GutenGeek Advanced Page Builder Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress


Gutengeek – 38+ Advanced Gutenberg Blocks, free blocks sections & templates that powers your WordPress editor becomes ease of use & customize with Gutenberg.

GutenGeek – Ultimate Page Builder Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress

GutenGeek is a powerful & advanced Page Builder Gutenberg Blocks that comes with a lot of custom gutenberg blocks, free predefined block sections, free block templates to create content of page and post easily, no code requirements, specially designed for new Gutenberg WordPress Editor. The ultimate addons for Gutenberg comes with over 38+ premade advanced additional blocks, sections & template building. Just import required, users can import the Gutenberg blocks & templates for their WordPress editor quickly. Without changing any line of code, changing text & images only, it’s flexible to create their pages & post content simplicity.

Gutengeek is a complete solution to build your beautiful page and post without any line of code as in a truly page builder. Gutengeek is a user-friendly Page Builder Gutenberg Plugin with all necessary customizable blocks and pages functionalities.

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The Easiest & Simplest Ways to Build Your Webpage Content Experience

Developed as an ultimated addons for Gutenberg blocks, Gutengeek offers all amazing block features that are not available on default Gutenberg, Gutengeek has been developed many customizable blocks to let you take full control of your Gutenberg editor. Flexible to create your page more stunning as well as friendly mobile.

Moreover, in the Gutenberg editor, Gutengeek offers all necessary high quality Gutenberg blocks features that allow you to create your page, post or landing page as you need. With premade blocks layout & style, Gutengeek helps to speed up your website building in no time. Website building can be processed with ease of use settings & customization.

Let’s spend few minutes on discovering Full features of Gutengeek – Advanced Gutenberg Blocks:

Advanced Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress Editor – Gutengeek

  • 38+ High-customizable Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress Editor
  • Modern & Responsive Layout Packs for blocks, templates, pages & sections.
  • High Customizable Row Columns
  • Flexible to Resize Column
  • Shape Divider/Builder
  • Advanced and diverse web design options,
  • Unlimited Google web fonts & system fonts
  • Built-in sections
  • Classic & gradient color and background
  • Background: Color, Video, Image
  • Numerous Built-in animation
  • Typography Support
  • Box-shadow
  • Alignments
  • Border
  • Border Radius
  • Transform
  • Animation
  • Custom CSS
  • Unlimited Color
  • Dimensions
  • Media
  • Transition
  • Custom Fonts
  • Custom Icons Support
  • Multiple devices supports

Powerful GutenGeek Gutenberg Blocks Page Builder

Here are all 38+ custom blocks to the Gutenberg block editor. Let’s explore all available advanced Gutenberg blocks.

Gutengeek Advanced Page Builder Gutenberg Blocks Features at glance:

And more Gutenberg Blocks & Templates are coming soon.

