ElementsReady Elementor Addons (Elementor Post Grid, Elementor Woocommerce Product Grid, WooCommerce Product Slider, Elementor Templates, Elementor Free Widgets )


ElementsReady is the supreme powerpack for Elementor Page Builder. It gives you an edge over capabilities to create any design within your imagination. Everything you need is packed under one hood.It brings you extreme features like Header & Footer Builder, Mega Menu, Blog Builder, Woocommerce Widgets, EDD Widgets, Learn Press Widgets, Template Libraries, and 90+ exclusive Elementor Widgets with a light and compact file size. All our addons are uniquely designed for style and performance. We filter unnecessary files and code with our advanced modular system to offer the best load speed possible.


GET THE PRO VERSION including all 90+ Premium Widgets, 800+ ready Blocks and 21 Ready Templates.

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Your Elementor journey takes a leap off with ElementsReady Elementor Addons. Designing with Elementor has never been so easy and fun. You can play with our 800+ stylish and modern templates, create custom header and footers, design completely unique mega menus, create custom EDD and Wocommerce shop pages or custom blog pages with the power of one single Elementor Addon. This is till now the most powerful Elementor Addon ever created.

ElementsReady Addons Is build by QuomodoSoft and we have 7000+ WordPress Themes & plugins Users from different parts of the world.

you can explore all the features and get experience of ElementsReady website.




  • Mega Menu Builder.
  • Header Builder.
  • Footer Builder.
  • Unlimited Icons & Sets.
  • Pre-designed Header & Footer Templates.
  • Unsplash Media Upload ( FREE )
  • Free and Premium elements.
  • 800+ Ready Sections.
  • 100+ Widgets.
  • 20+ Ready to used Templates ( 2 free tempaltes).
  • WooCommerce Widgets.
  • Sticky Section.
  • Dismissable Section ( new ).
  • Shape Divider( Hot )
  • Text Stroke( new )
  • column Ordering
  • column Content Alignment
  • Widgets Overlay
  • Widgets Overflow Option
  • Widgets Ordering.
  • Widgets Tooltip.
  • Widgets Effects.
  • Widgets Transform.
  • Section Isolation for Indexing
  • Template Library.
  • Blog Builder (Pro)
  • Column Wrapper Link (Pro)
  • Custom Column Gap
  • On demand assets loading.
  • Easy Digital Download Widgets.
  • Elementor Gallery Pack. Filterable, Masonry, Grid.
  • Unlimited Color and Typography options.
  • Cross Browser Compatible.
  • Fully Responsive.
  • Expert Support Team.
  • Build with Elementor.
  • Fully Customizable every element.
  • Every element Enable / Disable options panel.
  • Light weight, fast, and easy to use.
  • On Request Feature.
  • Upcoming More…

ElementsReady Widget List


ElementsReady Template Library has 800+ premade templates and sections to boost your workflow.


Every widget of ElementsReady sets off unlimited design possibilities. We bring in the most user-friendly and extensive styling options to offer users full power within Elementor


ElementsReady has out of the box blog and e-commerce building widgets. Combining these functionalities you can customly style every portion of your website without installing a new plugin every-time.


ElementsReady has a detailed documentation and active Youtube channel with example videos. Our support team is always ready to help you out with every problem and situation. You can ask questions in the support forum or contact us directly through a support ticket.


ElementsReady Addons intelligently filters out the unnecessary files and code with advanced modular system. It optimizes your page load speed to the best.


ElementsReady comes with 18+ complete templates designed for various niches and categories. These are professionally designed Landing pages that can be used by anyone who is creating their own website with Elementor. These templates are designed to simplify your workflow so that you do not have to start from scratch. Each of these templates has been carefully crafted to provide the best possible look and feel. These templates’ sections, headers, footers, and content can all be easily customized using Elementor. Making it the best way to begin building your own customized website. Every Landing Page is fully responsive to any screen size or device. The best part is that any of these Templates can be easily imported with a single click. These are the best Elementor resources on the market.

1.Elementor Agency Template 1:

2.Elementor Agency Template 2:

3.Elementor Personal Porfolio Template 1:

4.Elementor Personal Porfolio Template 2:

5.Elementor Jupi Landing Template :

6.Elementor Wocommerce Shop Template:

7.Elementor Charity Landing Template:

8.Elementor Product Landing Template:

9.Elementor Hosting Landing Template 1:

10.Elementor Hosting Landing Template 2:

11.Elementor Architecture Landing Template:

12.Elementor Marketing Landing Template:

13.Elementor Digital Landing Template:

14.Elementor Delivery Landing Template:

15.Elementor SaaS Landing Template 2:

16.Elementor Growth Landing Template :

17.Elementor SEO Agency Template:

18.Elementor Medical Service Landing Template:

19.Elementor Profund Landing Template:

20.Elementor Real Estate Landing Template:

21.Elementor Restaurant Landing Template:

And adding more every month.


ElementsReady Lite has most of the required widgets and modules to build amazing websites. The free Elementor widgets are no less powerful than the premium ones. They offer the same flexibility and performance as the premium ones. You get a template library full of stylish blocks and sections to play with.

1. Elementor Advanced Accordion Widget

Advanced Accordion: – The ElementsReady Elementor Advanced Accordion Widget displays your content (text, icons, images, videos, or products) in a foldable and concise manner. This widget helps Elementor users avoid overlong page sizes and preserve an intuitive user experience. The best use case for this Elementor Addon might be creating the FAQ section on your website. Keeping that in mind, the Elementor Advanced Accordion Addon offers you the flexibility to set options like Accordion templates,advanced accordion elementor,elementor accordion first closed,elementor accordion first closed, advanced tabs, elementor faq schema, faq elementor, elementor accordion toggle, elementor accordion collapse all, advanced accordion wordpress, Accordion Header Background, Accordion Content Background, Accordion Header Icon, Accordion Toggle Icon, Accordion Border Colors, and so much more. It saves your FAQ sections from looking unpaired like most others. Also, like all the other widgets in the Elementor Addons Pack, this widget makes your job effortless to design pixel-perfect and responsive pages. Be sure to check out the Demos

2. Elementor Animate Headline Widget

Animate Headline: – Animate headlines are as old as the Internet, but there’s never been an easy way to create them for yourself, until now. Our Animate Headlines Widget opens up a world of possibilities for anyone using Elementor to create attractive animation,animate headline, animated headline elementor, animated headline jquery, animated headline wordpress plugin, animated headline elementor free, animated headline js, elementor text animation, animated headline codepen, animated heading css, animated headline wordpress, animated headline plugin, elementor animated headline styling, elementor animated headline line break, elementor animated headline speed, elementor animated text without dealing with any complicated css. The ElementsReady team takes care of that by providing you with multiple animation presets ranging from simple text gradients to fancy text clipping animations. However, it keeps it simple enough for any novice to maximize their potential. And don’t worry about flexibility; options from font size to animated text colors are all available within the Elementor interface. Last but not least, this is available in our free version. Feel free to visit the link and check out the demos built with the Elementor Animate Headlines Addon – Demos

3. Elementor Area Title Widget

Area Title: – Need to create a section title with heading, subheading, or even a description? Using separate headings can achieve the intention. But it makes it difficult to reuse the overall title somewhere else on the page. The convenient solution to this problem is the Elementor Area Title Addon. It contains all the three different elements within one single widget and still offers the ability to style them independently without any difficulties. This makes the job a whole lot easier. Not just that, to make this widget a bit more worthwhile, it has out of the box features to add Background Text and Heading Icons to the title. This is impossible to do without writing complex CSS code by yourself for elementor title over image, elementor title, elementor title with icon, elementor title animation area title. These features make the Elementor Area Title Addon a one-of-a-kind and useful addon to include in your Elementor Addons Pack. Check the demos created with Elementor Area Title Addon – Demos

4.Elementor Service Box Widget

Service Box: – The Elementor Service Box Addon represents your services, features, or products in an eye-catching manner to the users by displaying an icon, heading, and brief description of the subject matter. This is an excellent tool for influencing your users towards assurance and conversion. Regarding the importance of the Elementor Service Box Addon to any website, we offer over 25+ prebuilt layouts that suit almost every website and style. With all these high-quality resources at your disposal, you don’t need to style anything from scratch. Moreover, everything from the Service Box Icon to the elementor flip box example, icon box elementor, elementor info box, elementor service box, elementor icon box, Service Box Border is fully customizable from the Elementor interface. And a variety of animations and effects add the final magic to attract your users. Apart from this, you are free to build any unique service box with our extensive controls with the least effort. Check out the demos built with Elementor Service Box Addon – Demos

5. Elementor Copyright Text Widget

Copyright Text: – Authorizing your copyright text protects your website’s content against unauthorized usage. This acknowledges your ownership of the content. It also places limitations on how others can use the content without your consent. A straightforward yet effective Elementor Add-ons to complete this task is ElementsReady Copyright Text Addon. Even while it’s not a particularly challenging work, this plugin offers benefits of its own. It is a functional addon that automatically inserts and refreshes the copyright year , copyright symbol, wordpress copyright widget, dynamic copyright year html, wordpress copyright footer code, wordpress copyright footer code and offers some more stylistic options. View the demos for the Elementor Copyright Text Addon – Demos

6. Elementor Countdown Lite Widget

Countdown Lite: – The Elementor Countdown Lite Addon is a versatile countdown timer, practical for displaying Launch Dates, Sale Endings, Offer Endings, Closed or Opened Schedules, and more. The word “versatile” fits this Elementor plugin like butter. As such countdowns are very commonly used these days, the Elementor Countdown Lite Widget offers tons of animations, prebuilt layouts, elementor countdown, elementor countdown timer, elementor countdown timer free, elementor countdown dynamic, countdown elementor pro, elementor evergreen countdown, countdown timer ultimate, elementor countdown icon and awesome flexibility to build countdown timers that are above the competition. This also saves you time by not needing to start everything from scratch. The Elementor Countdown Lite Addon is highly optimized to keep your website’s load time faster than other Addons on the market. Visit our Elementor Countdown Lite addon – Demos

7. Elementor Counter Widget

Counter: – Achievements are what anyone values in their career or lifetime. The ElementsReady Ultimate Elementor Counter Addon will undoubtedly assist you in showcasing your accomplishments and projects by providing interactive counting functionality. This Elementor plugin provides you with dozens of variations that include absolute functions and designs that are ready to decorate all of your achievements. If that isn’t enough, there are more templates to choose from in the ElementsReady Addon Template Library. Furthermore, the widget controls are far more extensive than those of any other Elementor Counter Addon, elementor counter align left, elementor counter circle, elementor-counter-number-wrapper, elementor counter dynamic, elementor visitor counter, elementor hit counter, counter widget code, free number counter widget, number counter widget for website, wordpress increment counter on the market. This gives you the ability to create any style or design within the Elementor Interface. Don’t forget to check out our ElementsReady Elementor Counter Addon. Demos

8. Elementor Dual Text Widget

Dual Text: – Multicolor color headings are always highly stylish and quite eyecatching. But they were never easy to create until you found the ElementsReady. The Elementor Daul Text Addon lets you create next-level headings simply by dividing the heading into two different parts. This allows you to style two different parts of the heading independently. So you can easily play with different combinations of colors, fonts, sizes, backgrounds, dual color heading elementor, elementor different color text, animated text elementor plugin, elementor text effects, elementor dual color text, elementor text animation, elementor text hover effects and borders to find what matches your style. We have already added dozens of styles for you to choose from. Compared to any other Elementor Dual Text Addon on the market, ElementsReady Elementor Dual Text Addon lets you style more with the least effort. Be sure to check out the Elementor Dual Text Addon Demos

