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The ultimate introductory tours that you can create intuitively using the visual front-end builder and detailed configuration in the admin board. You can teach users how to use your site, or introduce a new feature or product in an effective and user-friendly way. The tour is designed to guide the user with their full attention in the way you define, without “sharp breaks” in the tour’s story. The plugin offers a flexible definition of your tour and it’s a start.

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How easy is to build intro tour with visual frontend builder

Key Features of FREE version of Intro Tour Tutorial Plugin from DeepPresentation

Key Features in the Free DP Intro Tours plugin include:
* Visual frontend builder: You can create and edit all steps and also tour’s trigger element visually right from a frontend.
* Flexible configuration: You can specify single page tour step-by-step comfortably in user friendly way with baked in frontend builder and detail configuration in admin board.
* Single page tours: You can specify as many single page tours as you want.
* 2 Fancy theme styles: You can choose from 2 fancy themes for styling of presentational elements and choose the most suitable one to match vibe of your web. You can also enable/disable displaying of selected presentation elements in plugin’s option page.
* Accent color: You can override default accent color globally for all tours
* 1 Start trigger configurations: You can easily choose from variety of ways, how and where should tour start and also if start is required just for user’s first visit.
* Fancy smooth design: Tour is designed to lead user with his/her full attention in way you define without “sharp breaks” of tour’s story.
* Smart tooltip positioning: The best position for tooltip with your content is found automatically in each step to get the best responsive view even on mobile. You can also specify your preferred position for each step.
* WPML translation: You can translate your tours with popular WPML plugin.

Key Features of PRO version of Intro Tour Tutorial Plugin from DeepPresentation

All features from FREE version are included, some of them are extended and new features are added in PRO Edition
* Multi-page tours: Yes! You don’t need to limit yourself to just single-page intro tour. With PRO version. your tour can rock your whole web up !!
* 5 Fancy theme styles: You can choose from 5 fancy themes for styling of presentational elements and choose the most suitable one to match vibe of your web. You can also enable/disable displaying of selected presentation elements in plugin’s option page.
* 2 Start trigger configurations: There is plenty ways how you can configure my starting already in FREE version. However in PRO you can setup simultaneously 2 trigger configurations for each tour so u can combine their settings and cover huge amount of use cases. Also you get one more useful starting event. If you wanna start your intro tour, when user scroll in view, that contains specified element – yes these all are possible in PRO version.
* URL variables: Would you like your visitors to take a tour of variable URL sites, such as a tour of all product detail pages and its sub-pages with product ID in URL, or user public dashboards with user ID in URL? In PRO you have opportunity to do so.
* URL parameter lock – tour just for selected users: If you want to send an intro tour invitation just for specific person, you can send him/her url of tour’s start with a key (url parameter) (eg. for tour starting on home page:{Unlock key}).
* Tour on WP admin board: Would you like to offer your co-workers or those who have access to web administration interactive tutorials on how to use the WordPress admin board and all your custom integrated modules on it? In PRO you can easily create a tour also on the back-end side.
* Custom font: You can override default font of presentational elements for each tour separately
* Accent color: You can override default accent color of presentational elements for each tour separately
* Theme style override per tour: You can override default theme for each tour separately
* Mobile menu support: If you target menu element, with PRO it will play well also on mobile view.
* Mobile / widescreen view: You can skip a step or even select another target element depending on whether the step is displayed on a mobile or widescreen.
* Short codes support in intro content: You can insert WP short-codes in intro tips and make the tour a much more complex tool
* New features and styles are coming: More themes for styling and features are coming soon in following releases of PRO version as an exchange for your support via buying PRO. Thank you !!
* Priority support: Priority support and fixing of issues is provided in PRO Edition.

