Staff members role from exporting reservations into a CVS file and to Trash reservations
  • If no “Booking my account” page is set then hide the “Manage account” button inside email notifications
  • Fixed bug on the customer profile custom fields – no value displayed on front-end
  • Fixed bug on custom fields order displayed on front-end


  • Fixed compatibility with wp5.3 wp_date II


  • Fixed compatibility with wp5.3 wp_date


  • Changed bookings search form inside the daily view of back-end calendar
  • Added a “Need help?” button that opens the documentation window
  • Added Quick Edit action for Services
  • Added a new custom field “customer_profile” => “booking_hidden” parameter
  • Added a new custom field “width => quarter” parameter
  • Fixed issues on locale ( German and Portuguese )
  • Fixed issue on Assistants cannot block hours
  • Fixed issue on customer personal data update on single booking option page
  • Fixed issue on Upcoming reservations API


  • Fixed php 7.3 compatibility issues
  • Fixed bookings search issues
  • Added Services “Quick Edit” link
  • Added 15 minutes as option for “Booking time range” option


  • Security issue fixed
  • Added a new ID column inside Services and Assistants sections
  • Added a new “Duplicate” link for Services and Assistants
  • Fixed issue with Stripe
  • Changed the behaviour of the RESCHEDULE button
  • Added REPEAT BOOKING option on Booking My Account page
  • Fixed issue on Assistant selection
  • Automatic update for Codecanyon version users
  • Added Quick Edit action for Assistants
  • Fixed missing customer address inside the notifical email


  • Minor fixes


  • Fixed issue with the broken booking form layout
  • Fixed issue with missing customers reservations inside his personal account page


  • Fixed security issue
  • Restored “Enable Advanced Discount System” option
  • Improved order of some options settings on back-end
  • Restored the “Welcome screen” on the very first plugin activation
  • Added a new “Services categories” item menù to easily access to them


  • Fixed bug with languaes on Polylang
  • Custom checkbox field checked by default even on back-end
  • OVH add-on bug fixed


  • Added a custom field validation on back-end booking creation


  • Fixed wrong customer details inside the feedback email request
  • Added booking cancellation for guest users
  • Advanced Discount System enabled by default
  • Fix for wrongly cancelled reservations after payment


  • Fixed “Stripe locale”
  • Added option to disable the first email notification before the payment completion
  • Fixed back-end settings selects items order
  • Added a “shop_id” parameter to the Services and Assistants shortcode for Multi-Shops support


  • Fixed Services Shortcode booking link when Multi-Shops is enabled
  • Display the Shop name inside the Google Calendar event when Multi-Shops is enabled


  • Fixed Polylang compatibility issue
  • Fixed Services import tool


  • Fixed bug wrong “Manage account” button inside notification email
  • Fixed WPML and Polylang compatibility


  • Updated API
  • Fixed “BASIC” Booking Method
  • Fixed bug of wrong booking price inside email notification
  • Added a new option to disable “Choose an assistant for me”


  • Added new option inside the “Google Calendar” tab: publish “Payment pending” reservations
  • Fixed bug with services “Book now” button
  • Fixed random association of assistant to the reservation when “Change order” is active
  • API bugs fixed
  • API updated


  • Fixed bug “You need higer permission…” on first install
  • API updated


  • Added post timestamp to API
  • Fixed slow Lock/Unlock time slots
  • Fixed issue with front-end date-picker availabilty representation
  • Fixed bug with Estonian language


  • Updated Stripe API library
  • Fixed bug with front-end assistans calendar shortcode
  • Fixed issues with discounts rules
  • API integration to support Multi-Shops add-on


  • Fixed issue of missing menu items


  • Fixed bug on checkout
  • Fixed php warnings


  • Fixed bug on check-out when “guest checkout” is enabled


  • New email notifications layout
  • New weekly email report layout
  • Booking process last step restyled
  • Fixed booking search by ID
  • Fixed back-end booking details page html markup
  • Fixed bugs with WPML


  • Fixed bug on blocking hours from daily view calendar
  • Fixed bug on alert message when select a not available date/time from back-end
  • Make Google Calendar event details text strings translatable
  • Translate Facebook login pop-up
  • Direct service booking URL fixed
  • Fixed bugs on API
  • Added new API endpoints