9. Elementor Caldera Form Widget

Caldera Form: – The Elementor Caldera Forms Addon makes it simple to integrate your Caldera Contact Form into any Elementor page. However, styling Caldera Forms has never been an easy task because it requires complex CSS to be written by hand. This is the issue that the ElementsReady Team addressed when developing the Elementor Caldera Forms Addon. You can easily control the grid and columns and style the form ,elementor gravity forms, elementor gravity forms styler, elementor ninja forms, elementor pro gravity forms, elementor popup gravity forms, gravity forms elementor plugin, gravity forms elementor styling, caldera forms alternative, caldera forms email settings, gravity forms smtp settings with the power of Elementor by using the Elementor Caldera Forms Addon. If that’s still too difficult, you can choose from our extensive library of pre-designed templates in the ElementsReady Template Library. Even for a novice, this makes the job a piece of cake. Don’t pass these up on these mind-blowing Elementor features and check out the Elementor Caldera Forms Addon Demos

10. Elementor Contact Form 7 Widget

Contact Form 7: – Contact Form 7 is without a doubt the most well-known and dependable contact form plugin on the market. In terms of features and performance, the ElementsReady extend your experience with out-of-the-box features in the Elementor Contact Form 7 Addon. The Elementor Contact Form 7 Addon allows you to quickly and easily embed contact forms anywhere on your Elementor Website. This widget displays every contact form on your website, allowing you to simply select which one to embed. But that isn’t all. The Elementor Contact Form 7 elementor contact form 7 styler, contact form 7 styling examples, elementor contact phone number, contact form 7 change email address, elementor form, contact form 7 placeholder, contact form 7 html code, contact form 7 layout builder, contact form 7 design plugin, contact form 7 full width Addon allows you to control the grids, columns, and style every pixel of the form, making it easier than ever before. This free Elementor Addon is a must-have for every website using Contact Form 7 and Elementor Page Builder. In addition to all these features, you also get several pre-designed templates waiting for a single click to be imported. Make sure to check out the Elementor Contact Form 7 Addon Demos

11. Elementor WeForm Widget

WeForm: – Is it too difficult to create an embracing contact form with WeForms, or are you looking for an easier way to integrate WeForms into your Elementor website? All your difficulties are easily solved with the Elementor WeFroms Addon. It gives you several pre-designed beautiful contact forms built by the ElementsReady Team. All these stylish contact forms are ready to fulfill almost any purpose you have. Just go to the ElementsReady Template Library and find the Contact form that serves your purpose best. And now you can easily import the contact form using only a single click. On top of that, elementor weform, elementor forms, elementor form not sending email, elementor form captcha, elementor form submissions, elementor form actions after submit, elementor forms conditional logic, elementor form widget, elementor form email settings, elementor form honeypot, elementor forms conditional logic the Elementor WeForms Addon lets you customize the grids, columns, and remove or add fields within the Elementor Editor Interface, saving you so much time and effort. You don’t even need to install the ElementsReady Plugin to check out the Elementor WeForms Addon demos; just visit the demos – Demos

12. Elementor WP Forms Widget

WP Forms: – The WP Form plugin is sure to be one of the most popular and secure contact form solutions in the WordPress community. And as well, the community is growing every day. If your website uses both WP Forms and Elementor, the Elementor WP Forms Addon will be your best friend. Why? It makes your job a whole lot easier to attach a WP form, elementor wpforms, wpforms elementor css, wpforms elementor style, edit wpforms elementor, wpforms lite, wpforms lifetime, ea wpforms anywhere on your website. Just drag and drop the Elementor Wp Forms Addon and select the contact form you want to use; your job is done, easy as that. But that’s not all. You also get tons of free pre-designed stylish contact forms in the ElementsReady Template Library waiting for you to import with just a single click. Nevertheless, the Elementor WP Forms Addon lets you the whole form within the Elementor Page Builder. Feel free to check out the Elementor WP Forms Addon contact form – Demos

13. Elementor Info Box Widget

Info Box: – The Elementor Info Box Addon is another useful Elementor elements that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is ideal for displaying contact information or other personal information. This Elementor plugin’s numerous stylistic options allow designers to push the boundaries of design. You can make vertical lists, horizontal lists, boxes, canvas styles, and much more. Text colors, fonts, backgrounds, box shadows, borders, hover effects, label styles, icon styles, and everything else can be easily changed using the elementor info box carousel, elementor message box, elementor flip box example,info box,icon box icon ,elementor icon box,icon list Elementor. The ElementsReady team has already created a large number of demos and layouts you can use. Checkout the Elementor Info Box – Demos

14. Elementor Info Text Box Widget

Info Text Box: – Need to display title, description, or other content in a convenient box? Elementor Info Text Box Addon is ready to display your content in a beautiful way. It has more styling options than you could ever need. The Elementor Info Text Box Addon raises the design bar with eye-catching hover animations and beautiful prebuilt designs, making your task as simple as pie. This plugin is extremely flexible, as paddings, margins, borders, backgrounds, colors, fonts, shadows, button styles, and anything else can be easily modified within elementor text input field, elementor scrolling text box, elementor expand text, elementor text editor styling not working, elementor text editor vertical align, elementor image beside text, elementor text editor line break Elementor. The demos with the Elementor Info Text Box Addon are worth watching; check out the Demos

15. Elementor ER Mailchimp Widget

ER Mailchimp: – The Elementor ER Mailchimp Addon is an addition for integrating the most popular email marketing plugin Mailchimp in your Elementor Website. The Elementor ER Mailchimp Addon adds more robust features for optimizing your email marketing campaign by building eye catching email optin forms that captivate your visitors to become subscribers. You can directly place the Mailchimp Optin Form, add tags, icons, slogans anywhere in your Elementor Website. This unless the Elementor ER Mailchimp Addon is not possible with any other third-party add-ons on the market. As ElementsReady is the only one providing such out of the box features within the free version. And, if it’s challenging to create such converting Mailchimp email optin forms, check out the professionally designed stylish Mailchimp Email Optin Froms, Effective elementor email campaign, Mailchimp wordpress plugin, Mailchimp elementor free, Mailchimp api, Elementor Mailchimp Form, Best free Mailchimp integration tool, Mailchimp Elementor widget, Mailchimp subscription widget, MailChimp Subscribe widget created by the ElementsReady Team. All of the demos are suitable for almost any website and style. Check out the Elementor ER Mailchimp Addon Demos

16. Elementor ER Navigation Widget

ER Navigation: – The Elementor ER Navigation Addon is a multipurpose navigation addon that is great for creating different types of vertical navigations in your Elementor website. The highlight of this Elementor Navigation Addon is the availability of multiple unique and stylish presets. This plugin becomes a time-saving champion for you. The styles are ideal for footers, sidebars,elementor mobile menu, elementor responsive menu, elementor hamburger menu, elementor navbar, elementor site menu, elementor menu styler, elementor nav menu toggle button, elementor nav menu sticky, elementor nav menu 2 columns, elementor nav menu submenu, elementor drop down menu, elementor add button to menu, elementor add icons to menu, elementor menu anchor sections. There is still a significant amount of features and options to create any awesome navigation in your Elementor website. Backgrounds, sizes, colors, fonts, shadows, borders, hover effects, and other elements are all easily customizable in the Elementor. Checkout the demos made with the Elementor ER Navigation Addon –Demos

17. Elementor Offcanvas Widget

Offcanvas: – If you struggle to create offcanvas menus in WordPress, the Elementor Offcanvas Addon is a life saver for you. The Elementor Offcanvas Addon streamlines the process by displaying only the toggle button and utilizing Elementor Templates for offcanvas content. Even inexperienced users can create stylish and unique offcanvas sidebars thanks to this. Individual styles, such as the toggle background, toggle icon, toggle size, offcanvas container size, padding, margin, height, and width, are all easily adjustable with elementor off canvas menu codepen, off-canvas menu css, elementor off-canvas menu free, off-canvas menu astra, off-canvas menu bootstrap 5, off-canvas menu wordpress. Your next navigation menu will be more functional and responsive for small screens devices. Checkout of some of the awesome offcanvas menu Demos created by ElementsReady Team.

18. Elementor Popup Widget

Popup: – The ElementsReady Elementor Pop Addon is a stand-alone Addon for creating any form of interactive popup. This Addon’s overall concept is very simple: just choose your Elementor Template and add your toggle button or text. After that, with each click, the popup opens and displays the content of your Elementor Template. This Elementer Addon’s simplicity and flexibility take you one step closer to developing an engaging website and user experience. And, like all the other Addons in the ElementsReady Pack, elementor popup on button click, elementor popup template, elementor popup shortcode, elementor popup width, free elementor popup templates, elementor popup on image click, elementor popup settings, popup customization, elementor popup width, Elementor Popup Addon gives you complete control over colors, fonts, backgrounds, borders, container sizes, pop effects, and everything else needed to customize and match the style of your website. Check out the fantastic Demos

19. Elementor Search Popup Widget

Search Popup: The ElementsReady Elementor Search Popup Addon is a smooth-sliding offcanvas search bar that provides a unique interactive user experience. There are also many effects included in this Elementor Search Popup Addon that are not found in any other Elementor Search Addon on the market. It is an excellent choice in the case of a densely packed header with no room for a search bar. In addition, by combining other plugin in the ElementsReady Pack, an interactive header can be created within minutes. If you need an off-canvas search bar ,elementor search filter, elementor search icon, elementor search query, search bar elementor free, expanding search bar elementor for any reason, this Search Popup Addon is a good choice. Furthermore, all of the styles of the search toggler and offcanvas search bar are fully customizable without any code. Check out the awesomeDemos

20. Elementor ER Login Widget

ER Login:– Login is a critical component for any website that deals with authorized content or subscriptions. The tedious task of creating a Login form, my account login, elementor login and register, elementor social login, elementor free login page, elementor login logout button, elementor login redirect, user login , signup form, register form, and its functionality from scratch is eliminated by the Elementor Login Addon. The ready-to-use form layouts and functionalities saves a significant amount of time and effort when completing the task. The Elementor ER Login Addon’s security measures are also kept high to protect your content from unauthorized users and attacks. This allows you to concentrate on creating a stunning and appealing login form using the power of Elementor. If that’s still too much, you can select from our pre-designed layouts created by the ElementsReady Team. Checkout the Demos. This useful Elementor Widget should have a place in your Elementor Website.

21. Elementor Register Widget

Register: – If you are running an authorization or subscription based website you will need to register new users with registration form. This is where Elementor Register Widget helps you with predesigned register form layout and full functionality. The only job left for you is to design and customize the layouts, colors according to your website’s style. Each and every style of the register form,elementor register widget, elementor register form, elementor register widget type, elementor register controls, elementor register, elementor register custom widget, elementor register_skins, elementor register location, elementor login register form, elementor login register popup form is fully customizable from the Elementor interface. Just as input fields, borders, backgrounds, colors, fonts, paddings, margins, rows and columns are adjustable without a single line of code. The simplicity and convenience by this Add-ons will make your job a whole lot easier. Checkout the Demos.