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Advanced integration with standard WordPress PHP and JS Hooks


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  • Plugin in action (frontend - default light theme with accent color set to orange)
  • Plugin in action 2 - (frontend - modern theme with accent color set to orange)
  • Creating steps easily with visual frontend builder (preview mode)
  • Creating steps easily with visual frontend builder (edit mode)
  • Creating steps easily with visual frontend builder (visual selection of step target)
  • Configuration of trigger for starting of intro tour (admin)
  • Visual selection of trigger target with visual frontend builder
  • Set / adjust steps also manually in steps table (admin)
  • Plugin global options (admin)


  1. Download and install the plugin from repository
  2. Go to page (public view), where you want to start tour. Choose Intro Tours and create new from top admin bar — OR — Go to Intro Tours menu in admin and add new.
    3 Follow an instructions there to specify your tour trigger and steps.
  3. Optionally you can tweak styling and labeling in plugin’s options page Admin board -> “DP Intro Tours” and particular tour settings Admin board -> “Intro Tours” in admin board


  • How to upgrade from FREE to PRO version?
    Just uninstall free version, upload pro plugin and set an activation key, that you received after payment, in plugin’s setting page. All already made tours created with free version will be kept so don’t worry that you lose them due free version uninstalling.

  • Where we find Selectors for intro steps and trigger?
    You don’t need to have a tech knowledge of css selectors as you can use baked in frontend builder to specify selectors visually. But you have still option to set/adjust it manually if you prefer to.

  • Can we chose from more design templates for intro tooltips and tour visualization?
    In free version there are 2 design templates you can choose from. In PRO there is 5 templates

  • Is possible to create multi-page tour?

  • Can we trigger intro tour by detecting, if specified element is scrolled in view?
    Not in free version. PRO version provides these and lot more features.

  • Can we allow triggering of tour just for specific users?
    Not in free version. But in PRO version, you can use lock by URL parameter feature, so if you want to send an intro tour invitation just for specific person, you can send him/her url of tour’s start (eg. for tour starting on home page:{Unlock Key}).


ستمبر 15, 2021
Awesome plugin, smooth integration and very easy to use. The Support is excellent, fast answer and good solutions!
اگست 14, 2021
This plugin is a game changer for me. As a community builder, new users were struggling to find their way round my community platform and this Plugin is the prefect solution. I just KNOW that using it for member onboarding is going to make a massive difference to my member return rate and increase motivation to interact more within the community. I tried the free version and was so impressed that I quickly bought the "full pro power" upgrade (3 year package including updates and sort for unlimited sites). I have had 2 issues with getting the plugin to work on my site but these were dealt with promptly and efficiently and are now resolved. In fact out of all my plugins, I've never received better customer support! If I had one complaint?... I'd like to see a lifetime package. 😀
مئی 12, 2021
I have looked into quite a few tour solutions that could be paired with wordpress, and this is by far the best i have tried, on many levels : espacially the ease of use in the backend, the nice look and feel on the front-end, and the richness of features. And on top of that, top level support. Thanks for this fantastic work !
نومبر 19, 2020
I think it's a unique plugin of this genre on wordpress. Everything works as it should, a lot of customisation settings. Advice a Pro version, absolutely worth it!
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Contributors & Developers

“Intro Tour Tutorial DeepPresentation” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • BUGFIX – saving value of trigger selector by visual builder was broken


  • NEW FEATURE – JS hooks for advanced customization based on intro tour events
  • NEW FEATURE – PHP hooks for advanced customization based on intro tour events
  • NEW FEATURE – enable tours on admin board
  • NEW FEATURE – clearing logged in visit count from global options
  • TWEAK – option for enabling console debug output
  • TWEAK – translation of all admin js scripts support
  • TWEAK – optimize of loading public js scripts
  • TWEAK – counting visits of logged in users on server
  • BUGFIX – fix of relative position parent – positioning of highlight layer
  • BUGFIX – use get_posts instead of WP Query to not change global data
  • BUGFIX – intro text was not actual in builder mode after step change
  • BUGFIX – config default values are used even when tour config was not saved


  • BUGFIX – Allow Just for Logged in Users works now together with First N Visits Only option and counts logged in visits separately


  • TWEAK – Add a step id to the main intro layer to support targeting all nested introductory layers with css per step


  • BUGFIX – not setting z-index of parents to auto, when there is a fixed ancestor
  • TWEAK – Allow Just for Logged in Users works now together with First N Visits Only option and counts logged in visits separately


