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Dollie Hub – Build Your Own WordPress Cloud Platform

This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Dollie Hub – Build Your Own WordPress Cloud Platform


If You Can Imagine It, You Can Build It with Dollie

This won’t plugin won’t receive updates on WordPress.org

You will be able to get it from getdollie.com

Dollie is the game changing platform that lets you sell any (cloud) service directly to your customers under your own brand and domain. Join hundreds of WordPress businesses and entrepreneurs building their dream cloud platform using Dollie, simply by installing this plugin!

Sell enterprise-grade hosting, site maintenance plans, click-to-launch pre-made websites or anything else you can think off. If you can imagine it, you can sell it with Dollie.

Who is using Dollie?

Our community is made up of forward-thinking Agencies, Product Creators and Website as a Service (WaaS) entrepreneurs who realise the future is in selling recurring services, not one-off purchases. Building lasting relationships with their customers under their own brand and domain, using WordPress as their foundation.

Why Dollie is great for WordPress Agencies
Stop giving away your revenue to hosting providers, invoicing apps, CRM systems and countless other solutions today.

Create a fantastic experience for your clients under your own brand domain. Manage & invoice clients, sell enterprise-grade hosting, site maintenance plans or any other service with the click of a button.

Offer true scale, flexibility and reliability for you and your clients all under your control, with no 3rd party in the middle.

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Why Dollie is great for WaaS Platforms
Your own platform of pre-made click-to-launch sites, ready to be purchased with the click of a button.

With Dollie you can build your entire WaaS solution using WordPress and it’s rich eco system of plugins and themes, without the restrictions of other WaaS solutions.

All the sites launched by your customers on your WaaS are hosted in isolated, dedicated environments, unlike Multisite based WaaS solutions you might have tried before.

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Why WordPress Product Creators & Marketplace Authors love Dollie
Dollie allows you to quickly turn your best selling WordPress products into click-to-launch SaaS apps, under your own domain, branding and full control over pricing.

Stop giving away a large chunk of your revenue to a marketplace that takes the bulk of your profits. Dollie integrates seamlessly so you can directly start offering your new SaaS services straight from your existing setup.

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UPDATE – Dollie 2.0 Is here.

Dollie v2.0 is culmination of many years spent by the Dollie team perfecting our ideas, research, and development craft to ensure our partners are maximising their potential for success, selling their own cloud services under their own brand and domain.

With Dollie 2.0 you can offer the same features as big name hosts and SaaS website builder platforms, without the hassle and required starting capital.

You don’t need to worry about infrastructure, security and scale, our engineers take care of all of that behind the scenes. You only get charged for the amount of sites active on your platform.

There are also no starting costs and hidden surprises. Grow at your own pace knowing exactly how much you have to pay us, before you charge your customers for your services.

Why Our Community Loves the Dollie Platform

World-Class Performance & Security for all your customer sites thanks to Dollie Control HQ
Our engineers used many decades of combined experience to build a highly scalable container-based infrastructure which ensures that all the sites hosted on your platform will blow your customers away. Our Dollie Control HQ is exclusively dedicated to white-label, enterprise grade hosting for our partners. Rest assured that the customers who sign up for your platform will be blown away by the performance of their sites.

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Under Your Control

Big name hosts & SaaS platforms love their Reselling/Partner Programs, where you’re forced to play by the rules of their closed platform. You get limited control over billing, branding and your customer data and you’re being restricted to the business model that works best for them, not for you.

And here’s hoping that someday they will add that feature that you’ve been asking about for the last two years. Sounds familiar?

With Dollie you get the freedom to build the exact platform you want, 100% under your control. Your customers, your service, your pricing. We act as a truly invisible partner at all times, managing your cloud infrastructure and constantly adding new white-label features you can then sell directly to your customers.

With Dollie you get all the scale, speed and security that those big platforms offer, but without us getting in the way of how you should run your business. Like it should be.