  • Fixed issue with missing translations


  • Fixed issue with php 7.2


  • Fixed bug on services order when added to booking from back-end
  • Fixed bug with Eesti language
  • Fixed bug with custom colors
  • Fixed all Php warnings and notices
  • Fixed issue with Google Calendar authentication
  • Fixed Email Reminder custom text
  • Fixed issue with blocking hours on back-end calendar
  • Fixed overlapping services inside the assistant skills field
  • Fixed issue with reservation with Free amount and Confirmed status
  • Added RTL compatibility
  • Added Hide on front-end option inside services settings page
  • Booking Amount field now is editable
  • Added links to add reservation to Google Calendar, MS Outlook and iCal inside notification email


  • Update Freemius SDK library


  • Fixed bug sanification issues with WordPress 5.1
  • Fixed bug with Facebook login
  • Fixed bug on front-end calendar shortcode
  • Fixed bug on block hours form back-end calendar
  • Fixed bug on “complete” button disappeared
  • Fixed bug on “display_post_states” function
  • Added Welcome screen on activation
  • Added “RE-SCHEDULE” feature on “Booking my account” page


  • Improved back-end assistant/service selection UI
  • Back-end calendar “Assistant view” option now is saving the setting
  • Fixed missing text-domain text strings
  • Updated .pot file with missing text strings
  • Fixed bug with Bulgarian language
  • Added option to customize SMS notification
  • Google Calendar authentication issue fixed
  • SMS to multiple assistants fixed
  • Added parameter for customers profile custom fields


  • Fixed bug on front-end booking form
  • Fixed bug on conditional secondary services
  • Fixed bug with Bulgarian language


  • Fixed bug with Chinese languages
  • Fixed bug with back-end calendar weekly view
  • Fixed bug with “Assistant selection > only from back-end”
  • Fixed bug with WPML
  • Improved bookings representation on daily view


  • Removed useless files from Goole API library
  • Fixed bug with back-end calendar
  • Fixed bug on discounts


  • Added new option to disable the “second shift” into the booking rules
  • Added new option to enable the assistant selection only from back-end
  • Added new “visible” = “public” parameter to [salon_booking_calendar] shortcode
  • Added new “days” parameter to [salon_booking_calendar] shortcode
  • Added possibility to cancel a reservation from Google Calendar
  • Added Whatsapp support for SMS notifications
  • Added “amount to be paid” inside the booking details
  • Added more booking details inside the SMS notification
  • Added assistant availability check inside the drop-down menù during back-end booking creation
  • Fixed bug on customers search field
  • Fixed bug on adding customers from back-end
  • Fixed back-end calendar starting week day
  • Fixed service booking direct link
  • Fixed bug on custom field saving


  • Fixed bug on user importing tool


  • Removed online payments options from the free version


  • Fixed bug with the import tool
  • Fixed bug with the Romanian language
  • Fixed bug on back-end calendar date status bar
  • Removed booking limits from the free version
  • Removed online payments options from the free version
  • Bug fix for reservations with php error
  • Bug fix assistant selection on mobile
  • Google Calendar authentication process
  • Bug fix with time slot block
  • Increased the follow up email characters number


  • Removed bookings limit
  • Removed license activation
  • Replaced the plugin domain
  • Proper sanitization of all input data


  • Php minimum requirement is 5.4 version
  • Added a CSS class to “free” services on front-end booking form
  • Added a CSS class to “SMS code verification” step
  • Fixed conflict with WPMAIL SMTP
  • Fixed bug with “bookings overlap”
  • Fixed bug with “Holidays rules”
  • Fixed bug with services selection from back-end on IOS device
  • Fixed email notification to multiple assistants
  • Fixed missing booking ratings stars into back-end
  • Fixed missing translating strings
  • Fixed php errors
  • Fixed Google Calendar API library
  • Fixed discount bug on back-end
  • Fixed bug with AVADA theme


  • Fixed bug on by assistant daily view on back-end calendar


  • Fixed bug


  • Added a new tab with the customer personal data form inside “Booking my account page”
  • Integration with “Wp Privacy Exporter and Eraser” API
  • Now discounts can be added from the back-end to each reservation
  • Added “multiple reservations” option inside the assistant page details
  • Fixed error with Czech language
  • Fixed bug with WPML and Slovenian language
  • Fixed modal window for feedback submission
  • Fixed mispelled text strings in English