  • NEW FEATURE – Start tour when specific key is pressed on selected element
  • NEW FEATURE – Run the initial tour only on the user’s first N visits
  • NEW FEATURE – Max tooltip width setting in design section of specific tour
  • NEW FEATURE – Support of targeting tooltips and highlight layers with css per step


  • TWEAK – adding text for buttons Next, Back, Skip, Done to translation domain
  • BUGFIX – create new tour from frontend add correctly page/post url


  • TWEAK – make plugin to be resilient against deferring jQuery


  • BUGFIX – allow html inside intro text also in visual builder


  • NEW FEATURE – Color of text for buttons is changed, if there is not contrast enough with selected accent color (support lighter accent colors)
  • NEW FEATURE – Changing Accent Color available in FREE now
  • NEW FEATURE – Streamlining of settings in admin board
  • NEW FEATURE – Admin settings and visual builder uses admin theme colors
  • NEW FEATURE – Hide selected elements when tour starts
  • BUGFIX – select element without class fix
  • NEW FEATURE – Disable run in unsupported browsers (IE 11 and below)
  • TWEAK – change default accent color to purple for new installations
  • BUGFIX – Allow Just for Logged in Users was hidden


  • TWEAK – check target position once more after is scrolled at it ( fixing repositioning due sticky menu )


  • TWEAK – check position of target when it has stopped moving due animation after 400ms
  • BUGFIX – tooltip positioning fix on FireFox browser


  • BUGFIX – Bullet animations are not affected by opacity or blur of overlay layer
  • BUGFIX – Fixing parents, possibly changing position by class … auto keep pos and width
  • BUGFIX – Fix sorting steps in admin


  • TWEAK – fixed position element are set to transparent bg while highlighting them
  • NEW FEATURE – blurred overlay option in behavior cfg for each tour


  • TWEAK – adding menu labels to translation
  • BUGFIX – adding permission_callback to register_rest_route to avoid PHP notices


  • NEW FEATURE – Hide Previous Step Button Always – configuration
  • NEW FEATURE – Hide skip button configuration
  • NEW FEATURE – Hide buttons instead disabling
  • NEW FEATURE – Hide bullets when there is les then 2 steps
  • NEW FEATURE – Disable navigation by click on step bullet
  • NEW FEATURE – Hide bullets when there is les then 2 steps
  • BUGFIX – Disable Exit on Overlay Click was always active on dummy element (not selected target)
  • COMPATIBILITY FIX – wordpress 5.6 compatibility fix (jQuery update)


  • NEW FEATURE – Multi-site support
  • NEW FEATURE – Admin Sub-menu for plugin settings
  • TWEAK – Update tooltip placement when reposition due animations
  • TWEAK – plugin settings with hint
  • NEW FEATURE – design / behavior config in admin bar
  • BUGFIX – select css was overridden by theme or other plugins
  • TWEAK – full-screen bullets animation change to BEM css class to not interact with other full-screen classes
  • TWEAK – Promo module enhancements


  • TWEAK – debug support adjustment
  • TWEAK – intro core re-written to be unique for more instances + css classes names change
  • BUGFIX – highlighted layer position includes border now
  • BUGFIX – fix unwanted interaction between multiple tours on same page
  • TWEAK – tour fluency tuning
  • NEW FEATURE – added new config section – tour behavior -> new options: Disable Exit on Overlay, Click Disable Starting Animation, Scroll Speed


  • BUGFIX – Plugin setting page tabs now correctly shown as active
  • NEW FEATURE – Support for Sell Codes feedback system


  • NEW FEATURE – adding setting for each tour: Disable exit on overlay click
  • NEW FEATURE – adding setting for each tour: Allow Just for Logged in Users


  • NEW FEATURE – frontend visual builder for creation of tour’s steps
  • TWEAK – remove id and class option for Trigger Object field – converted to Custom selector (backward compatibility ensured)