22. Elementor Portfolio Widget

Portfolio: – Your Portfolio’s are significant to influence your customers towards your services. Displaying them in a organized and aesthetic manner will set you off towards getting more customer reliance and orders. This is what the elementor portfolio gallery, elementor portfolio free, elementor portfolio examples, elementor portfolio filter, elementor pro portfolio, elementor portfolio section, elementor portfolio filter bar order, stock portfolio & widget, Elementor Portfolio Addon makes easy for you. With lots of pre-designed layouts and styles there is no change to fall short of possibilities. Even without using the prebuilt layouts, the highly customizable rows and columns can create any gallery or portfolio of your choice. And combining them with the most exclusive hover effects takes your Portfolio’s to the next level. Make your Portfolios stand out from other with ElementsReady Elementor Portfolio Addon. Check out the amazing ready to use Portfolios created with Elementor Portfolio Addon – Demos.

23. Elementor Post Grid Widget

Post Grid: – The Elementor Post Grid Addon, as the name suggests, displays your blog posts. This plugin is designed to display the content in a clean and organized manner. Presets for any purpose are already available, ranging from multi columns to masonry layouts. The grid and masonry layouts are still fantastic for any website. If that doesn’t work for you, the extensive styling options allow you to create anything you can imagine. ElementsReady provides far more styling options than any other elementor media grid, elementor recent posts slider, elementor post slider, elementor filtrable grid, elementor portfolio grid, elementor logo grid, elementor recent posts widget, elementor portfolio gallery, elementor post carousel, elementor image gallery, elementor fitrows grid, elementor photo grid, elementor gallery grid, elementor grid post, elementor grid maker, elementor list style, elementor post slider or carousel, elementor photo gallery, elementor masonry grid, Elementor post grid Addon on the market. The ElementsReady Elementor Post Grid Addon allows you to fully customize elements such as thumbnail, author, date, title, excerpt, borders, sizes, and much more without a hassle. Check out the fantastic– Demos.

24. Elementor Price Table Widget

Price Table: – The Elementor Price Table Addon makes it simple to create professional-quality pricing tables with Elementor. Like any other Addon in ElementsReady, there are numerous presets to choose from. One of the best things about the Elementor Price Table Addon is that it allows you to style different parts independently, such as headers, ribbons, features, footers, pricing, and descriptions, giving you the freedom to create your own unique Elementor pricing table toggle, elementor pricing plan, elementor pricing grid, elementor pricing tables, elementor price comparison table, elementor pricing table builder, elementor toggle price plan, custom pricing table, sales pricing plan, price plan, pricing table designs. You can easily change the ribbon color, features icon, or hover effect within the Elementor interface. The Elementor Price Table Addon also has a pre-responsive design. This means that your pricing tables will look great on any device with the least effort. You can check out the Elementor Pricing Table Addon – Demos.

25. Elementor Progress Roadmap Widget

Progress Roadmap: – Elementor Progress RoadMap Addon is a part of that. It easily lets you create animated progress bar, elementor progress bar line, elementor flexbox, elementor circle progress bar, elementor vertical progress bar (Pro), progress roadmaps of different styles which have been one of the most difficult elements to create in wordpress due to it’s limitations. Now, you can showcase or your companies progress in a better format. This Add-on will surely add more value to your work. And like ever before, there tons of designs available in the Addon Packs Template Library. Or Check them out in our website – Demos.

26. Elementor Scroll Top/Bottom Widget

Scroll Top/Bottom: – A time saving Elementor plugin that navigates you from top to bottom or bottom to top with just a single click. This is an essential feature for any content heavy website to improve it’s overall user experience. The Elementor Scroll Top/Bottom Addon lets you easily integrate and customize buttons,elementor scroll to section, scrolling effect elementor, elementor scrolling banner, elementor scroll to section offset, elementor scrolling effect scale, elementor scrolling text box, scroll-snap elementor css button with just drag & drop. The scroll buttons are fully customizable to any extends within the Elementor Interface. This Addon supports both scroll to top and scroll to bottom. To make your life a bit easier, the ElementsReady Team has pre-designed demos that you can use for your website. Check out the Elementor Scroll Top/Bottom Addon – Demos.

27. Elementor Form Shortcode Widget

Form Shortcode: – Short codes are universal throught WordPress and there is no way you can avoid them. Elementor Form Shortcode Addon not only provides you a shortcode solution but also adds plenty of styling options to your boring WordPress forms. Any of your form inputs, titles and buttons can be easily styled with Elementor using the elementor shortcode example, elementor shortcodes list, elementor form email settings, center shortcode elementor, elementor form actions after submit, Elementor Form Shortcode Addon. And like any other Elementor elements in ElementsReady, the styling options will amaze you for sure. This is more convenient than writing complex css code by hand, saving you a heap of time and effort. The Elementor Form Shortcode widget is something to have in your Elementor Add-ons. Checkout the Elementor Form Shortcode Addon – Demos.

28. Elementor Social Buttons Widget

Social Buttons: – Social Media becomes one of the most important parts of the modern web industry. Showing who we are and what we do is the best strategy to gain credibility and assurance from visitors. The Elementor Social Button Addon,social share Facebook, social share Linkedin, social share Twitter, social share Email, social share Reddit, social share Skype, social share Tumblr, social share Pinterest, social share Digg, social share Stumble upon, social share Vkontakte, social share Odnoklassniki, social share Pocket, social share Xing, elementor whatsapp sharing, social share Telegram, social share Delicious, social share Print is a simple way to beautifully insert and display your social links into your Elementor pages. The immense styling freedom provided by Elementor Social Buttons let’s you customize any of the icons, colors, fonts, backgrounds, sizes, shadows, hover effects to achieve the style you desire. As a matter of fact, the Elementor Social Buttons Addon has a large range of pre built designs added in the ElementsReady Template Libraray. You are FREE to use them without any cost. And also checkout some of the – Demos.

29. Elementor Data Table Widget

Data Table: – The Elementor Data Table Addon is a robust solution for creating complex data tables in wordpress. Unlike any other third party plugin or addon, it let’s you directly create data tables in Elementor from the frontend. Thinking to create a Data Table in wordpress would often scare Intermediate users as well; but not anymore, with Elementor Data Table Addon you will be creating data tables with the of ease of Elementor. Forget about the old shortcode methods and all the complex css code required to achieve your intended table style. Everything about your data tables are made simple and painless with Elementor Data Table Addon. Styling the rows, columns and contents will be effortless like any other elementor data table, elementor advanced data table, elementor pricing table. In fact to make this more easier there are lots of premade table styles available in the ElementsReady Template Library which are still available in the free version. Check out the Demos.

30. Elementor ER Team Widget

ER Team: – The Elementor ER Team Addon is Ideal for displaying all of your team members in a beautiful carousel with their personal information. This Elementor elements includes a variety of features and styles such as carousel controls, carousel dots, member styles, hover effects, item controls, and much more. With controls over member names, thumbnails, designations, social links, borders, backgrounds, fonts, colors, effects, and many more, you can create the perfect style. There are also numerous presets available to make your life easier. Simply open the ElementsReady Template Library and select the Elementor Teams style that meets your requirements. This saves you a lot of time because you won’t have to build everything from scratch. Pre-responsive design is another noteworthy feature of the Elementor Team Addon. Which makes your Team sections looks perfect in every screen with least amount of effort. Check out the Elementor Team Addon Demos to see the care and effort we put into our work.

31. Elementor ER Testimonial Widget

ER Testimonial: – Showcasing ratings and feedback from previous clients increases potential of new visitors to interact with your business. Turning visitors into customers requires a lot of credibility and assurance on which your customer reviews are highly important. The Elementor ER Testimonial Addon is truly a versatile choice for this job. Depending on your needs, you can choose use any format of the testimonial elementor testimonial star, elementor slideshow, elementor testimonials rating, elementor customers reviews, product, clients, quotes, elementor company logo,social proof, feedback, case studies available in the ElementsReady Template Library. If it’s not perfectly fit, the out of the box styling option lets you create any style without a single line of code. The Elementor ER Testimonial Widget and all it’s pre-designed demos are already responsive on every screen size. Checkout the professional layouts created by ElementsReady Team Demos

32. Elementor Video Widget

Video: – Videos are currently the most engaging content on the web. Visitors prefer to watch videos before reading visual content. The Elementor Video Addon is a quick and easy way to incorporate videos into your Elementor website. Elementor Video Addon has some great features for controlling the behavior of videos. They move you one step closer to capturing your visitors’ attention. With the ElementsReady Elementor Video Addon,elementor video background, video widget, elementor self hosted video, elementor video playlist, wordpress video widget you can also access some pre-built layouts for making your task easier. Check out the ElementsReady Team’s Demos

33. Elementor Header Module

Header: –Bored with your default header that doesn’t give you much styling options or flexibility? Then you are at the right place, the Header Builder module let’s you easily create custom Headers with Elementor and any of it’s widget. This is nothing different than building any section with Elementor. You are free to use the full power of Elementor and any widget to take your Header styles a level up. Still, the ElementsReady has some committed Addons for builder headers of any choice. Such as Elementor Menu Addon or Elementor Round Menu Addon for navigation,elementor header templates free download, elementor pro header templates download, elementor pro header, elementor responsive header, Elementor Offcanvas for offcanvs sidebar and Elementor Mobile Menu Addon for mobile navigation. Combining all of these robust Addons together makes your Header fantasies alive. ElementsReady is a specialist for your custom Headers. But the best feature comes with built in mega menus that let’s you create custom Mega Menus without installing any other external Addon. Check out the ElementsReady Custom header Demos

34. Elementor Footer Module

Footer: – Footers are as important as Headers to match the overall style of a website in a peerless mint. But with wordpress themes, there was always a limitation of choice and flexibility. ElementsReady addresses these problems with custom Header and Footer Builder Module. These Elementor Modules make the job very easy creating any type of Header or Footer design that is not limited any extends. You are open to create Headers and Footers like simple sections in Elementor Websites. Any widgets or styling options are valid to use for creating these custom headers and footers,elementor responsive footer, elementor footer templates free download, elementor pro footer templates download, elementor pro footer. These can added globally to all pages of the website or specifically to each page of your choice. No other Elemetor Addon is giving near functionalities on the cost of nothing. Yes, all these robust features are completely free without any cost. Check out the custom footers built with ElementsReady Footer Module Demos

35. Elementor Mega Menu Module

Mega Menu: – When the number of items or subitems in your navigation grows, Mega Menu becomes essential. There could be many reasons for this, such as adding more categories, products, pages, visual items, or anything else to the navigation. ElementsReady Elementor Mega Menu Module allows you to create any type of mega menu by utilizing Elementor Templates. Simply create a new Elementor template, fill it with content, and use it as the menu items dropdown template. It’s as simple as that. Elementor Mega Menu is far more simple and powerful. You are not limited to menus or sub-menus; any element or content, such as promotional content, images, videos, text, forms, or anything else, can be displayed within the elementor menu plugin, max mega menu, free elementor mega menu, elementor mega menu css, elementor mega menu full width, premium addons for elementor mega menus. You can combine other ElementsReady and create eye-catching mega menus that are impossible with any other free Elementor plugin. There are lot’s of mega menu demos you can use to save your time. Check out the awesome mega menus Demos

36. Elementor EDD Product Grid Widget

EDD Product Grid: – The EDD Product Grid Addon let’s you display your EDD(Easy Digital Downloads) Products in a grid format anywhere in the website. The true benefit of using Elementor EDD Product Grid Addon comes in flexibility and control for fonts, sizes, colors, backgrounds, columns, shadows inside product grids. This flexibility and control is by default not available with EDD Product Grid shortcode which sets you back with an old and clumsy design. Elementor EDD Product Grid Addon is the most easiest way to built customized Product Grids,Elementor EDD product list, Elementor EDD category carousel, Elementor EDD Category Grid, EDD Filterable Products, Elementor EDD product slider, product category slider for elementor, EDD product carousel, Elementor EDD filtrable grid, Elementor EDD category slider. Since there is no need to go through time consuming complex css code. And like any other Addon in the ElementsReady, it has pre designed handy layouts to choose from. These are very handy in saving immense time and effort. Check out the Demos

