This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

WP Mingle


The simplest way to turn your WordPress website into a Social Network comparable to Facebook or LinkedIn. Mingle makes it easy to create a social network for your family, church, business or even a premium membership site! Mingle uses your standard WordPress website and standard WordPress theme to create your Social Network instantly. So go ahead and try it out–give your users a more social experience on your website today!

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Mingle WordPress Community

Community Builders

If you’re planning on launching Mingle as part of a Premium Membership site we’ve seen great success with people using MemberPress.

FYI, MemberPress is a WordPress plugin created by the same people who brought you Pretty Link Pro, Affiliate Royale and Mingle.


Mingle still hasn’t been tested with every theme or browser in existence yet. However, Mingle was developed and works exceptionally well on most themes.


  • User Profile Pages
  • Pretty Profile Urls (to help with memorability and Google Indexing)
  • Ability to Upload custom avatars (falls back on Gravatar)
  • User Friending
  • User Profile Posting (for friends)
  • User Profile Post Commenting (for friends)
  • Friend Activity Pages
  • Full Member Directory
  • Login & Navigation Widget
  • Random or Recent Users Widget
  • Email Notifications
  • User Email Notification Opt-Outs
  • Front end login, logout, lost password and registration system (So your subscribers never need to see the WordPress login or admin)
  • Twitter-Like user tagging (using the @ symbol followed by the user’s name)
  • Custom Profile Fields (configurable by the admin)
  • Private Messaging


Mingle is currently available in the following languages thanks to awesome translators!

If you don’t see your language on this list or the translation in your language isn’t adequate, please contact me on my blog at or at and I can give you instructions on how to translate Mingle.


  1. Upload ‘’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory

  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

  3. Create a page for “Activity”, “Profile”, “Profile Settings”, “Friends”, “Friend Requests” and “Directory” — and then configure mingle to use them in the Mingle menu.

If you have any issues please post something here:

Mingle WordPress Community


Mingle FAQ

Installation Instructions
  1. Upload ‘’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory

  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

  3. Create a page for “Activity”, “Profile”, “Profile Settings”, “Friends”, “Friend Requests” and “Directory” — and then configure mingle to use them in the Mingle menu.

If you have any issues please post something here:

Mingle WordPress Community


جُلائی 11, 2018
While it seemed like this plugin was going to be the one for me, as I started learning the ropes I discovered, (full disclosure, my photo gallery developers discovered) That there was some Javascript errors in this plugin hindering my photo gallery from functioning properly, functioning at all in some cases, and just disabling lightbox functionality in mobile devices. Going to submit this information to the people here as well, and hope to give it a try again in the future. For now, 1 star.
ستمبر 20, 2016
hi i use Mingle v0.1.01 (downloaded from with Wordpress v4.6.1 and twenty twelve theme. i have problem: 1. vertical scrol 2. horizontal black line! how i do fix it?
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Contributors & Developers

“WP Mingle” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


“WP Mingle” has been translated into 1 locale. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

Translate “WP Mingle” into your language.

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  • Fixed errors & warnings with newer PHP versions
  • Some other minor fixes


  • Fixed some conflicts with the latest version of WordPress


  • Added an admin option to disable the “Powered by Mingle” links
  • Added Private Messaging feature to Mingle


  • Fixed a javascript conflict issue affecting some users on WordPress 3.0


  • Added custom fields to the user profile and made other, numerous fixes


  • Added an option to add a Captcha to the Signup page


  • Fixed Thesis 1.7 incompatibility
  • Fixed the “Some Admins can’t get into the admin” bug when “Prevent Subscriber Admin Access” has been checked in Mingle
  • Added Robot Detection to help eliminate spam user registrations


  • Added Belarusian — Thanks Marcis Gasuns
  • Updated Romainian
  • Added mail configuration for PHP Mail, SMTP and Sendmail
  • Fixed board post author not being emailed issue
  • Added more hooks
  • Enhanced board post meta to be deleted when a board post is deleted