Made to Scale
Slow (shared) hosting setups with bloated cPanel dashboards. Complex WordPress multisite setups on a single server that won’t scale and can’t be adapted on a per customer basis. Restrictive & expensive managed hosting platforms with zero freedom & flexibility. Figure-it-all-out-yourself Cloud Platforms that require an entire DevOps team to manage with support that does not understand WordPress.

Our partners have tried them all before they found Dollie, and they would not want to go back to any of them.

Dollie launched exclusively for the Enterprise more than 5 years ago, we live and breathe WordPress & Cloud Technology.

Our engineers used many decades of combined experience to build a highly scalable container-based infrastructure that scales, whether you have 5 or 5000 sites on your platform.

Today Dollie is a true next-generation cloud platform dedicated to spinning up lightning fast WordPress sites in seconds completely under your brand & domain, available to anyone who wants to change the way they run their WordPress business.

Easy to Get Started
If you’ve tried to launch a platform before, you know how you have to be an expert on everything. Managing your own tech stack, worrying about security, scaling and performance 24/7, figuring out everything as you go along.

Not to mention the upfront financial risks you need to take to be able to compete with the competition. This is exactly why established hosts have been able to take the bulk of the revenue in the WordPress industry for so long.

With Dollie you can offer the same features as big name hosts and SaaS website builder platforms, without the hassle and required starting capital.

You don’t need to worry about infrastructure, security and scale, our engineers take care of all of that behind the scenes. You only get charged for the amount of sites active on your platform.

There are also no starting costs and hidden surprises. Grow at your own pace knowing exactly how much you have to pay us, before you charge your customers for your services.

Flexible & Extendable
You want to add a new payment method for your customers but your 3rd Party billing solution does not want to add support for it. There is this CRM solution you want to try but it sets you back another $500 a month for even the basic features. Your team is constantly switching between countless (paid) solutions to manage your customer/client sites. With no end in sight.

This is the reality for most people trying to build a consistent experience for their customers.

With Dollie you can install any of the thousands of WordPress plugins and WooCommerce extensions to add features to your platform, simply nothing will hold you back.

You have the flexibility, to enhance your platform using any free and premium
WordPress plugins, or even build your own should you come accross a unique scenario that is important for your

Your team already knows WordPress, so we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to build something awesome.

Integrates Seamlessly With Your Theme & Plugins
Simply install this Dollie plugin inside your existing WordPress installation and let your customers launch sites with the click of a button.

Get Started For Free

To start using Dollie you can create a free account to try out the platform and launch some fully functional sites under your own domain for free. Simply install this Dollie Hub plugin and you’ll be guided through the entire process.

Documentation and Support

  • For more information about features, FAQs and documentation, check out our website at GetDollie.com.

Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 5.0 or greater
  • PHP version 7.0 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater
  • Woocommerce 4.0

We recommend your host supports:

  • PHP version 7.0 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.6 or greater
  • WordPress Memory limit of 64 MB or greater (128 MB or higher is preferred)

Privacy Policy

Dollie uses Appsero SDK to collect some telemetry data upon user’s confirmation. This helps us to troubleshoot problems faster & make product improvements.
Appsero SDK does not gather any data by default. The SDK only starts gathering basic telemetry data when a user allows it via the admin notice. We collect the data to ensure a great user experience for all our users.
Integrating Appsero SDK does not immediately start gathering data, without confirmation from users in any case.


  • Site Dashboard. Let your customers manage their sites directly inside your WordPress install.
  • Sell Pre-Made Site Designs. Create re-usable designs for each product/service you offer and (new) customers to launch fully configured ready-to-go sites with the click of a button.
  • Live Preview All the designs you’ve made can be previewed with the Live Preview feature included with Dollie
  • Full (Access)Control. Enable or disable specific site management features. For example by giving clients the ability to create backups of their site, but disabling the advanced Developer Features and keeping those reserved for your team alone.
  • WooCommerce Integration. Set up WooCommerce (Access) Products that need to be purchased before your customers can launch sites. Control exactly how many sites can be launched, and which features are enabled.
  • Developer Tools. The Developer Tools allow you to quickly manage sites on your platform, or allow your customers to do that themselves.