37. Elementor Weather Widget

Weather: – Weather forecasts are quite common in websites these days, depending on the type of website it can be also essential. Websites based on news, blog, directory are very common to have such weather forecasts. ElementsReady Elementor Weather Addon is completely free and simple to integrate into any Elementor Website. It takes away the complex integration process leaving you to choose the preferred cites you want to display. The styles are not stale too, you can fully customize the content to match any style or website theme. Your websites performance get’s better not needing install any extra plugin. This handy feature is only available in ElementsReady and not others elementor weather widget, weather plugin for website, simple weather plugin, weather effects wordpress plugin, wordpress weather widget free, wp weather, ER weather. Along side these cool features there are lots of pre-designed presets that will make your job easier. All the presets are fully styled and ready to use. Check out the cool demos built with Elementor Weather Addon – Demos

38. Elementor Checkout Order Details Widget

Checkout Order Details: – The Elementor Checkout Order Details Wocommerce Addon assists you in creating custom Thank you pages for your customers. A beautiful and personalized Thank you page gives your customers a great reason to return. The Elementor Checkout Order Details displays the order details automatically, allowing you to focus on designing a beautiful Thank you page. Depending on your requirements, you can do a lot more with customize woocommerce checkout page, elementor cart page, woocommerce checkout page template plugin, edit woocommerce checkout shortcode, elementor purchase summary, woocommerce one page checkout elementor, elementor multi step checkout, Elementor Checkout Order Details Addon. However, this Elementor elements will undoubtedly come in handy in certain situations. You can learn more by viewing the demos created with the Elementor Checkout Order Details Addon. Demos

39. Elementor Woo Free Download Widget

Woo Free Download: – Woo Free Download is the simpliest way to offer free downloads on your WooCommerce store. ElementsReady allows users to download your free products by just clicking on a button. This completely eliminates the process of going through cart and checkout in order to download a product. It is a significant feature for stores selling courses, woo products widgets for elementor, woocommerce page builder for elementor, shopready pro free download, woocommerce elementor add-ons free, documentations, audios, apps, plugins, or any other digital products. With the freedom to display download buttons anywhere in the website it’s easier to grab user attention and distribute products more effectively. It’s even more easier with Woo Free Download Addons beautiful presets and animations ready to insert in your Elementor Website. This is a must have Elementor plugin to woocommerce stores selling digital products. Feel free to check out the Woo Free Download Addon – Demos

40. Elementor Woo Cart Coupon Widget

Woo Cart Coupon: – Add extended smart WooCommerce coupons features with Elementor Cart Coupon Addon. It’s the free WooCommerce Elementor coupon Addon that makes your WooCommerce coupons better. Every store owner deserves to have the best coupon features on their WooCommerce store. It’s the key to marketing your store better. That’s why ElementsReady built this free WooCommerce coupon Addon so you can get features like url coupons, cart conditions, woocommerce coupon code generator, woocommerce coupon for specific product, elementor cart widget coupon role restrictions, store credit, and more totally free.

Premium widgets

41. Elementor Business Hours Widget PRO

Business Hours: – Business Hours also known as ( Opened and Closed hours ) are important for busy offices and companies to deliver top-notch services to their customers. As it helps most customers to get a clear idea about when to visit or ask for any service from the business. If you are building a website for such a business ElementsReady Elementor Business Hours Addons schedules the business hours in a formal table that is appropriate for the purpose. The table and its content is fully customizable within the Elementor Interface to make sure it suits every style and website. There’s also lot’s of presets ready to use in your website or start with. It saves you time not needing to do everything from scratch. Elementor Business Hours, elementor shop hours, elementor closing hours table, woocommerce opening hours, elementor opening hours, elementor opening times (pro) is the handiest Addon for any Agency Website. Feel free to check out the demos built with Elementor Business Hours Addon – Demos

42. Elementor Dual Button Widget PRO

Dual Button: – The Elementor Dual Button Addon let’s you add two stylish Call to Action buttons in one widget. These Call to Action buttons are better in terms of sharing most of the styling options from one place, which makes it more convenient and easier to style them. But these buttons can also be styled independently to make one button different from the other. This Premium plugin offers 20+ presets ready for every kind of design and purpose. There are a lot of cool features to play with just as: colors, backgrounds, fonts, shadows, sizes and bunch of cool hover effects. Comparing to any other Elementor Add-on, the hover effects added in ElementsReady Elementor Dual Button Addon, elementor background animations, elementor button over image, elementor 2d animations, elementor gradient button widget, rounded corners, hover shadow, elementor text animations, background image, icon, elementor transparent button, middle text, middle icon, elementor fixed width button, elementor download button widget are unique and brisk. These cool animated hover effects make your Call to Action buttons standout from your competitors. Check out the fantastic demos created with Elementor Dual Button Addon – Demos

43. Elementor App Download Button Widget PRO

App Download Button: – The Elementor App Download Button is exceptionally created for attracting your users to download Apps or any digital products. This premium addon is full of presets that are just dedicated to this purpose. Every preset is unique from other but offers the same attractive and gorgeous appearance. These eye-cathing Call to Action buttons never miss any visitors attraction. Like any other Addon in the ElementsReady Elementor Addons Pack all of its styles just as: icons, colors, backgrounds, shadows, fonts, sizes, borders are fully customizable within the Elementor. This lets you create any style or design without going through complex css code. Elementor App Download Button Addon makes a big difference for any Sass or App Landing website offering visitors to download digital products. Check out the awesome demos created with Elemetor App Download Addon and upgrade your CTA buttons to the next level – Demos

44. Elementor Circle Countdown Widget PRO

Circle Countdown: – The Elementor Circle Countdown is an interactive time and date counter that serves many purpose with one simple feature. It’s perfect for creating arractive sale openings, sale endings, launch dates, expiry dates or any similar function. The beautiful animated effects and styling options grab more attention to your promotional content or notices. As a premium Addon of the ElementsReady has a lots of high quality presets that much easier and faster to use. You can easily choose one of the beautiful presets and customize any style to meet your websites theme. Each and every style within the elementor circle countdown, elementor circle countdown timer, elementor circle countdown timer free, elementor circle countdown dynamic, circle countdown elementor pro, elementor evergreen circle countdown, circle countdown timer ultimate, elementor circle countdown icon, Elementor Circle Countdown Addon presets are absolutely customizable from Elementor. Just mis-match and change the fonts and colors. Check out the Elementor Circle Countdown Addon – Demos

45. Elementor Circle Counter Widget PRO

Circle Counter: – Circle Counter also called ( Circular Progress Bar ) are common to have in al sorts of website. These are very good for displaying completion of events, announcements, projects, clients, products, achievements or any similar task. The Elementor Circle Counter Addon does this job very well. It has the circular progress, the count number and the count subject for displaying an informative counter section. This gets the job done for most of the websites. But there is a lot more to explore with Elementor Cirlce Counter Addon. It has lots of cool and unique variants such as, Triangle Counter, Rectangle Counter,elementor circle counter align left, elementor counter circle, elementor circle counter dynamic, elementor visitor circle counter, elementor hit circle counter, circle counter widget code, free number circle counter widget, number circle counter widget for website, wordpress increment circle counter, Polygon Counter and even Hexagon Counter. All variants can be used for the similar use cases and even for extra attention. It has pr presets to make things faster and easier for you. Just choose a preset change the color, change the font and change the text; you are ready to go. Make life easier with ElementsReady Elementor Addos Premium. Check out the – Demos

46. Elementor Flip Box Widget PRO

Flip Box: – Flip boxes are something cool to have in your Elementor Websites, flipping the content with animation looks good to every eye. ElementsReady Elementor Flip Box Addon is right choice for making your work and website look more professional. It has lots of different fliping animations and presets ready to make you a specialist with Flip boxes. All the presets are exceptional and unique to beat your competitors without any bother. Still ElementsReady Elementor Flip Box Addon offers more customizablity and control option. You are able to control each and every part just as icons, colors, fonts, texts, hovers, links, backgrounds, sizes, shadows,flipping effects, elementor flip Box Widget, elementor banner widget, animated elementor flipping card, 3d interactive effects, hover box animation, call to action buttons, flip effects all with in Elementor without never needing to write a single line of code. The convenience and flexibility of ElementsReady Elementor Flip Box Addon makes it the best choice of for you. Checkout the awesome demos built with Elementor Flip Box Addon – Demos

47. Elementor Fluent Form Widget PRO

Fluent Form: – ElementsReady Elementor Fluents Forms Addon lets you easily integrate and customize Fluents Froms with your Elementor Website. Fluent Form has a fast growing community in WordPress. But due to the styling complexity and integrating issues, it’s quite hard for many user to work with Fluent Forms. Elementor Fluent Forms Addon solves this problem for even a 7 year old kid. It gives you the freedom to style your forms with the simplicity and power of Elementor. All the extensive styling features with Elementor Fluent Froms Addon lets you accomplish the desired the style and look without never writing a single line of code. Even you can built beautiful forms easier and faster using the presets available with fluent forms, elementor login form, fluent form in wordpress, forms for elementor, fluent forms pro free download, fluent form styling, Elementor Fluent Forms Addon. These presets are exclusively built by the ElementsReady Team to comprehend your work. Dont miss out to check the Elementor Fluent Form Demos

48. Elementor Gravity Form Widget PRO

Gravity Form: – Want to use Gravity Forms but don’t know how to style them ? Well, You found the perfect solution to the problem. Elementor Gravity Forms Addon is the absolute solution to each and every problem surrounding Gravity Forms with Elementor. This Add-on let’s you easily style and integrate Gravity Forms within Elementor. Apart from integrating, styling was a very hard task and least users could do it. But now with Elementor Gravity Froms Addon you can style forms right within Elementor not worrying about complex css code. Or you can do things even faster with prebuilt layouts available with elementor gravity forms shortcode, gravity forms elite, gravity forms features, gravity form styler for elementor, essential addons gravity forms, gravity forms shortcode field values, Elementor Gravity Forms Addon. All the presets are fully customizable so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck with a fixed style. Play with colors, play with fonts, play with columns and your form is ready for production.

