MyAlice – Multichannel Helpdesk, Live Chat, and Chatbot for WooCommerce


So your online store’s poppin’ off. Success is great, but it’s getting overwhelming. Buyers and potential customers have questions about products, deliveries, refunds, and exchanges… You want to answer them, but trying to manage CX across all your channels is a fool’s errand. However, if you leave messages unanswered, you’ll damage your brand, and your reputation, and kill your growth. So what do you do? Clone your customer service team? Ask them to work 25 hours a day? Or make it easy on everyone with MyAlice.

MyAlice is modern customer support and social selling platform which helps hundreds of growing ECommerce and DTC brands every day.


Old way: You need to hover on multiple tabs simultaneously to interact with your customers.
New way: As your socials and website inventory are connected in one single platform, you can do all the customer interactions like order process, order canceling, and order update in one single browser tab.

Old way: Your human agents cannot address all of your customers in an efficient manner 24/7.
New way: Our powerful self-service chatbots will help your customers to make a purchase even during the holidays and odd hours. Technically, your online store will be open 24/7 throughout the year for your customers.

Old way: There’s no way to track and improve your customer support quality and agent performance in the socials.
New way: You can always track and monitor your agents’ conversation quality with the customers, their conversion rates, and response time to improve your customer support every day.

Want to learn how you can power up your sales and support the modern way? Book a demo here or Sign-up here to see it in action.


Live Chat and Messaging

No more switching tabs to respond to Live Chat, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Line, Telegram, and Viber. Manage all channels from one simple Inbox. Chat with website visitors, help answer their questions, make recommendations, share coupon codes and make sales.

Sales and Commerce

See order and customer information next to each conversation. Take actions like cancel, refund, duplicate and edit orders without leaving the inbox.

Agent Collaboration

Assign or reassign conversation, create notes, and use saved responses to deliver faster support. Get more done together.


Focus on what matters. Auto-resolve 60% of your customer conversations on any channels in your language. Let customers track packages, request returns, exchanges, and get product recommendations – before they reach agents. No code is required.

Reporting and Analytics

From sales to customer data to monitoring agent performance. Measure response times, resolution times, and revenues brought in by customer service teams. Send surveys after conversations and measure customer satisfaction scores.


Manage customer contact list, find target customers, and have conversations directly from MyAlice. Say no to excel sheets.

Official WhatsApp Business API

Get an official WhatsApp Business API phone number, which can be used for support and marketing. Free Green Tick application to WhatsApp.

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Alice –


  • Dashboard
  • Livechat
  • Multichannel
  • eCommerce
  • Chatbot
  • Analytics
  • Embed
  • Apps


Install MyAlice as a regular WordPress plugin. Here are 2 different ways to install MyAlice plugin :


  • In your Admin, go to menu Plugins > Add New.
  • Search with MyAlice.
  • Click to install.
  • Activate the plugin.
  • You will see a MyAlice tab in your right side navigation bar in WordPress. The next steps are described there.


  • Download the latest version of MyAlice Plugin (.zip file).
  • In your Admin, go to menu > Plugins > Add New.
  • Select “Upload Plugin”.
  • Click on “Choose File”.
  • Select downloaded & click on “Install Now” button.
  • Activate the plugin.
  • You will see a MyAlice tab in your left side navigation bar in WordPress. The next steps are described there.


What happens when I connect my WooCommerce store with MyAlice?

Once you connect your store, you can view your store inventory, customer details, order details, customer summary, product interactions, and past conversations. You can create or update orders while chatting with your customers directly from MyAlice inbox without switching between platforms.

Next, if you install the MyAlice plugin on your store website, you can place a WooCommerce live chat widget on your store website to chat with your store visitors, respond to their queries and guide their shopping journey.

Lastly, you can create chatbots to auto-respond to common queries and use your inventory information to automate the complete purchase journey.

How many WooCommerce stores can I connect to MyAlice?

You can create multiple teams and connect one store for each team. The more teams you create, the more stores you have. Additionally, we will be allowing users to connect multiple stores per team by the middle of this year, 2022.

How do I get the WooCommerce customer data from the time when my store was originally created?