  • Fixed the user grid & login/nav template tags…
  • Fixed avatar path issues affecting
  • Added Board Post Meta mechanism for 3rd party developers


  • Fixed the double posting issue introduced in 0.0.24


  • Fixed tag notification to not send duplicate messages or send to people already getting the comment notification…
  • Fixed status update & save profile state issues…
  • Altered the board post mechanism
  • Fixed CSS Formatting
  • Added a clear button to the status…
  • Switched out textile formatting for bbcode formatting now the [b][/b],[i][/i],[u][/u],[s][/s],[color][/color],,[list][/list] and [url][/url] tags are supported for formatting posts and comments


  • Added Romanian Translation… Thanks Petrovan Ionut!
  • Updated Armenian, Albanian, Bulgarian, Dutch and Polish languages… Thanks to Karo Kendimian, Klajdi Hena, Ivo Minchev, Lourens Rolograaf and Jacek Dudzic for their outstanding work!
  • Fixed text formatting a bit and fixed formatting of the login widget…
  • Added text formatting — now you can add formatting to your posts like so: Bold, -Strike Through- and Italics
  • Revamped field visibility settings…
  • Made tags more robust
  • Added tag notifications
  • Fixed textarea issues…
  • Added birthday field with a javascript date picker (JQuery datepicker)…
  • Many Memory Management, SQL and general optimizations.
  • Added tabs for “Board” and “Info” …
  • Added more hooks …
  • Fixed CSS Formatting issues…
  • Fixed IE Rendering issues…


  • Added Russian Language Translation… Thanks Constantine Khorunzhev!
  • Updated Armenian, Bulgarian, Dutch, Polish, Spanish and Sweedish Translations
  • Added more customizable options for the signup page including the ability to have the user set their password up front…
  • Added a full “retrieve lost password” feature that allows users to change their password to whatever they want and doesn’t require the user to ever see wordpress specific screens…
  • Added a “prevent admin access” feature for non-admins which when selected will prevent all non-admins for accessing anything within the wp-admin
  • Fixed the directory pagination issue and added a reset search button
  • Added support for users with only partial rewrite capabilities (need to use index.php in their permalink structures) to have pretty profile urls…
  • Added all manor of hooks for extendability…


  • Added Armenian Translation — Thanks Karo Kendimian!
  • Added Persian Translation — Thanks Ardalan Naghshineh!
  • Updated Bulgarian, Dutch and Turkish translation — Thanks Ivo, Lourens and Mertican!
  • Fixed issues with Pretty Profile URLs — they should work under any permalink structure other than default now
  • Fixed non-posting forms and broken next/prev link for the directory when running without a permalink structure…
  • Added a registration spam email protection option in Mingle’s admin
  • Added a return-path for all outgoing emails from wordpress which should help to prevent them from being dropped by mailservers as spam
  • Added number formatting to the user grid for numbers over 1,000


  • Added a sweet login form that stays on the front end
  • Added Pretty Profile Urls option that can be enabled in the admin
  • Fixes to the avatar system … classes should line up for mingle pages and not be present for other code calling WordPress’ get_avatar() method
  • Optimized user dropdown calls in admin
  • Updated Spanish, Bulgarian, Dutch, & Turkish
  • Added invisible users feature — you can select users that will be invisible in the Mingle System
  • No longer requiring pluggable.php up-front (hopefully this will help with plugin / theme conflicts)
  • Made a significant SQL performance fix to the activity page
  • Fixed some bugs in the profile page display
  • Added user tagging in posts and comments