49. Elementor Ninja Form PRO

Ninja Form: – The Elementor Ninja Form Addon is for users who want to build Ninja Forms with the full power of Elementor. Ninja forms being a light-weight drag and drop form builder makes it quite popular in the WordPress community. Still it sets barrier for users to create attractive looking forms without knowing complex css code. This problem is solved by using ElementsReady Elementor Ninja Forms Addon. This gives you the power of Elementor to style Ninja Forms like any other regular elementor ninja forms templates, ninja forms elite, ninja forms features, ninja form styler for elementor, ninja forms addons, ninja forms shortcode field values Elementor Widget. All the extensive styling options in the Elementor Ninja Forms Addon sets the freedom to create any design without ever going through a single line of code. To make things even faster you can use high quality pre-built layouts created by the ElementsReady Team to serve your any purpose. You will find the best Ninja Forms experience working with ElementsReady. Check out the Ninja Forms

50. Elementor Gallery Widget PRO

Gallery: – The Elementor Image Carousel Addon is a versatile Gallery Addon with a wide range of features and functionality. This Addon includes a broad range of features and styling options for creating various types of Image galleries. You can use the lightbox pop-up with galleries, or link them to an external page. With the Elementor Gallery Addon, anything is possible. There are also image descriptions, image hover effects, flipping animations, slider controls, slider navigation, and many other useful features. The styling options in elementor gallery templates, elementor gallery slider, elementor gallery free, elementor gallery examples, elementor gallery with links, elementor gallery control, elementor gallery with thumbnails, ElementsReady Elementor Image Gallery Addons are far more powerful than any other Gallery Addon on the market. You can create any design without ever writing a single line of code. There are presets available to help you improve your work. Check out the Elementor Gallery Addon Demos

51. Elementor Icon Listing Widget PRO

Icon Listing: – The Elementor Icons Listing Addon is a simple and versatile addon for creating iconed lists on Elementor Website. Icon lists are quite common and have countless proposes on every website. By default an icon list can only created using multiple widgets which makes it clumsy and hard to manage. Elementor Icon List Addon,elementor icons, elementor icon list alignment, free elementor icons, elementor icon list vertical alignment, elementor bullet list, elementor icon list vertical alignment top, dynamic icon elementor solves the problem by creating a list of icons and texts which is much easier to style and manage. The best part about this plugin is both vertical and horizontal styles . This let’s you create different styles with one single Addon. All its content is fully customizable just as: colors, fonts, backgrounds, spacings, icons, hover effects and many much more. Check out the demos to learn more – Demos

52. Elementor Image Carousel Widget PRO

Image Carousel: – The Elementor Image Carousel Addon is a multipurpose gallery and carousel Addon with lots of features and functionality. This plugin offers lots of features and styling options for creating various types of Image carousels and galleries. You can create image carousels or galleries with lightbox pop or link them to a external page. Everything is possible with Elementor Image Carousel Addon. There are more great features like image description, image hover effects,elementor image carousel, elementor image gallery, elementor logo grid, elementor grid maker, elementor slider carousel, elementor portfolio gallery, elementor photo gallery, elementor image slider, elementor fitrows grid, elementor filtrable grid, elementor gallery grid, elementor photo grid, elementor media grid, elementor masonry grid, flipping animations, slider controls, slider navigation and many more. ElementsReady Elementor Image Carousel Addons styling options are far more powerful than any other Carousel Addon on the Market. You can create any design without ever needing to write a single of code. To give your work a boost there are presets and styles ready to use in your website. This immensely saves your time not needing to style everything from scratch. Check out the awesome demos created with Elementor Image Carousel Addons – Demos

53. Elementor Advance Image Carousel Widget PRO

Advance Image Carousel: – Bored with simple image carousels and everyday effects? Elementor Advanced Image Carousel is the most unique and powerful Image Carousel in the trade. This has the most stunning animations and effects ever created for a Elementor elements. It takes simple image carousels to extra-ordinary with effects like flipping,elementor advance image carousel, elementor logo carousel, elementor advance image gallery, elementor advance logo grid, elementor advance grid maker, elementor content slider, elementor advance slider carousel, elementor advance portfolio gallery, elementor advance photo gallery, elementor advance image slider, elementor template slider, elementor advance fitrows grid, elementor advance filtrable grid, elementor logo slider, elementor advance gallery grid, elementor advance photo grid, elementor advance media grid, elementor advance masonry grid, box rotation, dicing, reverse dicing, fading and more. These effects and styles take your boring carousels to the next level vision. But Advaced Image Carousel in not limited to just carousels you can create galleries and portfolios as well. And as a premium addon from ElementsReady it has rich templates and presets ready for you. Check out the mind-blowing Elementor Advanced Image Carousel – Demos

54. Elementor Image Compare Widget PRO

Image Compare: – Elementor Image Compare Addon lets you compare two images with a draggable slider,image comparison slider, elementor image button, elementor image scroll, elementor before and after slider, elementor random image, js image comparison, before/after image slider online free, elementor tab with image. This draggable slider makes the difference clear as light between to products or versions. The modern way of comparison takes your work and website to a new level. Your potential customer can undoubtedly feel the difference between two products. There are lots of features and styling options for creating the perfect comparison that suits your styles. You can easily change the handle size, handle color, overlay, label color, label background, fonts, spacings within Elementor. You can also create both horizontal and vertical slides as per your wish. And there are lots of rich presets available with this Premium Addon. The influential effect of this plugin is indescribable with words so don’t missout to check the – Demos

55. Elementor ER Maps Widget PRO

ER Maps: – Due to the current limitations of Google Maps, Mapbox is the best free alternative to display maps on your website. Elementor ER Maps simplifies the process of Integraing Mapbox to your Elementor Website. You can choose from 7 different map styles, which are not available in any other Elementor Addon on the Market. These 7 different makes serve different purposes so whatever might be your purpose there is a perfect solution for google map, elementor google map extended, elementor snazzy maps, elementor map not working, elementor google maps api key, open street map elementor, advanced google map, elementor map multiple locations. This robust Add-on lets you add markers and location on your maps. Check out the demos to learn about Elemnetor ER Maps – Demos

56. Elementor Post Grid Widget PRO

Post Grid: – Every website needs a section to display their latest post to visitors. But the way of displaying posts varies from site to site. This is a great fact for post interaction. ElementsReady Elementor Post Grid, elementor magazine layout, elementor news slider, elementor newspaper layout, elementor news grid, elementor page layout, elementor page layout options, elementor page layout settings, elementor page template php, elementor page template let’s you show more posts with least space. It has tons of useful presets for every kind of website and need. You can adjust each and every part of the content just within Elementor for creating eye-catching designs. And moreover, you can control the information to display for blog posts such as: author, date category and excerpt. Easily create informative post sections that display your potential to the visitors. Check out the Elementor Post Grid – Demos

57. Elementor Post Tab Widget PRO

Post Tab: – News and Blog Websites make thousands of posts everyday. Every bit of space needs to used properly to show as many posts as possible. Elemnetor Post is a great option for these situations as it shows your posts in a tab style to save a lot of space. It vertically stacks the posts in every tab of more compression. Elementor Post Tab Addon shows more information acquiring less space. You can use both Elementor Post Tab Addon and Elementor Post Grid Addon to built a highly informative posts section. Unlike other elementor tabs plugin, wordpress post category tabs, elementor advanced tabs link, remote tabs elementor, elementor tabs with icons, elementor sticky post, vertical tabs elementor, elementor tabs with inner section, Post Tab Addons on the market, Elementor Post Tab Addon provides you full control over content styling. You can customize Elementor Post Tab Addon to any extends and styles as per your wish. And it as large number presets for very suitable for every style and website. These presets help you save time and work faster. Check the Elementor Post Tab Addon- Demos

58. Elementor ER Post Slider Widget PRO

ER Post Slider: –The Elementor ER Post Slider is a feature oriented carousel for displaying blog posts on your website. Using similar kind post grids all over the website can make it really boring for visitors. ElementsReady Elementor ER Post Slider Addon has different layouts for easily creating Post Slider, elementor slider, elementor post slider free, elementor dynamic slider, responsive slider for elementor, featured post elementor, elementor section slider variations throughout your website. You can control to display post information such as category, author, excerpt, date and time. Every single part fo the content is fully customizable within Elementor so you don’t have to worry about stale design. This is open to create unique and customized styles without ever writing a single line of code. Additionally, Elementor ER Post Slider Addon is pre-responsive for showing pixel perfect content on every scree size. Helping you to save time and work faster. All the great features of Elementor ER Post Slider Addon makes it the best Post Slider Addon for Elementor. Check out the Elementor ER Post Slider Addon – Demos

59. Elementor News Slider Widget PRO

ER News Slider: –The Elementor ER News Slider is an Addon that automatically takes your websites blog posts, elementor news slider, elementor news slider free, elementor dynamic news slider, responsive news slider for elementor, featured news elementor, elementor news section slider and displays them in a carousel. This is a great alternative to common post grids as it takes less space and displays more content. Elementor ER News lets your filter content through post categories and post tags for showing your preferred posts. You can even exclude post categories and tags that you don’t want to show in the carousel. There are different variations of layout to help find the appropriate one for your purpose. Every single part of the content just as thumbnail, category, author, excerpt is fully customizable within Elementor to create unique and customized styles without ever writing a single line of code. Additionally, Elementor ER Post Slider Addon is pre-responsive for showing pixel perfect content on every device and screen. There are readymade presets that will help you work smoothly and efficiently without needing start everything from scratch. ElementsReady Elementor ER News Slider gives you the next level design experience. Check out the Elementor ER Post Slider Addon – Demos

60. Elementor ER News Card Widget PRO

ER News Card: – Information intensive websites such as News and Blogs make thousands of posts everyday. As blog posts being their only content, they require different styles of posts and sections. Elementor ER News Card Addon is a great option for these situations. It vertically stacks the posts for minimal space requirement and eliminates the repetition of common post styles throughout the website. You can use Elementor ER News Card Addon, Elementor Post Grid Addon,elementor news slider, elementor newspaper layout, elementor news grid, elementor page template, elementor page layout, elementor magazine layout, elementor page layout options, elementor page layout settings, elementor page template php, Elementor Post Tab Addon and Elementor ER Post Slider Addon for effectively creating post style variations. Like every Addon in ElementsReady provides you full control over displayed content and its styles. You can choose to include or exclude any post category or tag that you want to show or not. It also has a large number of presets to help you save time and work faster. Check the Elementor Post Tab Addon – Demos

61. Elementor Portfolio Carousel Widget PRO

Portfolio Carousel: – The Elementor Portfolio Carousel Addon is a feature packed carousel for creating amazing post sliders on your website. It has amazing hover effects and 8 different layouts that will replace your old and boring post grids with new and stylish post carousels. Elementor Portfolio Carousel Addon gives you a great advantage of displaying more content in less space, as well making your website look more professional. You can also use elementor portfolio gallery (pro), elementor portfolio (pro), elementor portfolio (pro) examples, elementor portfolio (pro) filter, elementor pro portfolio, elementor portfolio (pro) section, Elementor Portfolio Carousel Addon alongside your regular post girds as a variation. Elementor Portfolio Carousel Addon lets you filter content by including or excluding post categories and tags. The hover effects and layouts of Elementor Portfolio Carousel are totally unique from any other Elementor plugin on the market. With 8 different layouts you can choose the best one that suits your website’s design. And even you don’t even have to style everything from scratch, the prebuilt demos are ready to give you a helping hand. This will help you to work faster and save time. Check out the Portfolio Carousel Addon – Demos

62. Elementor Post Carousel Widget PRO

Post Carousel: – The Elementor Post Carousel Addon lets you easily display blog posts as a Carousel Slider to your users. You can create beautiful post carousels with Images, Post Titles, Post Excerpts and Read More Buttons. Elementor Post Carousel Addon also gives you the control to filter Posts based on categories, tags, authors and other custom taxonomies. You can choose to show or hide images, excerpts, links and metas as per your requirement. Each and every part of the slides such as the colors, hovers, backgrounds, fonts, texts, spacings, prev buttons, next buttons and slider dots are fully customizable to match your taste and feel. Images, Post Titles, Post Excerpts and Read More Buttons can be individually styled to create any unique design. But when things need to be fast, presets are life savers and Elementor Post Carousel Addon gives you some beautifully designed presets as a helping hand. This is the most powerful Post Carousel Addon for Elementor till now. Check out the Elementor Post Carousel Addon – Demos