Detail of Gutengeek Page Builder Gutenberg Blocks Features

  • Section Block: The Gutenberg Section Block is a container block which lets you add multiple Gutenberg Blocks inside.
  • Accordion Block: Showcase collapsible texts in a dropdown interface
  • Header Block: Allows to add header section for background & content.
  • Advanced Heading Block: Showcase headings and titles in a stunning way with typography, border & advanced options
  • Image Box Block: Grab clients attention by helping them get information via info boxes
  • Post Grid Block: Allows you to showcase posts in Grid and List styles that visitors can follow your blog with ease .
  • Post Masonry Block: The Post Masonry Block enables you to present your blog post in masonry layouts without leaving space in design.
  • Post Carousel Block: Posts displayed in carousels too that you can build content, title, category and much more.
  • Button Block: Come with a combination of shape, layout, interface in buttons.
  • Multi Buttons Block: Designed impressively and creatively to make your site more interesting.
  • Counter Grid Box Block: Easily add counter limit & duration, prefix, design & postfix, etc.
  • Divider Block: The Divider Block allows you to add a line or shape to divide your content & increase the distinguishable.
  • InfoBox Block: Grab client’s attention by helping them get information via info boxes.
  • InfoBox Grid Block: Add more information in the info box. Choose design from the grid layout and personalize settings.
  • Testimonials Block: Display reviews with names, avatars, icons & more.
  • Tabs Block: Come with premade tabs, animations, icons & more stunning features.
  • Teams Block: List members in your team with details such as names, images & designations.
  • Social Icons Block: Add icons you love with a large list of stunning icons.
  • Social Share Block: The social share block allows users to share your contents via social network in order to increase traffic & engagement for websites.
  • Google Map Block: Google map embedded including lots of options like customize map height, zoom map.
  • Icon List Block: Cover a large number of attractive icons for you to select.
  • Icon Block: The Icon Block lets you add/upload a customizable icon or available icons in Gutenberg.
  • Timeline Block: This Timeline Block for Gutenberg helps to showcase perfectly detail of roadmap, company history, product release, achievements.
  • Post timeline Block: The Post timeline block supports building stunning posts in a detailed timeline according to the dates they are published on. .
  • Call to action Block: You can add “Learn more”, “Download”, “View more” to let customers take their action on your website.
  • Row & Column Block: The Row & Column supports to customize row and column layouts with amazing functionality.
  • Contact Form 7 Block: Redesign contact form 7
  • Quote Block: The quote block is a simple/short text in block for highlighting a quote.
  • Pricing Table Block: Display pricing of items, services and membership in a beautiful table style.
  • Pricing Table Grid Block: Showcase price items in grid layout.
  • Progress Bar Block: Display stats via progress bars with bar background, animation.
  • Video Block: Allows to add/embed video on your content to engage more interaction in video.
  • Video Popup Block: Cover video popups with icons, wrapper, and overlay to make your site more exciting.
  • Cards Block: Display more information and photos to showcase your portfolio, team photos, services, and more.
  • Countdown Block: Let’s add a countdown timer to any date, customizable and easy to use or embed on a website or blog as a widget.
  • Custom form builder Block: Add various form fields, check boxes, radio buttons, text area and text.
  • Vertical Tabs Block: Organize your content easily and smartly with vertical tabs.
  • Pie Progress Block: Break complicated parts of progress and use easy-to-see pie progresses.
  • Single Image Block: This Gutenberg single image block supports to add caption, subcaption, text on image, overlay on image.


Contributors & Developers

  • GutenGeek is an open-source Page Builder Gutenberg Blocks Plugin software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.

Bug Fixes

  • Blocks:
    * Testimonial: content boxshadow hover
    * Post Masonry: hotfix Category components
    * Info Box: Media Image align center on layout 1 + layout 2



This plugin provides 34 blocks.

Accordion Item
Post Grid
Post Masonry
Post Carousel
Counter Grid Box
InfoBox Grid
Tab Item
Social Icons
Social Share
Google Map
Icon List
Post Timeline
Call To Action
Progress Bar
Pie Progress Item
Number Box
Number Box Grid
Form Builder
Single Image Block


Gutengeek Page Builder Gutenberg Block works with WordPress version 5.0 or higher.
You can install Gutengeek – Advanced Addons for Gutenbegr Block via WordPress plugin directory or upload files to your server at wp-content/plugin

Refer to our getting started article to know more.

For more information, please visit our Knowledge Base


  • Detailed guide to install and customize: Documentation
  • System tickets support 24/7 available : Free Support= Who should use Gutengeek – Page Builder Gutenberg Blocks? =
    Gutengeek is well-known as an advanced addons for Gutenberg. It includes lots of advanced Gutenberg blocks features, Gutenberg templates that helps to build your beautiful pages & posts on a website – a smart solutions for customers who love Gutenberg.

Can I use Gutengeek Advanced Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress Editor while have other Page Builder?

Yeah, you can do. The basic need of Gutengeek Page Builder Gutenberg Plugin is the latest version. We made this plugin to compatible with almost page builder fluently. If you need any our support, please contact us here .

Why should choose Gutengeek Gutenberg Blocks Page Builder?

When choosing Gutengeek – Utimate Addon for Gutenberg, it’s free to get a large library to launching any website with importing only. You can get all 38+ premade style Gutenberg blocks & Gutenberg block templates. All of them can be imported quickly, easy customization.


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Contributors & Developers

“GutenGeek Advanced Page Builder Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Features
    • Blocks:
      • Image Block
    • Controls: Add Tabs, Tab, URL inspector controls


  • Features
    • Blocks:
      • Progress: add new style circle
      • Tested up to: 5.4.2: Template Library button
      • Split and add vendor: gutengeek/components(
      • Post Grid: add columns to post list
    • Add block position
    • Add block border, border radius
    • Update Animation control and improve animation effect