EazyDocs – #1 Beautiful Knowledgebase & Documentation Builder WordPress Plugin


EazyDocs assists you in creating great looking documentation for your products in a easy and quick way. Site operators can create & manage detailed, hierarchical documentation in the WordPress admin. You get all the power of WordPress to create/add new docs, tags, organize with ordering your documentation. EazyDocs makes browsing and creating advanced documentation easy and user-friendly.


Reasons to Choose EazyDocs

  • Beautiful Custom Admin UI: You get all the power of WordPress to create/add new docs, tags, organize with ordering your documentation. EazyDocs makes browsing and creating advanced documentation easy and user-friendly.

  • No Limitation: There is no limit on creating docs. You can create Unlimited Knowledge base for your products.

  • Live Customizer: Set it and see the changes instantly. The Docs archive page, Doc single page layouts can be customized via the WordPress live customizer panel.

  • Related Articles: Sometimes readers might be interested to read the Related articles. You can display the Related Articles at the bottom of the Single Doc page to let the readers read articles they interested in.

  • Look Beautiful by Default: EazyDocs offers a modern design that will style your docs and make it look professional without any design skills. Need to customize it? No problem, you’ll find several customizable options to reflect your brand.

  • Designed for Reader: We designed EazyDocs for the readers, optimizing not for page views or engagement — but for reading.

  • SEO Optimized: EazyDocs is SEO ready right from the first line of code.

  • Integrated Schema: EazyDocs is coded out of the box valid schema markup and Google structured data.

  • Sticky Sidebars: Make the sidebars to follow you as you scroll and show the important content.

  • Multilingual/RTL Ready: EazyDocs is translation ready & WPML compatible. Build your website in any language – even in an RTL one!

  • Responsive & Retina Ready: EazyDocs is 100% responsive to make your Knowledge base look beautiful and effective on all major devices.

  • On Demand Asset Loading: Loading only necessary css, javascript assets on the EazyDocs pages and will not load our assets on other pages of your website.

  • Reading Assistant Tools: There are available some important tools for better reading experience. Font Size switcher, Print option, TOC are developed for a consistent reading experience.

  • Simple Navigation: The tree view navigation helps readers to visualize the full structure of your doc. Helping them to move from one category to another easily.


The EazyDocs search is designed to provide relevant search results at every level. Its structured layout gives the users more context to understand the product.

👁️ Read time, Views Count

Let the readers know the total read time and the total views count of an article (ex: 2 Minutes to read) to let them know how popular an article.


Get feedback easily, so you can efficiently develop and refine your knowledge base articles. Feedback helps you understand what content visitors find useful and engaging. Make your knowledge base more effective by identifying and refining unhelpful articles.


No need to memorize or remember the last viewed articles by the user. They can see and visit their recently visited articles at the bottom of doc single page


Customize documentation pages from settings or even add shortcode, Customizer, and more to get the full authority to make it stand out for your visitors.


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  • Admin UI
  • Documentation on Admin UI builder
  • Docs shortcode UI on frontend
  • Single doc page


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • EazyDocs - #1 Beautiful Knowledgebase & Documentation Builder WordPress Plugin


Minimum Requirements

  • PHP 7.4 or greater is recommended
  • MySQL 5.6 or greater is recommended

You can install the EazyDocs from your WordPress Dashboard or manually upload it through cPanel/FTP.

OPTION 1: Install the EazyDocs Plugin from WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to Plugins -> Add New.
  2. Search for ‘EazyDocs’ and click on the Install button to install the plugin.
  3. Activate the plugin in the Plugins menu.
  4. Optional step: configure the plugin in the Admin menu, in EazyDocs -> Settings.

OPTION 2: Manually Upload Plugin Files

  1. Download the plugin file from the plugin page: eazydocs.zip.
  2. Upload the ‘eazydocs.zip’ file to your ‘/wp-content/plugins’ directory.
  3. Unzip the file eazydocs.zip (do not rename the folder).
  4. Optional step: configure the plugin in the Admin menu, in EazyDocs -> Settings.


Does EazyDocs work with any theme?

Yes, the EazyDocs works with any standard WordPress theme.