  • Improved back-end calendar daily view UI to add a new reservation or block some timeslots
  • Added two new front-end shortcodes to list assistants [salon_booking_assistant] and services [salon_booking_services]
  • Bug fix with Romanian language
  • Bug fix with German language
  • Bug fix with Dutch language
  • Fixed back-end booking search by user name
  • Fixed bug on reports section
  • Fixed bug with Brazilian Real
  • Fixed bug with Brazilian language
  • Fixed bug with Estonian language
  • Added a parameter to limit the assistants inside this shortcode [salon_booking_calendar assistants=5 ]
  • Fixed back-end booking modal window scroll on mobile


  • fixed bug with German language
  • fixed bug with Russian language
  • fixed some php notices and warnings


  • fixed bug on daily view back-end calendar / position of reservations


  • Now you can add holidays rules from back-end calendar daily view
  • Added a new option to setup your favourite back-end calendar view
  • Improved back-end settings UI
  • Fixed bug with Estonian and Catalan language on date picker
  • Fixed problem with long texts on booking form buttons
  • Fixed bug with booking cancellation time
  • Fixed bug on “save” booking from back-end


  • Fixed bug with date/time picker localization
  • Fixed bug with “force guest check-out”


  • Possibility to add custom fields on checkout form


  • Fixed bug on datepicker – weird date
  • Fixed bug on “Pause online booking form” switch option
  • Fixed php error
  • Fixed booking modal window from back-end calendar on tablet


  • Settings refactoring
  • Fixed booking editing modal window bug on tablet
  • Fixed bug on Revenue by service report
  • Fixed bug on https websites on PayPal


  • Fixed bug with translation files
  • Fixed bug with Deutsch


  • All the languages available are already bundled and available inside the plugin
  • Fixed bug with Dutch language
  • Fixed bug with WPML


  • Fixed bug on booking system
  • Fixed javascript error on booking form


  • Fixed bug with “Exclusive service” option
  • Fixed bug with SMS notifications to customers
  • Fixed bug with the appointment system


  • Added a second availabilty control at the end of booking process to avoid double bookings
  • Fixed missing alert on Assistant unavailability when adding reservations from back-end
  • Added “DELETE” button on “New reservations from back-end calendar”
  • Fixed bug with Swedish language
  • Fixed “Invalid license” issue
  • Added a new option to send out an email to the client after one day from the last appointment asking for a review submission
  • Fixed bug with php 5.3 version
  • Added Polylang support
  • Removed “Always” option from the “Booking time range”


  • Advanced Discount System bundled into Salon Booking
  • Drag&Drop to sort assistants order
  • Automatic refresh of “Assistants calendar” when new reservations has come
  • Display comment reviews inside “Reservations history” tab on “Booking my account” page


  • Improvements of Google Calendar synch – now add new customers on reservation from G.C.
  • Fixed bug on booking system
  • Added URL of reservation inside Google Calendar event description
  • Fixed bug on adding new customer with an existing email address
  • Fixed date format consistent into GC event
  • Removed auto-login URL expiration
  • Improved booking rule “Always valid” option login


  • Fixed bug on booking system
  • Fixed bug on reservations date format on Google Calendar
  • Fixed bug on booking rules after the 5th rule


  • Fixed bug with booking system
  • Fixed services “Auto draft” bug
  • Fixed Yoast Free conflict


  • Fixed bug with Yen currency on Stripe


  • Fixed conflict with YOAST PREMIUM
  • Fixed missing padding on the front-end booking form
  • Coupon field not editable from mobile device
  • “close” button on date/picker now it can be translatable
  • Fixed bug with French version
  • Fixed bug with Importing modal window


  • Now you can add reservation from back-end calendar daily view
  • Added fixed amount deposit option
  • Optimized the performance of the booking form process more quick
  • Fixed booking system algorithm
  • Fixed bug on prices that use thousands
  • Fixed bug on Date/Time picker on Finnish language

  • Fixed booking that overrides salon closing time


  • Fixed bug on booking system
  • Fixed back-end calendar daily view hours representation
  • Fixed assistants and services booking rules time intervals
  • Improved back-end calendar daily view
  • If total import is 0 no payment pending email notification
  • Services disappeared after updates bug fixed
  • SSL check