63. Elementor Post Group Widget PRO

Post Group: – The Elementor Post Group Addon is a tailored for post publishing websites like Blog and News. It has 2 different styles, one that normally shows every detail of the post and the other one that gives a clean and minimal look showing the details on hover. Both of them have the same unique layout that maximizes the delivery of information. They show every detail of a post just as: image, tag, category, author, date, time and excerpt. You can choose to show or hide images, excerpts, links or metas as per your requirement with elementor filter posts by category, elementor popular posts, elementor post list, elementor archive posts, elementor posts widget filter bar, elementor archive posts query, featured post elementor, elementor posts widget custom skin. This lets you easily create a stunning blog homepage utilizing the layout. The overall settings panel is very user friendly for both type of users, technical or non technical. Elementor Post Group Addon also gives you some pre built templates to work faster and save time. Check the demos built with Elementor Post Group Addon – Demos

64. Elementor Price Tab Widget PRO

Price Tab: – The Elementor Price Tab Widget allows you to create beautiful pricing tabs with a wide range of style and color options. You can create stunning pricing tables to manage your product pricing simply by using the Elementor page builder. It takes a lot of columns and inner sections to achieve the desired style without the Elementor Price tab Addon. You can control the style of each and every part of the information by using this powerful Elementor plugin. Colors, backgrounds, texts, borders, and spacings are all easily customizable within Elementor. Check out the fantastic demos made with the Elementor Price Tab Addon – Demos

65. Elementor Progress Bar Widget PRO

Progress Bar: – The Elementor Progress Bar Addon is an interactive progress bar with a single feature that serves multiple functions. This Elementor Addon is ideal for creating dynamic skill proficiency sections, business statics, and shares, among other things. The eye-catching animated effects and styling options draw attention to your promotional content or notices. As a premium addon of ElementsReady has a large number of high-quality presets that make using ElementsReady Elementor much easier and faster. You can easily select one of the beautiful presets and customize any style to match the theme of your website. Every style in the Elementor Progress Bar Addon presets is completely customizable in Elementor. This Add-on allows even inexperienced designers to style like professionals. All of the hard work has been completed for you. Just mis-match and change the fonts and colors. Check out the Elementor Progress Bar Addon – Demos

66. Elementor Protected Content PRO

Protected Content: – Have you ever wanted to hide any information or content for certain users on your website?. If you have, then ElementsReady Elementor Procteced Content Addon is the fastest solution to the problem. This Elementor Addons lets you hide any content based on a password system. In order to see the content, the user will have to provide the correct password set by you. This makes the content only accessible to users with correct password. Elementor Protected Content Addon displays a password input and a submit button. Both of their styles are fully customizable to match your taste and feel. You don’t even have to an expert to use Elementor Procteced Content Addon. The overall settings panel is very simplistic and minimal, so it doesn’t take over 2 minutes to complete the whole process. Check the demos to see how Elementor Proctected Content works – Demos

67. Elementor Jplayer Audio Podcast Widget PRO

Jplayer Audio Podcast: – Jplayer is a powerful jQuery media player that exceeds the native WordPress player, wordpress podcast plugin, free embeddable podcast player, elementor podcast template, podcast player for elementor, seriously simple podcasting elementor, spotify podcast wordpress plugin, elementor media player, apple podcast wordpress plugin in all aspects. Elementor Ready integrates this powerful media player to your Elementor Website. The Elementor Jplayer Audio Podcast Addon plays a single audio file added through url. Due to its ligh-weight and customizability you can offer a better tailored user experience. You can configure it to auto play the audio when a user loads the website just like a background music. Moreover, you can select custom icons for Volume, Play, Stop and Repeat. The player background, progress color, icon color and audio heading are entirely customizable to create the taste and feel that matches your website. Check out the Elementor Jplayer Audio Podcast Addon – Demos

68. Elementor Jplayer Audio Playlist Widget PRO

Jplayer Audio Playlist: – Elementor Jplayer Audio Playlist Addon is a simple to use audio player with high flexibility and advanced features. It is a very lightweight media player, wordpress audio player, audio player widget, best music player for elementor, elementor music, best free audio player plugin for wordpress, audio player, free audio player for elementor, elementor background video with sound that supports advanced features like shuffle and repeat. You can choose to play a single audio or a playlist by adding multiple audio files. Normally, the audios files will be played in the same sequence they were added. Elementor Jplayer Audio Playlist gives you the power to choose or add custom icons for any audio controls such as volume, play, stop, shuffle and more. You can even change the audio progress color, player background and icon colors. This opens you to create a exclusively tailored media player for your website and users. Check out the Jplayer Audio Playlist Addon – Demos

69. Elementor Code Snippets Widget PRO

Code Snippets: – ElementsReady Code Snippets Addon is a simple and flexible code syntax highlighting Addon for Elementor websites. It displays the code as uneditable and shows a copy button on every hover. Elementor Code Snippets support syntax highlighting for most of the popular programming languages. You can directly add the code through frontend or add an external link to the code using url. The Elementor Code Snippets Addon is very useful for WordPress sites associated with courses, elementor custom code php, elementor code editor, elementor custom code conditions, elementor code highlight, elementor custom code jquery, code snippets plugin css documentation, development, training or math.Elementor Code Snippets Addon contains some advanced features like line numbering, terminal integrating and brace highlighting. These features are totally optional, so its up to your preference. With all the convenience and simplicity offered by ElementsReady Elementor Code Snippets Addon, it is the fastest solution for syntax highlighting in Elementor Websites – Demos

70. Elementor Social Share Widget PRO

Social Share: – Social media is now the most impactful platform on the whole Internet. Providing your visitors a chance to spread enticing content through their social media accounts spreads your appearance on social media faster and without any cost. ElementsReady Elementor Social Share Addon has pre-styled social share buttons for every popular social media platform.
These styles are truly eye-catching to increase the change of sharing your content. These buttons open a popup on the page of their respective platforms letting the user share the content without ever leaving the page. This functionality gives the major advantage of keeping the user on page while sharing the content without any hassle. ElementsReady Elementor Social Share Addon has 20+ fully unique presets to give you a helping handing in work. As well, like every Addon in ElementsReady offers full control over styling within Elementor. Each and every part just of the buttons just as : colors, fonts, spacings, backgrounds, texts, icons, borders and shadows are totally customizable without a single line of code. Checkout demos of the fabulous Elementor Social Share Addon – Demos

71. Elementor ER Tabs Widget PRO

ER Tabs: – Tabs are quite common in almost every website for their functionality of showing more content within less space. ElementsReady Elementor ER Tabs is a fully customizable and featured packed Tab Addon for your Elementor Website. It has 3 different tab menu options for top, left and right. Each of them works seamlessly with any content such as, texts, icons, boxes, heading or Elementor Templates. Elementor ER Tabs Addon supports the advance functionality of nested tabs. This lets you add tabs inside of tabs creating a composite content structure. Coming to the styling part, elementor nested tabs, elementor tabs with images, elementor advanced tabs link, elementor tabs template, elementor tabs demo, elementor advanced tabs free, elementor vertical tabs, ElementsReady Elementor ER Tabs Addon gives you the full control over each and every part of the tab styles. From tab headings to content alignment everything is adjustable within Elementor. It is comparingly on of the best Elementor Tab Addon on the market. Check the demos to see Elementor ER Tabs in action – Demos

72. Elementor Video Popup Button Widget PRO

Video Popup Button: – Have you ever tried to play a video on the click of a button that doesn’t mean to have any relations with the video ? If you have, then ElementsReady Elementor Video Popup Button is the perfect solution to this problem. It displays a completely independent button with the flexibility of styling and customization. And pops up a video lightbox added through the URL. Elementor Video Popup Addon supports both the popular video sources Youtube as well Vimeo. The elementor popup custom close button, video popup on button click html, popup on button click wordpress, trigger elementor popup with javascript, elementor popup on image click, elementor popup size, elementor button hover effects, elementor video popup examples, popup button has some beautiful presets that highlights in every visitor’s eye. It has a unique wave animation effect that reflects the overall design more high-quality and professional. ElementsReady Elementor Video Popup Button is the single Addon with this unique functionality throughout the whole market. Take this unique functional Addon to your disposal and check out the – Demos

73. Elementor ER Sticky Video Widget PRO

ER Sticky Video: – Elementor ER Sticky Video allows you to stick a video when the visitor scrolls away from source. This sticky video wordpress plugin, sticky video player lets your visitor enjoy both the video and the website content in the same time. This simple feature makes a great enhancement in your website’s user experience. But that’s not all, Elementor ER Sticky Video Addon has more to offer. It lets you can control the size of the sticky container, set it’s offset and place it anywhere on the screen. These three major controls let create a fully customized experience for your website and users. Also you have the choice to use both popular video sources Youtube and Vimeo. Most of the popular websites have included this feature, now its time for your website to do this. Check out the Elementor ER Sticky Video Addon – Demos

74. Elementor ER Welcome Slides Widget PRO

ER Welcome Slides: – Elementor ER Welcome Slides is a fast, customizable and functional slider Addon that fits every Elementor Website. It has the ability to create both clean-minimal and highly informative slides. You can add your marketing content with banner images to create beautiful slides and promote them with the slider. The exclusive slider animations are sure to catch any user’s attention. The optimized light-weight structure of this plugin will ensure the fast load speed. Still, the best feature of Elementor ER Welcome Slides is full responsiveness. All of your slides are pixel perfect on every screen size. Check out the all-in-one Elementor slider Addon – Demos

75. Elementor Image Masking Widget PRO

Image Masking: –With Eelementor Image Masking Addon you can transform your old-boring images into creative and fancy ideas without ever leaving your website. It gives you 30+ unique image masks to bring your unique design ideas into life. Still you can also create or upload custom masks of your own. And use this Addon with all the common image formats like svg, png, jpg, jpeg, webp and so on. It gives you essential controls like image size, mask size and mask position within the comfort of your editor. The overall options panel is qutie user-friendly for both beginners and experts. It’s surely one of the best Image Masking Addons for Elementor on the Market. Check out the Elementor Image Masking Addon – Demos

76. Elementor ER Lottie Animation Widget PRO

ER Lottie Animation: –Lottie Animations have a great potential to improve your site’s engagement and user experience. They can perfectly promote your brand’s story and vision without uttering a single word. Elementor ER Lottie Animation Addon flawlessly integrates these powerful animations on your Elementor Website. It gives you the essential features to control animation dimension, duration and loops. But there are two additional features as well: autoplay and payler controls. Enabling autoplay starts to play the animation on pageload and enabling player controls lets your users pause, rewind and stop the animation like a regular audio. This is makes the animation more enjoyable and effective as promotional content. Start using this revolutionary utility on your Elementor Website with Elementor ER Lottie Animation Addon. Check out the Elementor ER Lottie Animation – Demos

77. Elementor QR Code Widget PRO

QR Code: –In the age of smartphones we are always trying to optimize each and every phase of our communication. Recently, the use of QR Code is more preferable than Vcard for sharing personal contact information. If you are looking to integrate this modern feature on your personal or agency website ?. Then ElementsReady Elementor QR Code Addon is the fastest and easiest solution to fulfill your demands. It saves you from installing any extra plugin or service and makes the process very simple. You just add the content from your frontend and it automatically generates the QR Code for you. When scanned it opens your information on the users phone. The overall simplicity of the whole process makes it a great choice for both beginners and experts. Just get the ElementsReady Premium Version from this – Demos

Elementor Blog Builder

ElementsReady is a prominent addon for creating beautiful blog pages, posts, post sliders and post listings. It includes dedicated blog-building widgets to replace every single default element. The ElementsReady blog widgets are fully flexible and versatile for creating blog pages that meet your overall websites design.