Do I need coding skills to use EazyDocs?

Absolutely not! EazyDocs is as easy to use, as you can think of.

Where can I report bugs or contribute to the project?

To report bugs or to contribute, head-over to the GitHub repository


اگست 24, 2022
I was searching for an alternative for my current - nonsupported - documentation plugin and found this one. It's really powerful and also provides a one-page version for documentation (this one I prefer most, because provides the best possible experience for small documentations). Thanks a lot for that plugin!
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Contributors & Developers

“EazyDocs – #1 Beautiful Knowledgebase & Documentation Builder WordPress Plugin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



v1.3.3 (20 September 2022)

Tweaked: Compatibility with themes improved

v1.3.2 (10 September 2022)

New: Show password protected, private (internal) docs in the docs archive page with specialized design
Fixed: Doc TOC was not showing (except Docy & Docly)
Fixed: If a visitor was open a document with an anchor URL to some title – they were not get an automatic scroll to the title.
Fixed: Font size switcher was not working in Tabs, Ul, OL contents
Tweaked: Ajax search results improved
Tweaked: Dark mode switcher and colors
Tweaked: Tags spacing on frontend
Tweaked: Docs builder UI design improved
Tweaked: Doc Ajax search results improved (performance and design)

v1.3.1 (23 August 2022)

New: Login template for Private docs and Contributors (can be used with EazyDocs Pro)
Tweaked: Compatibility improved with the EazyDocs Pro 1.8.0
Tweaked: Private docs shown in the [eazydocs] shortcode archive page.
Tweaked: [eazydocs] shortcode UI design improved

v1.3.0 (01 August 2022)

New: Ajax Live Search results style improved to include all doc contents in the results
New: Topics Count and Topic Count Text change options added in the EazyDocs > Settings > Docs Archive page.
New: Extended left sidebar layout (unlocked in EazyDocs Pro)
Tweaked: Theme compatibility improved
Tweaked: Live Search Results show on focused mode

v1.2.9 (21 July 2022)

New: Full Screen OnePage Doc layout added (PRO feature, unlocked with Docy and Docly themes)
New: Left and Right content insert boxes added for OnePage doc layouts. Now, you can insert content at the left, right side of the OnePage docs (PRO feature, unlocked with Docy and Docly themes)
Tweaked: Child docs design improved in the Doc Section page
Tweaked: Right sidebar was contents are now scrollable.
Tweaked: Deleted duplicate article listing on the Doc Section page.
Fixed: Feedback Email was not sending
Fixed: Filter form and Left Sidebar Toggle Switcher Show/Hide option was not working

v1.2.8 (02 July 2022)

Tweaked: Doc single page view improved (right sidebar, left sidebar, Feedback modal form) on small devices (tablet, mobile)
Tweaked: Settings re-organized to find easily
Fixed: Docs Slug was not changing

v1.2.7 (27 June 2022)

Tweaked: The Doc Search Banner UI design improved
Fixed: Breadcrumbs Docs archive page text was spelled wrong

v1.2.4 (22 June 2022)

New: Rating notice added (dismissable)
New: Some attributes (col, include, exclude, show_docs, show_articles, more) are added to [eazydocs] shortcode
New: Doc Layout option unlocked for Docy and Docly theme (located in EazyDocs > Settings > Single Doc > General)
Fixed: Doc section open, close icon changing option was not working (PRO feature, unlocked with Docy and Docly themes)
Fixed: Doc full-width layout
Tweaked: Theme Compatibility improved (tested with Avada, Divi, Astra, OceanWP, Storefront, Hello Elementor, GeneratePress, Twenty Twenty, Twenty Twenty One themes)

v1.2.3 (14 June 2022)

Fixed: Doc left sidebar scrollbar in windows browsers
Fixed: Some settings was not working (Docs archive columns, view more button text etc)
Fixed: Bootstrap JS conflicting with bootstrap based theme
Fixed: Dark mode was not showing on OnePage Doc (PRO feature, unlocked with Docy and Docly themes)
Tweaked: Doc single page typography
Tweaked: Made the same settings/options available on the customizer and plugin Settings page.

v1.2.2 (10 June 2022)

