Irisnet API Client – AI child protection plugin


The Plugin allows your developer to easily add AI functionality, that blocks or blurs unwanted images in real-time.
This allows you to automatically protect your users from unwanted erotic content and illegal symbols, by interacting with the AI through the irisnet API.

Many sites make use of user generated content and have challenges to provide the necessary youth protection.
No matter if you have a gallery that your visitors can upload to or if you just want to protect the upload field from your contact form.
This is where irisnet AI can help you to reduces your manual moderation effort drastically.

All you need to do is install the plugin, configure the rules through the plugin admin panel and add the necessary code to check the uploaded images.
Use the integrated code examples to find the best solution for your case.
After that all of the user uploaded images can be blocked, if it does not adhere to your configured rules.

How to Use


To make use of the plugin you need to add a valid license key. From the Irisnet Dashboard click on Manage Licenses in the Licenses pane. From there go to the Add New License tab and enter the license key in the text box. Make sure to turn the Active switch on and save.

A license key can be obtained here:


Rules can be added in order to customize the the AI settings. Depending on your needs you might want to deny user uploads that contain nudity or illegal symbols.
All this can be configured as one or more rule sets. Go to Irisnet API -> Rules and click to the Add New Rule tab. From here you can add a name (which can later be referenced) and a description.
Follow the on screen instructions to setup your rule set for the AI to follow.

Once saved, you are redirected to the list of all rules with name, description and cost (learn more about cost here). From here you can also Edit or Delete the listed rules.
From the Add New Rule tab you can add further rules that can differ from each other, so that you can implement the different rules (by name) for any case that you need.


The dashboard gives you a quick overview on the currently used licenses and rules, as well as some quick links to related places.

Example Usage

The Example Usage tab gives you some examples on how to integrate the AI prediction to your WordPress site. Choose the one that best fits your case and then go from there.


The Documentation tab shows you the functionality that is added with this plugin. Use the documented method calls to add the functionality as required.


  • Irisnet Dashboard
  • Example Usages
  • Rules
  • Licenses


  1. You can install this plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory,
    or manually download the plugin and upload it through the ‘Plugins > Add New’ menu in WordPress
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Get an API license key at
  4. From the ‘Irisnet Dashboard’ click on ‘Manage Licenses’ in the Licenses pane. From there go to the ‘Add New License’ tab and enter the license key in the text box. Make sure to turn the ‘Active’ switch on and save.


To whom is the offer addressed?

Our services are initially aimed at all those service providers on the Internet, that want to protect themselves from warnings and who want to keep their platform clean from unwanted content or to encourage their users to design their content in accordance with the rules of the platform.

How does it work?

We provide our customers with an API, with which control parameters can be sent and then media can be uploaded to have them checked for the previously sent control parameters.
The result follows in real time and transmitted in XML or JSON format (your choice). If desired, a greyed out image can also be downloaded from the AI. See our documentation for detailed information.

Are uploaded images saved on the server?

The images uploaded by the customer are not saved permanently. However, these must be temporarily available during analysis by the artificial intelligence.
However, the uploaded files are always session-bound and will be permanently deleted at the latest after the session has ended. In addition, a session is automatically ended after 30 minutes of inactivity by the customer.


اکتوبر 9, 2020
I’m running a dating site and had always problems with users uploading hard core sexual content as profile picture. Manual moderation is costly and slow. I try since years to block automatically unwanted content but could not find a real good solution. Hence, I was sceptical if this plugin could help. But to my surprise the irisnet solution really works quite perfect. Be aware: It is not free. You need to purchase credits on their home pages. However from my perspective every pence worth. Perhaps there is no 100% solution and will never be. But this one is at least close and saves my nerves and money. Thanks for the great solution.
اکتوبر 8, 2020
The plugin allows great control and flexibility with the Irisnet service, plus easy and intuitive to setup due to detailed documentation
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fixed php compatibility issue
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Updated api backend to v2
Added new classification objects (Selfie Check and Body Attributes)


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Added nipple check and chest parameter for nudity check


Added attributes check


Updated api backend


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url checks are now possible


updated api
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fixed some issues


updated irisnet url


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Initial release.