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Booking Addon for WooCommerce


Booking For WooCommerce – Booking and Reservation Addon For WooCommerce. WooCommerce Booking plugin can use to make your
woocommerce products bookable. It can be used for selling rooms, hotels, apartments booking, tour packages booking, classes booking,
doctor appointment and many more. WooCommerce Easy Booking.
It supports booking by number of days and number of hours , and also can control the available days and hours for booking.


  • WooCommerce Booking Addon
  • Create any number of bookable products
  • Days and Hours Options
  • Use with any product Type
  • Configure the availability by days and hours
  • Set Fixed or Custom Duration type
  • Set Date Range Picker to select start and end Date
  • Enable or disable persons options
  • Enable or disable Persons Type Adult and Child
  • Enable or Disable quantity options
  • Work with variable products
  • Set cost based on persons count
  • Disable or Enable WeekDays
  • Highlight booked/filled days
  • Show inline calendar or datepicker
  • Hold for 10 minutes
  • Set buffer time between bookings
  • Multilingual Support (WPML and PolyLang)

How to Configure

Go to WordPress backend and find Menu Bookings
Add new Booking item at Bookings>>Booking Item
Then Assign this item to any of the product.
Refer screenshots for more info

Front End Demo

Video Demo:

Setup Instruction & Tutorial

Booking For WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the leading solution for ecommerce sites. No matter what level and what type of products that you want sale online, WooCommerce is the Best Solution.

WooCommerce Booking Plugin leverage WooCommerce to develop a booking system for your services. Schedule Appointments, Booking Items and Rooms, Reserve seats for classes and so on.

Configure with any WooCommerce product type, It can configure this with any product type in woocommerce, Variable products and Simple products

Set Booking based on days and Hours

It can configure booking slots as days and hours as well. You have to set block duration as days in case you have room booking, item rentals, reserving courses or classes, selling tour packages so on

And as there are many cases where it needs to configure blocks and slots in hours. Booking appointment for a consulting doctor, saloon booking, take appointment in spa and so on.

Set Fixed or Custom Duration type

As discussed above, there are many use cases for this addon plugin that can configure with this Woocommerce booking plugin.
And there are cases which the block duration will not be limited always, where customers can decide how long they want to reserver particular block

In that case the the Custom Duration Type block is use full. For example, for configuring and hotel room for booking, the duration has to decide by the customer, so we can set the custom duration type with 1 day as each block duration. So customers can select as many days they want to stay.

In such cases the booking form will be showing duration field where customer can enter the duration or it can also configure to show the date range picker where customers can choose the start and end date in calender

Fixed block type is very normal, where the duration is fixed, like 5 days yoga class, 1 hours appointment with doctor, 3 hours slot for a Spa and so on.
In such cases, Customers can only select the start date and the start time, the duration will be configured as default .

Enable Persons Option

It can enable persons field for a booking item. By default person option is disabled, there cases where the persons count is important. If some one booking for a class, may be they need to book it for multiple persons, and in that case the person option will do the trick, it will count each person towards the booking count( it can disable considering each person’s as separate booking), and if the slot is for 10 members, if a family book it for 3 persons together, the slot will be reduced by three, and the reset of 7 can booked by others

Setting Price For blocks

As it is about selling services, the cost is the main factor to be consider.
This will allow to set cost in different ways. Set a cost per unit block, and the system will calculate the total based on the count.

Sett A fixed Charge

Some cases it is required to set a fixed charge for booking if it be booking for 1 unit and multiple unit. In this case the fixed charge will be added once and the unit price will be multiplied by the number of blocks selected.

Set price based on Person’s Count

Setting cost per person also possible, If it is allowed 2 persons per the base cost and need to charge some extra for each additional person, it can configure easily

Setting Availability

There are some basic settings that must be set for each item,
The minimum bookable blocks, and the maximum allowed items.
And also the minimum advanced date of booking allowed, that is if you are allowing a customer book a particular item before 1 week of the show, it can configure easily, and also it can set the maximum allowed days, and for a date after that , it can’t book.

Availability Rules

This is some dynamic configurations that sometimes will be use full, that if you want to configure some days as not allowed for booking, or some range of hours are not allowed for booking so on
It can set rules as follows

  • By date Range – Configure start and end date, where it can set allowed for booking or not allowed
  • By time range – Configure start time and end time, between this hours, only the blocks are bookable
  • By weekDays – it is very required on option , it can set to disable some days in a week in active, that is if you want to disable Weekends, it can set easily with this rule

Setting Buffer time

As part of availability configuration, It can set a buffer time between each booking. That buffer time is the time needed between each booking.
For example, if you rent a room, if one tenant has checked out, there it may need a 1 day for cleaning before allowing next booking allowed

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  • Booking Items
  • Product edit window
  • Editing Booking Item
  • Booking Details
  • Booking Screen
  • Calendar View


Installing “Booking For WooCommerce” can be done either by searching for “Booking For WooCommerce by mvvapps” via the “Plugins > Add New” screen in your WordPress dashboard, or by using the following steps:

  1. Download the plugin via
  2. Upload the ZIP file through the ‘Plugins > Add New > Upload’ screen in your WordPress dashboard
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Backend Settings not Loading

Wait for some time and check if it loads fine, then check javascript console and see if any javascript error.
If any errors, post a screenshot on support section

Form not showing in product

  • Check if you have ticked this as bookable product in product edit section
  • Ensure you have selected an booking item for this particular product in the product edit section.
  • Check javascript console and see if any javascript error. If any errors, post a screenshot on support section

Variable Product Type Support?