  • Added French Translations — Thank You Andre Lefebvre!
  • Added Swedish Translations — Thank You Philip Holm!
  • Added Turkish Translations — Thank You Mertcan Temel!
  • Updated German Translations — Thank You Bernd Zolchhofer!
  • Updated Bulgarian Translations — Thank You Ivo Minchev!
  • Added tooltips to the user grid instead of printing the screenname below the avatar
  • Went back to a standard screenname instead of a dynamic one … will make it easier to reference users now and paving the way for simple pretty profile urls
  • Added real name field to user profile
  • Enhanced user signup process, including new welcome emails, the signup process never exposes the user to wordpress anymore
  • Fixed numerous formatting issues
  • Complete overhaul of the avatar system — much less error prone, efficient and friendly with other plugins
  • Fixed avatar override in WordPress Admin
  • Fixed growable text areas when loaded via ajax
  • Optimized user record calls and reduced the number of calls by caching user records
  • Added emoticons (smilies)
  • Re-named javascript and php functions to avoid conflicts
  • Fixed several javascript issues
  • Fixed the user dropdown performance issue in the mingle admin area
  • Added a board reference to the activity board posts (whose board was the post posted on?)
  • Fixed a display bug
  • Fixed some formatting bugs in the admin
  • Added some more hooks and revamped the enqueue script mechanism


  • Fixed the “Show Older Posts” link
  • Added German Translations — Thanks Bernd Zolchhofer!


  • Added a single post view to make locating posts easier
  • Single post link goes out in board post notifications
  • Fixed commenting on older post refresh bug
  • Significantly reduced the number of database calls when posting comments
  • Added Bulgarian Translations — Thanks Ivo Minchev!
  • Added Spanish Translations — Thanks Carlos Mejias!


  • Added growable textareas
  • Added friend search
  • Fixed javascript bug
  • Fixed comment permission issues
  • Optimized more database queries
  • Updated Dutch language translations


  • Changed the way screennames are handled (made them user configurable)
  • Added user filter for directory
  • Fixed some commenting permission bugs
  • Optimized some database calls and reduced number of calls


  • Updated Dutch and Polish — Thanks Rolograaf & Jacek Dudzic!
  • Fixed a PHP4 error affecting some users
  • Fixed some of the activity screen bugs
  • Fixed the comment not saving bug


  • Added translation to Polish — Thanks Jacek Dudzic!
  • Added loading gif to board posts, comment posts, friend requests, friend accepting, friend ignoring and Show Older Posts
  • Fixed HTML / CSS and other styling issues
  • Fixed the preg_replace compilation error


  • Added translation to Italian — Thanks Gianluca Storani!
  • Added the ability to select multiple users as default friends
  • Added the ability to apply default friends to existing users


  • Created a way to view older posts on the activity and profile boards
  • Fixed another text encoding issue with board posts,
  • Added # of friend requests badge to friend requests login widget label
  • Updated dutch translations — Thanks Rolograaf!
  • Integrated mingle with wordpress comments (avatar override and profile link override for registered users)
  • Fixed avatar upload & display issues and fixed numerous other bugs.


  • Fixed CSS
  • Added Profile Edit Link onto profile page
  • Marked strings for translation throughout mingle
  • Added a pot file in the i18n for translations (will try to update it on every release)
  • Translated into Dutch (nl_NL) — thanks to Lourens Rolograaf at!
  • Translated into Albanian (sq_AL) — thanks to Klajdi Hena at Dub U Pee!
  • Added truncating on the Profile Board with read more link for larger links
  • Created a configurable signup page
  • Created a configurable login page
  • Created a template tag for loading the user grid: mngl_display_user_grid($cols=’3′, $rows=’2′, $type=’random’)
  • Created a template tag for loading the login / nav: mngl_display_login_nav()


  • Fixed a minor issue with the comment form


  • HTML will no longer be visible in board posts & comments…


  • Fixed Some CSS Styling
  • Added Default User Assignment Feature


  • Fixed AJAX loading error cleaned up CSS code


  • Fixed the redirection bug


  • Fixed some bugs with the Profile Status Board


  • Altered Install Routines


  • First Release