Tweaked: Brand Color (rgba colors) more accurately changing
Tweaked: Theme compatibility improved (the design is more stable on any theme)
Tweaked: Dark mode colors (dark mode will work even if the theme background color customized)

v1.2.1 (10 June 2022)

Fixed: Doc content’s media (media, video etc files) was adding as child doc
Tweaked: Theme compatibility improved (the design is more stable on any theme)

v1.2.0 (09 June 2022)

Fixed: OnePage permalink error (PRO feature, unlocked with Docy and Docly theme)
Fixed: Doc left sidebar content was overflowing with exceeding articles.
Tweaked: Left sidebar articles line height and gap improved

v1.1.9 (07 June 2022)

New: OnePage Docs (PRO feature, unlocked with Docy and Docly theme)
Tweaked: Doc single page view improved on mobile (left and right sidebar position)
Tweaked: Feedback contact form design improved
Tweaked: Dark Mode CSS
Tweaked: Removed some unnecessary CSS
Updated: Language file

v1.1.8 (27 May 2022)

New: ‘Doc Right Sidebar’ widget area registered to
New: RTL compatibility added
New: Dark Mode switcher in Settings > Single Doc > Right Sidebar (for PRO version)
Tweaked: Doc single page view improved on mobile
Tweaked: Shortcode design improved (topics count added)

v1.1.7 (23 May 2022)

Fixed: There was problem with purchasing the EazyDocs Pro version (payment mode was in test mode).
New: ‘Number of Articles’ option added in EazyDocs > Settings > Docs Archive
Tweaked: Frontend assets are loading on demand (loads the css, js files when needed)
Tweaked: On demand assets loading (loading only necessary css, javascript assets on the EazyDocs pages and will not load our assets on other pages of your website)

v1.1.6 (20 May 2022)

Tweaked: Doc single page design
Tweaked: Version number suffix added to plugin’s custom stylesheet and scripts file to load the updated files easily
Tweaked: Removed some unnecessary code

v1.1.5 (19 May 2022)

Tweaked: Theme compatibility improved
Tweaked: Backend and frontend design improved
Updated: Language file updated
Fixed: The conditional dropdown was not working

v1.1.4 (14 May 2022)

Fixed: Was conflicting with theme’s single.php template file
Tweaked: Plugin logo

v1.1.3 (13 May 2022)

New: Estimated Reading Time, Views options added to EazyDocs > Settings > Single Doc > General
New: Added Tags under the EazyDocs admin menu
New: Recently Viewed articles and Related articles features added on the Single Doc
Tweaked: Unnecessary CSS removed
Tweaked: Integrate with any theme (compatibility improved)
Tweaked: Left sidebar toggle show/hide
Tweaked: Doc frontend design
Fixed: PHP errors in Creat_Post.php file (line numbers 118, 131)

v1.1.2 (10 May 2022)

New: ‘Show/Hide Breadcrumb’ option added in EazyDocs > Settings > Single Doc > Breadcrumbs
Tweaked: Columns (left sidebar, middle content and right sidebar) adjustment improved on medium device
Tweaked: Doc single page elements (left sidebar navigation, background color, position, height) design improved

v1.1.1 (09 May 2022)

  • New: Customizer Options added to customize the Docs Archive & Single page
  • New: Pro Features and Options added (locked)
  • Tweaked: Contact Form modal design improved

v1.1.0 (02 May 2022)

  • New: Search Banner
  • New: Brand Color changing option added to Settings page.
  • Dropped: Add New Doc via Ajax feature dropped due to this feature was not working for some users
  • Fixed: Doc archive page was rendering doc lists incorrectly
  • Fixed: JS error on single doc
  • Tweaked: Responsive view improved
  • Tweaked: Add prefix to HTML classes, IDs to avoid conflict with other plugins and themes
  • Tweaked: Some UI & UX improved on doc frontend
  • Tweaked: Admin UI & UX improved
  • Tweaked: Left sidebar toggle position
  • Tweaked: Was this doc helpful? Voting design and ajax loading icon improved
  • Tweaked: Code and file structure re-organized

v1.0.0 (09 April 2022)

  • Initial release