  • Fixed bug on front-end when “change order” option is active


  • Fixed status bar back-end calendar daily view
  • “Create new user” option now is disabled by default
  • Bug on services custom order on back-end fixed
  • Bug on assistant selection on front-end fixed
  • Bug on booking system – reservations that overrides closing time – fixed
  • Fixed bug on thousand separator on Stripe
  • Changed the “Services break” intervals options
  • Added an alert on parallel reservations on back-end
  • Removed rollback to 2.3
  • Added untraslateble text strings


  • Fixed bug on Assistant selection
  • Fixed bug on booking system ( overriding salon closing time )
  • Fixed bug on booking system ( date availability when parallel booking is available )


  • Fixed bug on booking status
  • Fixed bug on thousand separators
  • Required checkout form fields options on back-end
  • Added “Choose an assistant for me” default option on front-end
  • Fixed fatal error on thank you page after payment on PayPal


  • Fixed incompatibility with YITH Wish list and YITH Zoom magnifier
  • Fixed wrong representation of free slots on back-end
  • Fixed Google Calendar sync issues
  • Fixed 0 error on password recovery
  • Added pagination to Customers section
  • Fixed bug on conditional secondary services
  • Fixed missing new customer email notification
  • Fixed error on booking system with “change order” active


  • Fixed wrong branches


  • Wrong representation of available slots on back-end time-picker
  • Google Calendar sync issues ( canceled reservations not deleted from G.A.)


  • Untraslatable text strings
  • Problem with date picker – date selection automatic reset
  • Higlited fully booked dates
  • Improved fields validation
  • Fixed some bugs Booking My Account page
  • Minor restyling of reports stats
  • Fixed new conflicts bugs with Yoast plugin
  • Improved back-end calendar – representation of dayli availability, total reservations and total revenues per day


  • Fixed bug with Yoast
  • Fixed bug with holidays rules after 27 rules


  • Fixed bug on associating services to assistant
  • Fixed bug for disappeared customers list
  • Fixed bug on holidays rules when more than 27
  • Fixed bug on sending reminder to Canceled reservations
  • Fixed bug on YOAST conflict
  • Fixed bug on mobile selection of services on checkbox


  • Fixed bug on booking editing
  • Fixex bug on “booking” page setting
  • Fixed bug on a missing text string translation
  • Fixed bug on missing reports


  • Fixed bug on date picker of booking rules


  • Fixed bug with cyrillic alphabet
  • Holidays rule issues fixed
  • Improved customer search
  • Improved bookings search with new filters
  • Fixed html markup bug into front-end booking form
  • Selective js and css loading of bootstrap files into the back-end
  • Dummy content load once fixed


  • Bug with Woocommerce categories fixed
  • Bug with “Accept reservation” button fixed
  • Bug with “Email address missing” when “Force guest checkout” option is active fixed
  • Selection of customers on back-end booking creation for Salon Staff user fixed
  • Timezone +9 on back-end calendar fixed
  • Booking my account page redesigned
  • Settings pages layout improved


  • Bug fixed on timepicker when “change order” option was enabled
  • Bug fixed on Adding a reservation from back-end when no new customers option is selected
  • Bug fixed with French language
  • Compatibility issue with Purpose theme fixed
  • Booking process speed optimization


  • SMS bug fix
  • Holidays rules bug fix
  • Report filter bug fix


  • Ip1sms bug fix
  • Google Calendar booking URL fixed
  • Removed CDN links
  • Pages transition effect and date/time picker fixed
  • Resend email notification option fixed
  • Back-end calendar daily view fixed
  • Holiday rules for assistants not saved fixed
  • Checkout as a guest option ADDED
  • Booking form color customization settings ADDED


  • Bug fixed on booking rules
  • Bug fixed with Google Calendar sync.
  • Bug fixed with Holidays rules for assistants
  • Restored alert message when select a service that overlaps the closing time


  • Bug fixed on date and time picker for French language
  • Bug fixed on add booking from back-end when “Assistant selection” option is not active
  • Improvement: date and time picker icons now clickable
  • Improvement: added the booking review inside the back-end calendar tool-tip
  • Fixed bug on reservation position on calendar daily view
  • Fixed bug on booking added from back-end by the Salon staff