The process of creating customized blog pages are simplified through visually editable Elementor widgets. Creating custom blog pages and blog posts is easier and redundant of writing complex css code. Even you don’t need to have expertise in Elementor, tons of blog templates and layouts are available in the template library to work with. This saves you lots of time and effort building everything from scratch.

The blog building widgets in ElementsReady are pixel perfect and responsive to work fluently on every device. It consists a mixture of flexible grid layouts that are easily adjustable inside Elementor. These layouts are picture-perfect on every device and screen size.

All the blog building widgets are enlisted below:

78. Elementor ER Blog Search Widget PRO

ER Blog Search: – The Elementor ER Blog Search Addon is a powerful and customizable blog search bar for your website. Most themes have limited styling options for blog pages, which creates a limitation for the overall website design. ElementsReady breaks this limitation by letting you create custom blog pages that are more attractive and match your websites overall design. As part of the whole blog builder, the Elementor Blog Search Addon helps you create a cutomized search bar for your new blog page. But it is not limited to that. You can add this blog search bar anywhere in your website to help your visitors find exactly what they need. You can add it on the footer, header, home page or anywhere you want, still it will works perfectly. Elementor Blog Search Addon has three different styles and all of its content search input, search bar, blog categories are customizable to meet any website or theme. Check out the Elementor ER Blog Search Addon – Demos

79. Elementor ER Search Query Widget PRO

ER Search Query: – A fully customized Blog page must reflect the style and design it is intended for. ElementsReady makes that sure, by creating replacements for each and every part of the blog page. Elementor ER Search Query Addon displays the keywords searched through the blog page. It lets you create a search result page that can be customized to meet your website overall design. Creating customized search result pages perfectly declares your branding throughout the whole website.

80. Elementor ER Blog Pagination Widget PRO

ER Blog Pagination: – The ElementsReady comes with dedicated add-ons for building custom blog pages. These widgets make it possible to create customized blog pages of any style without coding knowledge. The ER Blog Pagination Addon is a small part of the whole solution to add custom paginations to your blog pages. It has the advantage of visually creating customized paginations with the control over colors, fonts, icons, buttons, borders, shadows, backgrounds and so on. Just within Elementor you can create any style of your wish.

81. Elementor ER Breadcrumbs Widget PRO

ER Breadcrumbs: – The ElementsReady are not just general purpose Elementor Addons but also a prominent tool for building custom Blog pages and posts. It promises to provide the required functionality and widgets for creating custom blog pages of any kind. The Elementor Breadcrumbs Addon adds the utility of customizable breadcrumbs on your pages. WordPress breadcrumbs, yoast breadcrumbs, breadcrumbs elementor free, add breadcrumb elementor, breadcrumbs shortcode wordpress, rank math breadcrumbs, breadcrumbs automatically collects and displays the information without the need of any configuration. You can relax and focus on styling a beautiful blog page without needing to write to complex css code. Every single part of the breadcrumbs content are free to customize without any hassle. The icons, colors, fonts, backgrounds, texts, shadows can easily be adjusted to your style within Elementor.

82. Elementor ER Post List PRO

ER Post List: – As the name suggests, the Elementor ER Post List is a Addon that vertically stacks blog posts as a list. The idea of this plugin is to replace your default post list with a more clean and customizable design. It is a essential component for creating custom blog pages. It gives you extensive styling options to create beautiful post lists without the hassle to write complex css code. There are 3 different presets that may fit in each individual style. You can choose from any of them and customize to meet your style. Additionally, Elementor ER Post List lets you filter posts based on different taxonomies. Elements such as thumbnail, author, date, title, excerpt, borders, sizes and much more are fully customizable with Elementor. Check out the awesome demos.

83. Elementor ER Post Title Widget PRO

ER Post Title: – A fully customized blog page also needs a customized post layout to reflect the same branding throughout the website. ElementsReady promises to provide a complete solution for building custom blog pages and posts. The Elementor ER Blog Post Title is a dedicated Blog Builder Addon that automatically collects and displays the post title. Its purpose is for creating single post templates that dynamically display content for each blog post. The styling option for this heading is similarly extensive like any other featured image elementor, elementor posts widget custom skin, elementor posts widget filter bar, post thumbnail, blog feature image, post thumbnail, wordpress feature image, wordpress blog thumbnail addons. And the best advantage of this process is to have full flexibility without the knowledge or need of coding. You just create a template once and use it for every blog post.

84. Elementor ER Post Thumbnail Widget PRO

ER Post Thumbnail: – ElementsReady promises to provide a complete solution for building custom blog pages and posts with Elementor. The Elementor ER Blog Post Thumbnail Addon is a part of the Blog Builder functionality. It dynamically collects and displays the post thumbnail without any configuration. Its purpose is to create single post templates for dynamically displaying content for each blog post. The fixed style added to the thumbnail applies to each and every blog post using the template. This Elementor Addon gives you all the flexibility for creating a unique and customized thumbnail for your template. You just create a template once and use it for every blog post.

85. Elementor ER Post Content Widget PRO

ER Post Content: – ElementsReady Elementor ER Post Content Addon is a part of the Blog Builder functionality. This special Addon dynamically brings post content for building templates. These post templates make your styles and effort more effective by reusing them for all blog posts. This lets you easily play with the blog layout without having any coding knowledge. Combining ER Post Content Addon with the other Blog Builidng Addons you can create a fully personalized post layout that matches your brand and style. No other Add-ons in market has so much to offer.

86. Elementor ER Post Meta Widget PRO

ER Post Meta: – The Elementor ER Post Meta is a dedicated Addon for ElementsReady’s full-featured Blog Builder functionality. Elementor ER Post Meta dynamically displays a blog post’s meta information. This Elementor Addon is designed to be used with a post template. You can choose whether to display or hide specific meta data from the post layout. You can also change the style and appearance of the content. Colors, fonts, backgrounds, borders, and spacing are all fully customizable in any ElementsReady Addon. ElementsReady is the best Blog Builder Addon For Elementor because it combines all of the Blog Building Addons.

87. Elementor ER Post Tags Widget PRO

ER Post Tags: – ElementsReady is a good handy solution for anyone looking for a customized and responsive Blog page. ElementsReady makes the hard task of modifying a blog page or post layout simpler than anyone could imagine. As part of the complete Elementor Blog Builder solution Elementor ER Post Tags Addon contributes by dynamically displaying the tags of a blog post. Its purpose is creating a custom template for your blog post pages. This freedom of using custom template lets create personalized style for your blog posts. Elementor ER Post Tags are yet flexible to create any tag style that matches your websites overall theme. All these powerful widgets and addons make ElementsReady one of the best Elementor elements Pack on the Market.

88. Elementor ER Post Navigation Widget PRO

ER Post Navigation: – The ElementsReady Addons is a prominent Addon Pack full of creative and unique plugin. But unlike other Elementor elements packs, it comes with dedicated Elementor plugin for building custom blog pages. These widgets make it possible to create customized blog pages of any style without any coding knowledge. The ER Post Navigation Addon is a small part of the whole solution to add custom navigations to your post templates. It has the advantage of visually creating customized navigations with the control over colors, fonts, icons, buttons, borders, shadows, backgrounds and so on just within Elementor.

89. Elementor ER Post Comment PRO

ER Post Comment: – ElementsReady promises to be a one-stop shop for creating custom blog pages and posts with Elementor. The Elementor ER Blog Post Comment Addon is a feature of the Blog Builder. It adds a comment section to post templates so that content for each blog post can be displayed dynamically. The style added to the Elementor ER Post Comment Addon is applied to all blog posts that use the template. This Elementor Addon provides you with complete control over the creation of a unique and customized comment style for your blog post template. The extensive styling options truly imply the ability to create any custom style without writing a single line of code. This is by far the most powerful Elementor elements on the market.

Elementor EDD (Easy Digital Downloads) Widgets

EDD (Easy Digital Downloads) is a well popular e-commerce solution for WordPress. It started gaining user attention for its simplicity and comprehensive functionality towards modern e-commerce. Currently, a large of number of WordPress e-commerce sites rely on EDD. And it acquires the potential of adding new users rapidly. For this, ElementsReady plugin is working towards building widgets that truly benefit EDD stores and enhance their user experience. ElementsReady Elementor Addon brings out the most essential addons for building tailored EDD stores on different niches. We provide the freedom of customizability over complex and critical elements of EDD stores.

The dedicated Elementor EDD widgets are enlisted here:

90. Elementor ER EDD Cart Items Widget

EDD Cart Items: – The Elementor EDD Cart Items Addon allows you to create a fully customized cart page based on the style and design of your website. The default cart page from EDD never looks good on a modern website without completely redoing all of its styles. However, due to a lack of proper tools, it has always been a job reserved for technical personnel. Not any longer; Elementor EDD Cart Items Addons allows you to visually style every pixel of your cart without having to write any complex CSS code. Elementor EDD Cart Items offers the most styling options in the most user-friendly settings panel.

91. Elementor ER EDD Checkout Widget

EDD Checkout: – The Elementor EDD Checkout Addon opens Elementor’s customizability power over EDD’s default checkout page. This Elementor Add-on allows you to create a fully customized checkout page with Elementor like other regular pages. A well customized checkout page makes a store look more tailored about its niche and customers. With Elementor EDD Checkout you visually style every pixel of your checkout page without needing to write any complex css code. This applies to every level of user for the minimalistic settings panel of Elementor EDD Checkout Addon. Any user can achieve the desired outcome without going through brain-teasers. Start building your dream store with ElementsReady Elementor EDD widgets.

92. Elementor ER EDD Discount Products Widget

EDD Discount Products: – The Elementor EDD Discount Products Addon is a highly customizable product grid for displaying discounted products on your Elementor website. This allows you to quickly create a clean and modern product grid for any Elementor website. You can get creative and start designing unique product grids to give your website a more personalized look and feel. With all the advanced features enabled in Elementor EDD Discount Products Addon still keeps the settings panel as simple and minimalistic as possible. It is thus an excellent choice for both advanced and novice users. ElementsReady Elementor EDD Addons outperform any other Elementor EDD Addon on the market in terms of quality and dependability. Get the best Elementor EDD Addons at your disposal.

93. Elementor ER EDD Profile Editor Form Widget

EDD Profile Editor Form: – The Elementor EDD Profile Editor Form is a fantastic Addon for customizing EDD Profile Editing Forms with personal styles or designs. It lets you use Elementor to visually style every pixel of EDD’s dull and boring Profile Editing Form. It takes away complex CSS code which is not be suitable for most users. This Elementor elements power allows any user to create modern and creative designs with the ease of Elementor Page Builder. ElementsReady Elementor EDD Addons outperform any other Elementor EDD Addon on the market, in terms of both quality and dependability. Get the best Elementor EDD Addons for your needs.

94. Elementor ER EDD Purchase History Widget

EDD Purchase History: – As the name suggests, the Elementor EDD Purchase History is a Addon that displays any user’s purchase history on an Elementor website. The purpose for using this Elementor plugins comes when creating custom Account Page for users. It is not only the Elementor Addon added for this purpose, the Elementor ER EDD Profile Editor Form and the Elementor EDD Purchase History can be used to create a completely custom user Account Page. The process of creating custom EDD pages have been impossible without going through complex css code. But now with the help of ElementsReady EDD Addons, it can done visually without going through any brain-teasers. This opens the full power of customizability to even the most novice user. ElementsReady aims towards convenience and simplicity. Get the best Elementor EDD Addons to your disposal.