  • BUGFIX – manifest cache fix in wpackio module
  • TWEAK – load tour styles just when tour is on page
  • IMPROVE – prefix plugin’s dependencies to avoid interaction with other plugins
  • BUGFIX – arrow positioning near window border fix
  • NEW FEATURE – enable / disable user interaction with highlighted element in each tour step


  • BUGFIX – redirect from admin – fix press update button .. empty page


  • BUGFIX – Contrast evaluation fixed
  • BUGFIX – conflict with google map – included google map in ACF caused not loading other google map API correctly
  • BUGFIX – redirect from admin – edit or create new tour – was not working with rocket plugin


  • BUGFIX – Android chrome status bar trigger resize and so re-positioning and re-scrolling of tooltip (unwanted) on scroll fix
  • BUGFIX – Close button in builder z-index lower then tooltip
  • BUGFIX – Tour page/post field on mobile was not possible delete in acf ui after was added
  • BUGFIX – Step table was not shown all on small displays … now scroll-able
  • BUGFIX – post ID is now at public plugin part read from current url … not the_ID or the_permalink (doesn’t work in all cases)
  • BUGFIX – table add new row (it did show columns from pro version)
  • UPGRADE – text editing in step table enhanced UX
  • BUGFIX – left-top-aligned and so positions was not positioned correctly
  • BUGFIX – shown element changed position after add fixing class – now position is stabilized
  • BUGFIX – tooltip arrow positioning near border fix
  • UPGRADE – contrast evaluation now supports pseudo elements (common for icons)
  • UPGRADE – mobile UX enhanced


  • TWEAK – Plugin Title changed to Intro Tour Tutorial DeepPresentation


  • BUGFIX – Fix warning on add new intro tour
  • TWEAK – support for localization in frontend js scripts
  • TWEAK – change global function common name with plugin prefixes – to don’t interact – try to override others plugins, themes, core functions
  • BUGFIX – wpackio 3rd site script loader interacting with other plugins that use wpackio
  • BUGFIX – View Intro Tour button in top admin bar doesn’t open page with tour
  • BUGFIX – visual builder choosing sometimes visualization layer instead of pointed element at
  • NEW FEATURE – add new tour (without set Page / Post) doesn’t allow builder


  • BUGFIX – initial hide/show of button set trigger selector visually in admin tour config
  • NEW FEATURE – Localization ready


  • BUGFIX – escape doesn’t end a frontend builder tour
  • BUGFIX – saving selector from admin with ‘>’ was html encoded and not decoded on loading selectors


  • BUGFIX – initial hide/show of button set trigger selector visually in admin tour config


  • BUGFIX – deeppresentation logo icon missing


  • TWEAK – adjusting description of plugin


  • NEW FEATURE – adding plugin settings page to allow style customization
  • NEW FEATURE – adding customization for texts of intro elements in plugin’s settings page->Labeling
  • NEW FEATURE – frontend intro tour builder – choosing target element for steps on frontend
  • NEW FEATURE – frontend intro tour builder – choosing trigger selector on frontend
  • NEW FEATURE – 2 style themes now available


  • TWEAK – tooltip automatic positioning upgrade (fix bad auto positioning in some cases, improve intelligence of evaluating space for placing tooltip)
  • NEW FEATURE – position preference fields in step table are now drop-downs with available choices (no more troubles due typo errors)
  • TWEAK – step table fields styling tweak


  • undone contrast adjustments on visualized elements after going to next step or finishing intro
  • full PRO version of plugin notifications
  • disable debug console output


  • disable page event setup field when trigger object is not whole page


  • disable internal custom field in admin menu


  • tour setup choices … showing/hiding unnecessary items, depends on Trigger Object


  • add fixed font and font sizes to reflect development env – styles are now more proportional to fonts


  • tooltip arrow positioning re-fix
  • disable user interaction layer fix
  • loading animation centering


  • tooltip arrow positioning fix


  • redesign of positioning tooltip algorithm
  • contrast evaluation check and if needed second round


  • Overflow bug fix – window width was in some cases affected by intro elements
  • Loading animation fix
  • Bullets sizing in tooltip fix
  • Scrolling position iterative check to support animated target elements


  • Initial version