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DigiWidgets Image Editor


Digiwidgets is an online image-editor that makes it easy for anybody to add and edit images on their wordpress website. While Digiwidgets incorporates popular image-editing tools such as filters and cropping, it also has more photoshop-style features such as history-tracking, multiple layers, google fonts, and its most important feature – predefined templates.

The template feature is for designers/developers who create WordPress websites for clients and want their clients to be able to easily add/edit images on their website. No more distorted, squashed or wrong-sized images. With Digiwidgets, you can create a ‘template’ for each image area on a website (bio pic, header image, content slider…) so your clients can create their own images without your help and without expensive photoshop software.


  • Predefined templates and one custom template (specifically sized spaces to fit images into)
  • Multiple layers (of images and text, easy to change layer order)
  • Google fonts (add interesting and fun fonts to your images)
  • History tracking for the life of the project (can undo all the way back to the beginning… even if it started months ago)
  • Filters (including grayscale, brightness, and contrast)
  • Resize and rotate images and text
  • Flip images horizontally or vertically
  • Add borders to images or the entire canvas

Checkout to look into getting a premium version of the plugin with even more features.

Premium Features

  • Unlimited custom templates
  • Cropping (rectangle and circle cropping)
  • More filters (including remove white and opacity)
  • Viewable history – view all the history for the project and navigate easily to any point therein


  • Image templates are what WordPress has been missing! Have you ever had a client add an image to a site that was WAY too big, broke the layout, and then blame it on you? Or add a vertical image to a content slider and wonder why it’s so distorted? Clients want to be able to update images themselves. Designers don’t want to waste their time fixing what their clients break. Wordpress image editor templates are your solution.
  • Yes layers – like in Photoshop! Move layers up and down using tools or drag the thumbnails in the order you want them. Make a photo collage, add a logo to a t-shirt, add your pic to a beach background and pretend you’re there… With the WordPress image editor, the options are endless.
  • Ever wanted to ‘undo’ all the way to the beginning of a project? With Digiwidgets WordPress image editor, you can! Our ‘History’ tab tracks and time-stamps every edit over the life of a project (even beyond your last save), so you can undo to your heart’s content!
  • Sick of using the gold standard web-safe fonts offered on every other image-editor? Digiwidgets integrates with Google fonts for a vast assortment of awesome fonts that will thrill your right brain.
  • Cropping. Pretty boring feature, right? How about circle crop? Little better, eh? How about cropping multiple images within the same canvas? Now we’re talkin’. Easily create photo collages that perfectly fill your header space or blog post. Delicious.


  1. Download the zip file from
  2. Unzip to your wp-content/plugins directory under the wordpress installation.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


What should I do if I have a problem with DigiWidgets?

Please go to and voice your concerns or problems.

Where can I see more detailed documentation of what DigiWidgets can do?

Please see for further documentation.

What are all the features that are available with DigiWidgets?

Please see for a full list of features that DigiWidgets has to offer.


مئی 28, 2017
This plugin is a life saver. Had various images that require horizontal flipping with all of their different sizes, and within a minute this plugin fixed it all! Thank you.
ستمبر 3, 2016 1 reply
My new favorite plugin. My clients love being able to add images that fit perfectly into their site (without bugging me and paying for it) – and I love that my design doesn’t get ruined by distorted or uncropped images. A beautiful win-win.
ستمبر 3, 2016 1 reply
This is spot on for my clients. My clients are able to edit photos on the back end of Wordpress without messing up our entire build, formatting, and design. I look forward to future developments from this company. Thank you! Switching from 4.3 to 4.4.2 was seamless. Its a plugin that updates well with wordpress!
ستمبر 3, 2016
I run a website design company and this has become one of my favorite tools. The reason why this plugin stood out was because it allows the customer to go back into the website and edit images, without throwing off the template or the formatting of the website. I can make a website and anytime the customer needs to change something they can change it themselves without having to come to me. It’s a huge time saver and the customers love the freedom. Give it a try, you’ll love it!
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Contributors & Developers

“DigiWidgets Image Editor” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Current Version.
  • Fixed problem with adding images


  • Template Label Renaming


  • Fixed Template Problems


  • Faster loading of project menu
  • Now added loading animation
  • Added Canvas Switching inside the editor
  • Modified editor menu layout
  • Renamed Feedback tab to Support tab also included new tutorials button that takes you to DigiWidget’s Tutorial webpage


  • Fixed issue with multisite usage not working properly.
  • Changed some font styles to be more wordpress like.


  • Fixed some problems with flywheel users.
  • Fixed issue where thumbnail images were being cached in the projects page.


  • Fixed caching problems that were happening when you would save an image.
  • Renamed database versioning so that it does not mess with the paid plugin.
  • Redid the way project thumbnails are cached on the main projects page.


  • Fixed Problem with referencing wp_upload_dir() function.


  • Changed naming conventions for the plugin. Image created by editor now has a name reflective of the project title and the original image retains its name.
  • Fixed a problem with text that prevented saving and using history on re-open.


  • Initial release