95. Elementor ER EDD Receipt Widget

EDD Receipt: –The Elementor EDD Receipt is a handy Elementor elements for easily creating success pages on EDD stores. This Addon displays the user’s purchase details after every checkout. With this information in hand you can redirect users to the success page and display the purchase details over there. This activity sets a positive impression between your store and customers. There is no drawback in having such a useful Elementor EDD Addon in your pocket. Purchase the top Elementor Addons Pack right now.

96. Elementor ER EDD Register Form Widget

EDD Register Form: –The Elementor EDD Register Form is a powerful Addon for re-creating EDD Register Form with customized styles and colors. The intended purpose of this Elementor plugin comes across building custom User Registration Page for you EDD store. It allows you to visually style every pixel of EDD’s dull and boring EDD Register Form with Elementor. Without the help of Elementor EDD Profile Editor Form it takes complex css code which might not be suitable for most users. The power of this Elementor Addon let’s any user create modern and creative design with the comfort of Elementor Page Builder. In comparison to any other Elementor EDD Addon on the market ElementsReady Elementor EDD Addons are better in both quality and reliability. Get the best Elementor EDD Addons to disposal.

97. Elementor ER EDD Login Form Widget

EDD Login Form: –You can easily recreate the EDD Login Form with your own personalized styles and colors using the full support of the Elementor EDD Login Form Addon. This Elementor Addon’s goal is to assist you in creating a unique user login page tailored to your EDD business. Elementor can be used to visually style each and every pixel of the dull and boring EDD Login Form. The EDD Register Form removes complex CSS coding with the use of the Elementor Register Form Addon. Because of the power of this Add-on, any user can create cutting-edge, unique designs with the ease of the Elementor Page Builder. ElementsReady Elementor EDD Addons provides superior quality and dependability. This plugin is a true prove for that. Purchase the top Elementor Addons Pack right now.

98. Elementor ER EDD Product Slider Widget

EDD Product Slider: –The EDD Product slider Addon makes it simple to display your EDD (Easy Digital Downloads) products in a grid format on any page of your Elementor website. The real value of using Elementor EDD Product slider Addon is the flexibility and control over fonts, sizes, colors, backgrounds, columns, and shadows inside product grids. Furthermore, the advanced features of this Elementor Addon allow you to filter products based on categories, price, tags, sales, and more. The Elementor EDD Product slider Addon is the easiest way to create customized Product Grids. You can forget about complex, time-consuming CSS code. The whole product grid is responsive to shorten your work. The ElementsReady Elementor Addon Pack contains a number of powerful Elementor EDD Addons. This is one of the them that make ElementsReady Elementor Addon Special than others.

99. Elementor EDD Category With Thumb Widget

EDD Category With Thumb: –Your EDD product categories are presented to your users in an organized style with the Elementor EDD Category With Thumb Addon. You get to choose between three different styles. Each of them offers a clear, concise display of your product categories. You have complete control over how each and every piece of the information is styled. You can customize any of the thumbnails, texts, sizes, colors, backgrounds, spacings, and shadows. The Elementor EDD Catagory Thumb Addon is the simplest method for producing customized Category Sections. Since all the work has been done for you, you can relax and concentrate on producing unique designs that reflect your brand. The best EDD addons for Elementor are included in the ElementsReady Elementor Addons.

100. Hotspot Widget Pro

Hotspot Widget: – This useful Hotspot Elementor widget will help you point out and redirect visitor attention by highlighting additional information,image hotspot wordpress, responsive image hotspots, elementor interactive map, redirection links, tooltips, on images, maps, WooCommerce products, charts, graphs, etc. This handy widget enables you to add relevant highlighted information for visitors when they interact with this unique ShopReady Elementor addons widget. In addition to all of this, the Elementor Addons Hotspot widget allows a whole host of amazing customization options such as animations, motion effects, etc on multiple hotspots through images, maps, charts, graphs, product timelines, company history, WooCommerce products, etc.

101. PDF Viewer Widget Pro

PDF Viewer Widget Pro: – If you’re looking to embed a PDF document onto your WordPress Elementor website, then the PDF widget by ElementsReady Elementor addons is just the tool you need. This simple PDF Elementor widget will allow you to embed PDF content into your WordPress website with ease. With this ElementsReady Elementor Addons PDF Viewer widget, you’ll be able to embed or view PDF files from external sources/links or upload PDF content directly to your WordPress website as a basic PDF file. In addition to all of this, the Elementor Addons PDF widget allows a whole host of amazing customization options to professionally present your PDF content.

102. Site Title Widget Pro

Site Title Widget Pro: – Captivate your audience with stunning website titles using this robust Site Title widget. The Site Title widget by ElementsReady Elementor Addons enables users to create stunning, dynamic website titles. and customize it further with an array of customization options provided by ElementsReady Elementor Addons.

103. Site Logo Widget Pro

Site Logo Widget Pro: – Looking to feature a dynamic website logo to prop up your website? Well, look no further. ElementsReady Elementor Addons come with a robust Site Logo widget that enables you to upload and customize your website logo elementor logo, elementor tagline options, elementor retina logo, elementor custom logo url, elementor custom mobile logo, elementor custom logo link in detail and create a professional website presentation.



  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. All Settings will be found in Admin sidebar -> ElementsReady


Is this compitable Elementor Pro?

Yes it’s compitable with Elementor Pro.

How to use ElementsReady?

Login your WordPress Dashboard, From the left menu click ElementsReady.

Where is the documentation or help file?

We have video screencasts. Please watch Here OR Read the documentation Here

Elementor editor fails to load or not working?

It’s due to your server PHP settings. Increase your server PHP memory limit from the wp-config.php file or php.ini file. If you don’t have an idea about it. Please contact your hosting provider and ask to increase
* PHP memory_limit = 512M
* max_execution_time = 300

Do you planed for regular update?

Yes we have full planed for continiously update.

Have a pro a plugin?

Yes we have pro version get the pro verson


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The plugin is pretty Ok. I even purchased the Pro version. But their support service is pathetic. There is no response at all even after repeated requests. I really doubt the owning company Quodomosoft is even functional. Their website is full of "Lorem Ipsum" text and the contact address shown looks incorrect. I am not happy with their service.
مئی 8, 2022
Not only is the add-on a supreme tool for you not to get the pricey Elementor PRO subscription, and still do a tremendous job building a solid webpage, their customer service is excellent as well! They sorted me out in no time, great team, awesome software, 6 STARS!!
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This is the best plugin I have ever seen. Highly recommend. And if you suddenly encounter a problem, the best technical support in the world will help you.
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  • fixed mega menu css issue
  • optimize backend css and js
  • fixed link doc and support link issue


  • optimize menu css and js
  • optimize template library


  • fix css issue


  • fix dashboard responsive content break issue
  • fix template library loading issue.


  • Added Newslatter PopUp Widget (Free).
  • Update template library.
  • Update language file.


  • Added Countdown Widget most customizable style control (Free).
  • Added Sidecart Widget (Free).


  • Added Dismissable Section Settings (Free).
  • css update and minimize
  • added audio poscast settings option
  • added Image Compare option


  • Added New Widget Option in Dashboard.
  • css update and minimize
  • Pro widget issue fix


  • Bug Fixed.
  • Template Update
  • Pro issue fix


  • Added 2 Landing Page FREE.
  • Update modal video js and fix popup video
  • Bug Fixed.
  • Added slick library fonts.
  • Fix checkbox Issue.
  • Update Translation File.


  • Fix Template library block
  • Bug Fixed.


  • Fix Update Issue
  • Bug Fixed.


  • Fix session loopback issue.
  • Fix icon component icon missing issue
  • fix Dashboard responsive issue
  • Bug Fixed.


  • Fix elementor deprecating issue.
  • Fix vendor library
  • fix Update issue
  • Bug Fixed.


  • Added 2 Landing Page FREE.
  • Fixed Image Mask Select Issue.
  • Bug Fixed.
  • Update Style In Demo.
  • Update Importer.
  • Update Importer Content.
  • Update Translation File.


  • Added Login Widget
  • Added Register Widget
  • Bug Fixed.
  • Update Widgets CSS.
  • Update Style In Demo.
  • Update Importer.
  • Update Importer Content.
  • Update Widgets Options.
  • Update Translation File.
  • Improved Widgets UI.


  • Unsplash Media Upload PRO to Free.
  • Bug Fixed.
  • Component Broken Link Issue Fixed.
  • Component Name Spelling Fixed.
  • Roadmap Update.
  • Offcanvas Menu Demo Added.


  • Added 3 New Widgets.
  • Bug Fixed.
  • Optimized Assets.
  • Update Demo Style.
  • Dashboard Demo Link Update.


  • Update Menu Builder Style.
  • Added Menu Builder Icon Option.
  • Added Menu Builder Megamenu Icon Option.
  • Added Menu Builder Submenu Icon Option.
  • Added Menu Builder Submenu Style Controls.
  • Added 10 Landing Page In Importer.
  • Added Contact Form 7 Hook.
  • Update Language File.


  • Fixed Compatiblity With Elementor Latest & Older and WordPress Latest Version.
  • Fixed Offcanvas Menu Style.
  • Update Menu Builder Style.
  • Update Language File.
  • Improved Menu Builder UI


  • Fixed Loading Issue.
  • Fixed Console Error.


  • Optimized Assets.
  • Added Pricing Widget Subtitle Controls.
  • Added Features Request.
  • Update Dashboard Controls for PRO & Free.
  • Update Widgets CSS.
  • Update Style In Demo.
  • Update Importer Content.
  • Update Widgets Options.
  • Update Translation File.
  • Improved Widgets UI.


  • Optimized Assets.
  • Fixed Compatiblity With Elementor Latest & Older Version.
  • Fixed Dashboard Menu Hidden Issue In Newtwork Mode.
  • Fixed Testimonial Widget Dashboard Activation Issue.
  • Added More Control to Team Widget For Style.
  • Added More Control to Portfolio Widget For Style.
  • Added More Control to Posts Widget.
  • Added PHP memory_limit by default 2048M.
  • Added PHP upload_max_size by default 128M.
  • Added PHP post_max_size by default 128M.
  • Added PHP max_execution_time by default 300.
  • Update Version Constant.
  • Update Widgets CSS.
  • Update Style In Demo.
  • Update Importer Content.
  • Update Widgets List.
  • Update Widgets Options.
  • Update Translation File.


  • Optimized Assets.
  • Fixed With Elementor PRO Issue.
  • Fixed Compatiblity With Elementor Latest & Older Version.
  • Fixed Dashboard Menu Hidden Issue In Newtwork Mode.
  • Update Naming Convention.
  • Update Style In Demo.
  • Update Importer Content.
  • Update Widgets List.
  • Update Widgets Options.
  • Update Translation File.
  • Added Support Menu.
  • Added Demo Link In All Free Extension Switch.
  • Added Menu Builder 7+ Widgets.


  • Optimized Assets.
  • Update Header & Footer Builder Options.
  • Update Naming Convention.
  • Update Style In Demo.
  • Update Importer Content.
  • Added More Options.
  • Update Widgets List.
  • Added Menu Builder Widgets.


  • Optimized Assets.
  • Update Header & Footer Builder Options.
  • Imporve Demo Content In Importer.
  • Fixed Missing Assets.
  • Added Missing Icon Set.
  • Added Box Style.
  • Added Portfolio Widget.
  • Added Portfolio Widget Preset In Importer.
  • Added Testimonial Widget.
  • Added Testimonial Preset In Importer.


  • Added 18 New Widgets In PRO.
  • Bug Fixed.
  • Optimized Assets.
  • Update Demo Style.
  • Updated Megamenu Builder.
  • Update Dashboard UI.
  • Remove Unused Code.


  • Initial release