  1. Install using the WordPress built-in Plugin installer, or Extract the zip file and drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to Wp admin – Dollie and click Connect with Dollie
  4. Register an account and link your site with Dollie.
  5. You can now start launching sites with a click of a button


For more information about features, FAQs and documentation, check out our website at GetDollie.com.

Found a bug or want to contribute?

Our code is available on Github


نومبر 18, 2021
I’ve been using Dollie for a long time now and what I can say is that this plugin is top-notch. It deploys new Wordpress websites in seconds and has tons of features. You can easily resell Wordpress hosting to anyone and it gets 5+ stars from me!
جنوری 14, 2021
We’ve used Dollie since it was in beta to add hosting services for our clients. We’re operating in a specific niche (Community Websites) and thought we could deliver something extra for our customers not offered by large hosts. With Dollie we launched our platform in about a month and it’s been running like a dream for over 2 years now. Customers manage their sites directly from our WordPress installation, and we charge them every month through WooCommerce Subscriptions. We’ve added a bunch of upsells (client reports and security scans via ManageWP) that compliment our hosting and this has worked very well for us. It really took us a bit of time to wrap around the concept, but in the end we could not be happier how things have turned out. Thanks Dollie Team for all the help with building our platform 🙂
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Contributors & Developers

“Dollie Hub – Build Your Own WordPress Cloud Platform” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Dollie Hub plugin is now updating from our private server. This won’t plugin won’t receive updated on WordPress.org


  • Update action scheduler library. Cleanup database


  • External hubs now show up in Control HQ
  • Add sync buttont to admin area


  • Fix variable subscriptions ACF box
  • Admin blueprints menu, add it as submenu and show correct title
  • Add shortcode notice when no blueprints are set up.
  • Change the permissions check on sites display shortcode


  • Introducing Access Groups. Easily integrate with any kind of plugin.


  • Custom domain improvements
  • Prevent caching the site thumbnail
  • Adjust the backups size UI

  • Developer tools fix for custom domains

  • PHP 7.4 compatibility

  • Fix for one click login to client site for editors


  • Improvements and fixes related to site one click login


  • New feature: Resource usage area was added to the site manager. Enable it for clients from Dollie – Settings – Access control. You can view CPU Usage, Disk I/O, Disk Usage, Memory Usage and Network Usage.


  • Fix the migration path on Sites – Migration screen


  • Fix for Dollie Site Navigation Elementor Widget


  • New feature: Dollie templates allows you to build your hub pages using your preferred page builder.


  • New feature: Assign site to Customer at Launch
  • Change get_field with get_option for extra compatibility
  • Add new filter for the site location redirect -> dollie/site/login_url/location
  • Don’t run updates when Elementor now active


  • Search sites by URL (most useful), IP, Port and other site data.
  • Improve site listing long names
  • Add SFTP to staging & fix real domain in API request
  • Cache site thumbnails locally


  • Fix staging job to send correct domain
  • Fix z-index on notifications list


  • Improve backup list logic


  • New feature: Allow plugin/theme selection on bulk update
  • Implement custom capabilities for site post type
  • Better UI for plugin bulk update selection
  • Allow just clients with active subscription to launch sites.
  • Allow to remove the domain when is pending NS change
  • Remove the Show blueprint option since it removes the site marked as blueprint
  • Update messaging for admin on launch site with no active subscription
  • Domain connect UI fixes
  • Use correct container URL for staging request


  • Introducing DNS Manager. Move you domain nameservers to us and we’ll let you manage DNS records right from your site dashboard.
  • Add IP information to Domain tab when the domain is already connected
  • Fixes and UI improvements


  • Optimize Dollie CSS file


  • Introducing Scheduled Site Actions: https://getdollie.com/schedule-site-actions-peace-of-mind-at-a-time-convenient-to-you/


  • Replace tooltip functionality
  • Resolve checkbox style issue


  • Improved compatibility with 3rd party plugins and themes


  • Remove deployment domain when setting set to ‘off’
  • Other fixes


  • Fix for Dollie generated CSS file


  • New Site Actions Feature. Read more: https://getdollie.com/introducing-site-actions-sell-automate-site-maintenance-at-scale/
  • New Slack Actions Feature. Read more: https://getdollie.com/using-slack-dollie-will-now-directly-notify-you-of-activity-across-your-platform-inside-slack/


  • New Staging Feature. Read more: https://getdollie.com/features/staging/


  • Custom domain check limit action to admin area


  • Fix Realtime customizer for standalone launch pages.
  • Blueprint logic improvements in admin.
  • Fix author change on container.
  • Update Admin site removal logic.
  • Fix Launch Site input padding.