All your customer data and order history will sync automatically once you connect your store on MyAlice. However, for product interactions, you can view only the data from after you installed MyAlice plugin on your store. Please note that the Product Interaction section contains data on which products the customer has viewed, added to the cart, or bought.

Does the inventory on MyAlice change every time I update my WooCommerce store?

Yes. Every time you update anything on your store — product, stock, or price, the information is automatically synced on your MyAlice dashboard. On the other hand, when you create an order from MyAlice, the inventory will also be on your WooCommerce dashboard. All in all, WooCommerce and MyAlice sync in real-time.

How do you handle the payment for products?

Once an order is created, you will receive a payment link from our end, which you can share with your customers. Customers can then pay as per the payment system set up in your store. If a customer opts for Cash on Delivery, it would be highlighted accordingly in the checkout menu.

Can non-eCommerce users use MyAlice?

We primarily serve the WooCommerce and Shopify community. Nonetheless, non-eCommerce companies use MyAlice as a multichannel helpdesk, live chat, or chatbot solution.

Do you use the official Meta API?

Yes, we use the official Meta API for Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp connections.

How do I add livechat on WooCommerce?

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard. Click on the add new button.
  2. Type MyAlice in the search tool available on the right.
  3. In the Search Results, you will find MyAlice – Multichannel Helpdesk, Live Chat, and Chatbot for WooCommerce plugin.
  4. After the installation, activate the plugin.

Can I stay connected to my customers while on the go?

With our mobile apps – both android and iOS you can chat anywhere.

Can I use it for my client?

Of course, you can! Expand your business offer by adding MyAlice to projects you run for your customers. Check our Partner Program


اپریل 28, 2022
Easy to activate, easy to integrate, and easy to understand since the UI/UX is on a top world-class level.
مارچ 23, 2022
i need social networks integrations, bots with ai, the ability to generate leads, place orders and control everything from an app and this gives me that!
مارچ 17, 2022
I'm currently trying it out and so far so good, customer orders are pulling up via webchat and I can upsell products
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Contributors & Developers

“MyAlice – Multichannel Helpdesk, Live Chat, and Chatbot for WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



2.0.2 – 28/08/2022

  • Added: Added some important links

2.0.1 – 28/08/2022

  • Updated: Updated all API with new links
  • Fixed: WC Rest API not generating for “WPS Hide Login” plugin
  • Improved: Remove some unused functionality

2.0.0 – 23/08/2022

  • Added: Compatibility with WooCommerce 6.8
  • Updated: New Dashboard Design
  • Revamped: Plugin integration journey
  • Improved: Data sanitization and validation for Security Enhancement
  • Fixed: Few minor bug fix

1.2.9 – 22/05/2022

  • Added: Compatibility with WordPress 6.0
  • Added: Compatibility with WooCommerce 6.5

1.2.8 – 26/04/2022

  • Improved: Data sanitization and validation for Security Enhancement

1.2.7 – 23/04/2022

  • API token only be replaced when a valid token will be provided and never be deleted.
  • Settings data will be deleted when the plugin is deleted.
  • Update plugin name, banner and screenshots

1.2.6 – 09/04/2022

  • Added new settings in the dashboard to control sending product and cart data

1.2.5 – 18/03/2022

  • Added language template (POT) file
  • Added settings in the dashboard to control who is able to chat
  • Improve customer connect API (customer will be connected from very first time visit)
  • Improve UX (added spinner when saved any settings or API data)


  • Fix dashboard slow issue because of api 500 response
  • Added compatibility of WordPress 5.9
  • Added compatibility of WooCommerce 6.2


  • Few minor bug fix


  • Improve Performance
  • Reduce Unnecessary API Calling


  • Update MyAlice Dashboard Access Permission


  • Added MyAlice Branded Panel in WordPress Dashboard.
  • Auto redirection added after activating the plugin.
  • Improved and optimised API connections.
  • Improved and optimised API calling.
  • Improved data collection to understand customer behaviour better.
  • Fix Product image missing on Cart data.
  • Fix Product url on View products and Cart.
  • Remove MyAlice cached data from database once you remove the plugin.
  • Added Goodbye Feedback Form.
  • Fix minor bugs.


  • Update new js to fix home redirect


  • JS issue fix


  • WooCommerce connection added


  • Initial release