Yes, it will work with variable products also


مارچ 8, 2021
I tried a number of booking plugins and none did everything I needed at an affordable price. This pretty much does. It doesn't integrate fully into WooCommerce, but allowing variables to be set as a class rather than within an individual product worked very well for me and saved a lot of time. I really wish there were a way to DELETE bookings (rather than cancel them) as I now have a large number of test bookings that I really would like to delete (preferably in bulk). It's also a shame that the calendar (showing all bookings) doesn't appear to be downloadable. A simple CSV export would work just fine. Really though this is a very good product. Four starts only because of the items mentioned above.
پروری 3, 2021
The plugin is quite good and simple, but it is not fully integrated with WooCommerce. It doesn't support integration with the WooCommerce Subscription plugin. I have tried to reach support, but without luck. I would have bought the plugin if they had a pro version, the plugin was fully compatible with WooCommerce and if there were any support. But now I'll have to look for an alternative.
نومبر 6, 2020
As a user’s experience: The availability of any date/time slots are the most important part of any booking system. Unfortunately, the availability settings are too much complicated and you can't make it work as required. Maybe the support team could show the right way, but you won't get any reply from the support team. Plugin seemed great at first (encouraged by the positive reviews I saw here), however I could only seem to mark out the events unavailable dates rather than setting the available dates. The page where you actually view and manage your bookings is terrible. You can only search by order status, not customer’s name. As a developer’s experience: The PHP code seems borrowed from 2 popular booking plugins: 1. ARB Reservations plugin from CodeCanyon. 2. WooCommerce Bookings plugin from WooCommerce. The JavaScript code is heavily obfuscated so its impossible to get it to behave any differently than it does. Conclusion: It requires hours to be familiar with the plugin's settings (specially availability settings) and then you can't get it to work properly. Finally you give up and try some other plugins. Which means wasting hours of your valuable time for nothing.
نومبر 6, 2020
Please don't mind this lengthy review, but I wanted to share my excellent experience with (and appreciation for) MVV Apps. For over 6 MONTHS I have researched booking/reservations plugins to integrate with my website (which incorporates a small coworking element from my business model)... installing, testing, and then discarding one after another. THEN, I started looking at external booking calendars/services and they were all too expensive for my anticipated minimal usage, as well as less than ideal website integration (such as iframe or external links instead of a WordPress plugin). As with the plugins, there was something missing from each one, despite my simple criteria. I was looking specifically for: - Affordable / Premium Features (and preferably no monthly subscription cost) - User-friendly (for both a web designer/developer AND the end user) - Bookable Resources and Add-ons - Self-hosted (rather than an external booking site) - Ability to customize a booking slot AS WELL AS the buffer period between bookings - Seamless integration with both WordPress and Woocommerce on a site that uses Wishlist Member Eventually, I revisited some plugins and realized that the MVV Booking Addon for Woocommerce SEEMED to have everything I would need so that my clients and members could book a desk or seat in my studio for one of two fixed daily periods, with a 30 min buffer between these 2 booking slots (used for cleanup, check-in/out etc). I continued to to play around with settings and it was clearly the best fit out of all that I tried, except for one minor but annoying aspect that ignored the buffer period if there were no confirmned bookings for the first time slot. For example, I wanted two 2.5 hour bookable slots at 9am and 12pm, with a non-bookable buffer period between 11:30-12, but if both slots were available, it would show up as 9am and 11:30am, ignoring the 30 min buffer I'd set. I tried every trick I could think of, to no avail. But EVERYTHING else was perfect about this plugin. So...after all of my extensive research and testing, I decided it might be worth emailing the team at MVV. I was pleasantly surprised at how completely receptive and responsive they were to my concerns. We communicated back and forth a couple of times and today (which is LESS than a week from my first email) they emailed me to let me know they released an update on the plugin which addressed not only my EXACT concern regarding the buffer time, but also they added a preview on the right side so you can "play around" with settings without having to continuously save it and go back and forth between to your assigned product page(s) to test it out. Such a time saver!! This plugin now has EVERYTHING ON MY LIST above. I could not be more appreciative and I HIGHLY recommend the premium version of this plugin (the Premium version lets you set minutes too, not just hours and days). Thanks again!!
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Contributors & Developers

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  • Bug Fixes
  • Code optimizations
  • WooCommerce 4.6.x Support
  • WordPress 5.5.3


  • Bug Fixes
  • WooCommerce 4.0 Support


  • Bug Fixes


  • Released Pro version

1.4.0 /1.4.2

  • Added quantity option for booking
  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fix

1.3.0 / 1.3.1

  • Added calendar view in backend
  • Showing booked/filled dates in calender
  • Inline calendar option instead datepicker


  • Bug Fixes


  • Bug Fixes


  • If no cost as set, product price will be set as unit price
  • Bug Fixes


  • Bug Fixes
  • MultiLingual Support WPML & Polylang


  • Bug Fixes


  • Booking edit option added
  • Setting custom price per product
  • Bug Fixes


  • Availability Rules by Days
  • Bug Fixes


  • Initial release