  • User interface improvements
  • Remove blueprints from Access control settings


  • Update translation file
  • Removed Advanced forms admin notice


  • Add missing assets files from Advanced forms.


  • Introducing Realtime Customizer.


  • Improving some user interface elements in front-end


  • Custom Backups feature. Read more: https://getdollie.com/enterprise-solutions-custom-backups/


  • Add Email Notification settings for deployed sites
  • Launch new site advanced settings default state
  • Fixing some PHP notices
  • UI updates


  • Adding major improvements to site deployment time.
  • UI improvements

  • Load the predefined Dollie ACF fields from file


  • NEW: Customers list Widget
  • Blueprint fixes in admin area
  • Show correct WordPress version in site dashboard
  • Fix deploying site broken layout

  • Prefixed Dollie specific CSS variables for increased themes/plugins compatibility


  • Removing site completely from our infrastructure when deleting a site from front-end
  • Use page titles in widgets & polylang support
  • Domain connect optimization
  • CSS improvements


  • Added CSS improvements and PHP version compatibility


  • Add missing files from vendor


  • Remove platform check from composer


  • Allow dist css files for forms functionality


  • Improved admin sites listing UI
  • Fix Site navigation
  • Upgraded to Tailwind CSS frameworks 2.0
  • Added more Elementor widget options
  • Added Layout Elementor widget for a unified Dollie layout across pages
  • Fix Custom domain setup

  • Fix PHP 7.0 compatibility

  • Fix Elementor Pro requirement for dynamic tags

  • Fix fatal error during site launch
  • Add Elementor Dynamic Tags for building custom site templates.

  • Fix custom domain for site deployment


  • Show site content when editing Elementor Site widgets
  • Text changes and UI adjustments


  • Optimize the process and notification on new site deployment.
  • Show developer tools only when DOLLIE_DEV constant is set to true.
  • Cache site screenshot for 1 hour


  • Check for active subscription only when API token is set
  • Unified templates so they can be easily overridden in themes


  • Import Elementor template updates


  • Initial WP repo release


  • Major Update! Dollie is now theme independent and it can be used with any theme
  • Build all Dollie templates using Elementor
  • Live notifications on all Dollie actions


  • Some performance improvements and cron jobs optimization


  • Site screenshot moved to own solution
  • ACF update


  • When launching a new site, show or hide the Default Blueprint option.


  • Added extra checks for Client Restricted Access functionality.


  • WP 5.5 compatibility. Changed dashboard query parameter from “page” to “section”


  • Extra check on undeploy cron so a site will be removed locally if it was already removed from dollie.io


  • Added daily scheduled task to synchronize sites with Dollie dashboard. Removed sites from dollie.io panel will automatically get removed from your partner site.


  • Client-Deployed Site Permissions. Read more: https://getdollie.com/feature-release-client-deployed-site-permissions/
  • One time login token for client sites. Starting with this version all the login tokens for client site authentication are unique for better security.


  • Dollie now allows you to translate all Form labels, messages and instructions.
    You can use Loco Translate for an easy translation experience right from your admin dashbaord.
  • Improved blueprints shortcode. You can use wordPress post order field to arrange the displayed blueprints. Added orderby and order parameters.


  • Fix Woocommerce subscription limits when using renewals/upgrades/downgrades
  • Show tooltip for non admins too – dashicons aren’t loaded if no admin bar
  • Fix for [dollie-blueprints] shortcode number of items showing


  • Use the correct blueprint id on launch new site


  • Make sure user has access to deployed sites


  • Updates to structure
  • Developer friendly code