  • Bug fixed with SMS and email reminder
  • Bug fixed with assistant selection
  • Bug fixed with missing translating words
  • Bug fixed with service drag&drop sorting
  • Bug fixed with reservations added by back-end
  • Bug fixed with 120 minutes average session duration
  • Bug fixed with time picker of back-end bookings management


  • Bug with Polish language


  • Bug fixed on customer search inside back-end booking details
  • Bug fixed on double email notification
  • Bug fixed on adding services to a booking from back-end
  • Bug fixed on wrong status for booking with “manual confirmation” option enabled


  • Salon staff role bug fix
  • Parallel booking bug fix
  • Time format inside Booking My Account page
  • Resend SMS verification code bug fix
  • Wrong time format inside Calendar daily view
  • Google Calendar syncronization legal time bug fix
  • Improvement back-end calendar weekly view
  • Front-end booking form restyling
  • Blank page after reservation approval from back-end bug fix


  • Fixed bug on calendar daily view
  • Fixed bug on SMS verification code
  • Fixed bug on Holidays rules
  • Fixed minor CSS bugs


  • Fixed Italian strings inside Assistant and Service detail page


  • Fixed bug with French and Deutsch languages
  • Fixed bug when payment on Paypal is cancelled
  • Fixed bug with “Not available days” on services


  • Fixed issue with timezone on Google Calendar integration
  • Fixed bug with services prices over 2000 as value


  • Fixed bug on booking algorithm
  • Fixed issue with timezone on Google Calendar integration
  • Fixed issue on front-end date picker


  • Fixed bug on booking algorithm
  • Fixed minor Php Warnings and Notices
  • Changed the order of Salon booking back-end menù
  • Layout improvements to the back-end Calendar


  • Fixed bug on front-end
  • Fixed bug on front-end “error alert” on last step
  • Fixed bug on automatic updates alert


  • Fixed bug – Screen options
  • Fixed bug – Assistant overbooking
  • Fixed bug – SMS notifications not sent
  • Fixed bug – Managing Services categories
  • Fixed bug – Custom message on disabled booking
  • Fixed bug – Redirect page with Manual booking confirmation option active
  • Fixed bug – Hide price option missing
  • Fixed bug – Google Calendar settings error loop
  • Changed text strings text-domain
  • CSS improvements on front-end and back-end


  • Fixed bug on hour format option


  • Fixed bug on Timezone issues
  • Fixed bug on available hours for “tomorrow bookings”
  • Fixed bug on services duration calculation
  • Fixed bug on slot availability after booking cancellation
  • Fixed bug on Plivo SMS notification sending on selected assistant
  • Bookings, Services and Assistants back-end columns improvements
  • Back-end calendar small improvements ( added the name of the assistant on reservation detail)
  • Date and time picker improvements on mobile and tablets

1.3.1 25/11/2015

  • Fixed bug on time picker
  • Fixed bug on services duration calculation

1.3.0 12/11/2015

  • Bug on customer login
  • Bug on back-end bookings archive
  • Wrong link inside the license activation alert
  • Wrong amount on payment step when deposit is disabled

1.2.0 05/10/2015

  • minor front-end redesign
  • Unit per hour bug fix
  • AM/PM time picker fix
  • other minor bug fix

1.1.0 15/09/2015

  • fixed css bug on time-picker
  • fixed bug on custom email inside email notification template
  • fixed bug on “Booking allowed from” time range
  • minor css and mark-up fixes

1.0.6 27/07/2015

  • fixed bug on date picker (first week not bookable)
  • fixed css compatibility with twitter bootstrap based theme

1.0.5 07/07/2015

  • fixed WPML compatibility issue
  • fixed real time availability control on date/time picker
  • fixed booking range selection issue
  • fixed time-session average duration bug

1.0.4 02/06/2015

  • Ajax loading option
  • Currency position option
  • New Address field
  • Time selection fix
  • Date picker fixes for Dutch and Norway languages
  • Missing translations strings
  • Modified many english text strings

1.0.3 22/05/2015

Date-picker multi-languages support fix

1.0.2 19/05/2015

Date-picker multi-languages support fix

1.0.1 13/05/2015

  • Added “Assistant selection” option
  • Added “SMS Verification” option
  • Add “Salon staff” new users role
  • Fixed booking system bug